Dear Met,

I have a Lil sista-type girlfren that buss me pon a link wha day yah where you can get digicel credit at flat rate. You order $1000 credit u pay $1000 when the going rate is typically $1350/$1400. The person who sell it though based at this place call bend dung market downtown kgn near Matthews lane that. Bend dung market is where ppl sell things dirt cheap that them get from farrin Inna barrel,mostly sweat shops cheap clothes aka Rae Ray!Sista M and I find weselves dung dere to get the credit deal.

Met from the 1st two minutes we reach eena bend dung market,it was filled with constant shouts of “buyer over here”,”any money”‎ so think Dollar store USA. We approached this stall and hear the vendor a tell a lady to put $100 more n gwaan wid the Hair.The lady head down was searching n coming up with silver coins and one of the coins fell.I picked it up before her but when she rose up I saw who it was,nuh Sista M’s Mother!!! The whole time she never as much as acknowledge the lady enuh Met.How many ppl would see their mom a road or anywhere and not recognize her??

Sista M gave her mom 1/2 of a wave and a whisper of a “Hi” cuz is 2fingers she put up instead of 5 and she never do the full cycle of left to right in waving,she stopped 1/4 way.So I’m thinking she gonna give her Mom the $100 only to hear she hurrying me up that we late!! The hair was fi $300 and is mussi $200 di mother coulda find.
I never know ppl woulda really a wear used cheap hair fi $300 but I paid it for her. It’s been like 9 days now and all now me nuh talk too tuff to mi fren cuz what bun me is that she buy $1700 credit so she coulda more than give her mom the $100.i’m trying not to judge her cuz I don’t know their history but GOOD GOD mon!

Met what is the big deal over this wig n hair anyways?People need to know the hair they buying is being used in devil worship and temple sacrifice before they are packaged and sold to western societies. Many women are abused and tortured for their hair.Why can’t our young and old wear their own natural hair??Doesnt weave make ur hair fall out and erodes your edges?



  1. thought yuh was gonna say yuh get rob buck a nuff people carry ppl to them family members tell dem charge yuh a certain price suh dem can get fi dem cut and behave as if who them carry yuh tuh they don’t but the deal them a offer come off as cheap ,wen mi a duh town ask yuh how much for something hear your price check others compare the many mi here and mi walk back wid de exact money to de one price mi like or what dem selling looks better mi nah guh inna my bag in front a dem or wait fi dem mek change give me…I trust not one of them dung deh

  2. Self Hate, lazy and nastiness is the fascination with it. I would say 80-90% have in fake hair, and they actually think they look good. Big up the 10% who love themself.

    1. You are quite ignorant to declare that because a woman wears fake hair that means that she does not love herself or does not have self confidence. I know this blatantly misinformed comment was only posted this way because it was done anonymously.

  3. Hair give a women and illusion of fantasy.. When I put in my curly short afro..I’m soul .. When I put on my long blonde weave, I’m Maraline Monroe, Beyonce hunni.and ect.. So all gurls love to play dress up and when we dress up we love the complement we get. It’s a role we take on being women. So imported hair is that tool for us like a car take you from point a-b.. bless those who only where their natural hair.. And thank god for the Indian, Brazilian, the Chinese,Peruvian, Cambodian hair.. BUT can’t nobody tell me that those natural hair wearing sisters have never played dress up with a wig tilt there head said to side in the mirror and say ugh!..

    BUT lorddd, I pray!!!! I never get so financially depressed that I would buy someone else’s old used washed and rebooted hair.. Amen!!!

  4. So this was an interesting read that I took a few things from. Yes, there are women in jamaica that would buy used hair because its cheap just so they can ‘fix up themselves’ There are many women that have their priorities mixed up because if you dont have 300JMD for hair then you should probably leave it alone. The next issue is with teh daughter and the treatment of her ‘mother’. I believe that there is more to the story. Sometimes you have family that you are forced to acknowledge and maybe in this case its her mother. Hell..maybe when she was younger that same mother would take her last 300JMD instead of feeding her. I have seen and experienced that a lot of people in jamaican families will not do anything for you(even treat you bad) when you are in need and then turn around and expect the world from you when your situation gets better.

  5. Everything isn’t for everyone. What u don’t have do without. Purchasing used hair? That’s unsanitary..

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