I have a problem its been bothering me for a long time nw. I live with my boyfriend and we ave been sexual active for a long time now….. we dnt use protection an am nt saying that i want a child bt i always hear ppl seh first juice mek u get ketch…… my boyfriend and I been avin unprotected sex an he cums in me..its been alot of times an i never get pregnant……. even my boyfriend ask me how comes all of this happen an i dnt get pregnant…. its been bothering me alot… can i get pregnant? Y so many times an nothing happen? Am scared of the doctor bt will try

Positive feedback plz


  1. First go to a gyno and ask for a blood test to see if you have something call pcos.. A matter a fact go online and research pcos and see if you have any of the symptoms. I have it but I am fertile, but it is the leading cause of infertility in young women. Dealing with it is frustrating because I have hair loss and painful ovaries. Google pcos and its symtom and see what you find. Good luck.

  2. First let me say that I don’t come from a medical back ground. I’m just a mother of two and grandmother of three… But why do you think it’s your fault that your not pregnant?It could be your boyfriend who’s the problem. What if it’s him and not you baby girl? You may have to make some important decisions soon but first make an appointment and go visit your doctor and discuse your worries with them. I think the sooner you know the better. This could… Will effect all your future life decisions . And Sweetie if it does end up being you. There are a lot of options out there for women to have children if their unable to physically have them… keep prayed up and if it’s in your life plan
    you will be blessed Good luck… Good afternoon met.

  3. At the anonymous person who commented “loool” firstly it’s lol, anything having to do with infertility is not a laughing matter or to be taken lightly mostly because of the stigma that’s associated with such important issue/s. Now to the person writing in there may be a number of issues that you may be unaware of, I could name a number of reasons being that I am from a medical background but this is a conversation you should have with your gyn/ob he or she will give u guidelines on how to get pregnant if you’re trying to in the near future such as ovulation dates etc then if that doesn’t work tests will & can be done on both yourself & your partner to find the issue. If you’re young don’t worry much about it if you’re past 35 you want to find out now what’s going on.

  4. Lady! We cannot determine if u can get pregnant or not and base off the info u gave which is not even detail enough as to how long u guys were having unprotected sex how much times for the week and day we just cannot give u answer that is something u have to go to the doctor for. On the other it could just not be your turn yet!

    1. I agree that not enough information was given.

      1. Have you gotten pregnant before (miscarriage, TOP, etc.)?

      2. Have you had prolonged unprotected sex with other males in the past and not gotten pregnant?

      3. Have your boyfriend been tested (sperm count)?

      4. Hormone levels (high testosterone levels)?

      5. When was you last comprehensive physical and/or fertility tests?

      6. STD history and possible impact?

      7. Are you having sex outside of ovulating period (fertile window)?

  5. I thought I couldn’t get pregnant either. Then a friend of mines suggest one of the fertile apps. I downloaded and tracked. We had sex from the day I was highest to lowest lol and boom baby a come. Also mi did pray and ask God fi touch mi womb cause mi swear mi couldn’t breed. Don’t just run and say you can’t, take steps towards finding if you can or can’t.

  6. I though the same thing….even my son father thought it was him….well I boosted up on Folic Acid(needed to maintain early pregnancy) downloaded a few fertile apps….stopped thinking about actually getting pregnant n actually thought bout the sex…..boom baby come n now I have a sweet sweet 1 year old….take ur time, stop fret

  7. It took me 3 years to get pregnant even though I’m in my 20s.It doesn’t always happen quickly just relax cos it wont happen if you’re too stressed

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