14 thoughts on “NO LORD

  1. Filing and something else?? Is that something else selling?? She keep saying young girls.. nuh big ole woman dis ya?? Mi shame fi har :hammer

    1. yes nuff gyal ah go hate ar because everyone know seh the girl dem weh sell dem body come from west kingston…as if they didnt already get a bad enough rep

  2. All jokes aside, how much money could she possibly be making as a hooker (take into consideration age, looks etc.), it would be great for Andrew and govt. to collaborate and create a transitioning workforce program. Training and certification and give incentives for companies to employ these people (if qualified, non-violent & professional). At least she have some ambition and doesn’t want her life to just stop at selling pokey. Let her file if she can file, just saying!

  3. The girls them, did hear right? cause is a ole woman that mi a look pan, that should be some where rocking her grand baby. Kmt. Old fart! U should be shame of u gard darn self, but then again, the last stage of a woman, is when she used her body as a harlot.

  4. She’s speaking the truth. And there are men out there selling too! Grandma seh God soon come. These are really the end of time smh

  5. :ngakak :ngakak Mi so qualified Mi can do filing an something else… dwpcl no sah…. Mi memba when a did di dodus ting an one a di lady pan di news say…. Don’t put Mi pan di camera Mr sir but I see di helicopter drive up in di sky… A neahly collapse

  6. Please bring back Jamal so all the likes a she can go back a school, Lwad if you no busy please come here.

  7. A truth she a talk but mi can’t stop bawling . Am so qualified I can do filing and something else . No man Prime minister swat it out

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