1. Me get it afta 2 readings Met….but I teach lil children so I know how to understand them when they just start read n write n construct sentence.
        Met a Lucky we a focus pan todeh mi waan all secrets fi dash out todeh….so please unuh nuh badda focus too much pan hat ignorance n run hat weh…..pretty pleeeaase.

        1. She just need fi throw in some commas and other punctuationwhere necessary. Dem seh using good grammar and punctuationIis a sign a good manners maybe she she seh phuck being polite, cuz she waan har tings.

  1. Two things mi always admire pon Lucky, him braids and him bludge. Butsenda seh im hair is fake, no tell mi di bludge fake to. Cuz den u wuda haffi tell me there is no Santa Claus, nuh destroy mi innocence plz.

  2. And my lady Lucky is not a good person to threaten….he has nuff blood on his hands…set-up nuff people lives ooooo
    So whateva u a do, do it quietly and neatly…WARNINGS!

  3. Morning Met,Metters,Weepers and Creepers.
    Maybe ah chupid me chupid or summn, but no police nuh deh which part she lib?..or she a one a dem women weh tink seh if a man violate dem even in dah way, dem wi deal wid it innah dem own way..and leave di popo out. Lady if him a tek u personal items,be careful!! Him know Rupert Robbas? caz if a suh u salt to rock of ages.Nuh tek dem back gurl bun dem up..nuh cyah how much u pay fah…it c-rus inna di boxn day yah.

  4. BTW Lucky..u need fi change u dyam name caz u can’t be lucky and dem yah sinting yah a reach u right innah di holiday season..when u suppose to be lucky… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  5. I see this Lucky character in nuff videos and he does nuff parties and one video he claims how he a good yute and he does these parties to brig people together to have fun… I don’t live in England but does this man have nuff money as he looks because every video he looks nice and his dreads is neat and nice too and every video him hav a different gal pon him side, I know this man up in age it is time to settle down look at Kaki Lee person not sure if mi spell him name right but him deh wit him girl all the time poor ting him dancing skills no deh nut he knows how to enjoy himself… But back on Lucky if he did do that his wrong and he taking up gal argument with the move he did taking the girls things is he that damn evil so…And if he is known to do things to people the obeah man/women really saving that boy life so protection spell over him that is serving him justice… He really wouldn’t be a man I would look because hype men sometimes don’t have shit and the men that are not hype are the ones that are full of riches believe me when mi tell you! Mi perfer a low key man then a hype man anyday…

      1. Yes Yep, duinext man weh look me muss wear pants lengths an souls in hair dem pat it in neat, neat.
        Back to lucky, one time mi deh wharf and him come wid him madda and a skinny browning Wid ssome breast implants, weh well tan up. Yuh waan see the mumma a tax di gal. Hear mi friend,”da oman deh fava one obeah oman, she licky licky eeh.” Yep im come clear some tire and rims, all di customs dem nuh stop swarm im, cud Iget dem fi check ny barrel? Dem seh yuh gud man, I just wheel out di barrel wid a t.v. weh dem neva charge mi fa. Thanks luddy.

  6. He & his fambily dem is a set of bad breed some of who deh farrin a suffer dem is a curse, but Charlette has his last name Johnson dwlll

  7. Dancehall mattress charlete da man sey ya title up n him nah renew it… Him have different gal now an u a mad n jealous.. Him tek u from 0 to number 10 cah u was nobody… She sell har van wha da old man buy n gamble out da money bout she wan range rover but a Oyster card she a deal wid… She fly go Jamaica to da old man a look money fi buy range rover an get f**k and duck from da old man… Da 1 ting she ave if show from man a di designer wha lucky buy dats y she a talk bout him tek bk but a fi him if tek back n bout bruck inna house a him a pay rent if di house.. Man buy ya Rolex and a dat u affi come bk n try pawn fi get money fi tek out car on hp … Bruck inna house????… She own house fi him bruck inna she don’t even know wha a house title look like…dutty gal no more designer ya na have cah dem dun cut up n bun up … Da man get rid a da crosses… Who nah f**k she mus neva wan f**k from har!!… Mi nah lie Lucky him brave fi a pose up n tek on da dancehall mattress fi sa long boiii she a talk bout hat hole good n all dese donkey years nah pickney can’t come out dats y da man lef cah him spend up nearly 10 gran fi try breed har n nutin him say him can’t bodda wid dead people cah only dead alone can’t breed… But a da clymidia a mash up har inside n all dem cocky wey she tek .. germs box… Germs u a talk bout him a stalk u n from u come bk u a ball fi ga out wid da man n him nah carry u nah where him tell u mek ya old grandfadda tek u out… Dis fool a wait fi finance fi come tru fi vechile n da landlord a look fi har now tell mi how 1 gal fool sah!!!!…she come bk to England wid out a pound from har suga daddy n meanwhile lucky move out n she come bk n see da whole a him tings gane an a ball like baby fi di man tru har hype done.. Oh well dancehall mattress time fi drop asleep n don’t wake up!!!!

    1. So she give Lucky Chlamydia?
      Who’s this new girl Lucky with?
      How long now Lucky know bout d old man?
      So Lucky didn’t pay any rent when she was in Jamaica, him just move in wid him new gyal dwl.
      And, what exactly did he take of hers?

    2. No raaas!!!!!…Anon, tek time wid gad!!!….mi shame an anuh me :malu2 ..hush Ya Charlotte, just pick ah dust off yuhself ah carry on…tek time out fe re-coup ah nuh badda rush back eena nutten suh faas…give yuh pumpum ah yuh heart time fe heal and go easy ma…mi seh love is the best fuhcking feeling in the world but when it guh sowa, bwoy it cut like ah raasclaat knife…nuh watch nuh face mums cause mi ah mi heartbeat had cross mis-communication ah mi seh mi bawl out mi yeye dem til mi couldn’t bawl nuhmore….that’s love for Ya!!…betta tuh have loved and lost than tuh have never loved at all….

  8. Anon ah mussi family memba or the new chick fe know soo much info….Anon, mi woulda fraid bad fe tell you anyting :hammer

  9. Mi nuh feel sorry fi har. I don’t know what’s wrong with these dancehall females. My granny used to always tell me say if yuh see a man treat other woman bad never you think say him naw guh treat you di same way. These woman watch and witness how these dutty man dem inna dance treat gyal so bad and use them and then dem guh pick up di same bwoy dem and think di same man a guh treat dem any different. Everybody know say Lucky don’t really treat him gyal dem with respect. He may buy dem designer tings here and there but he’s a dog. And him love beat him gyal dem. Yuh want hype man, a hype man yuh get. That’s why I don’t do dancehall men. Give me a low key nerd who have up him money and I’m good.

  10. Ni nuh feel sorry I har because everybody know sey Lucky a dog and him don’t treat woman with respect. I don’t understand these woman. If yuh see di way a man treat other woman bad why would you think he wouldn’t treat yuh di same. Everybody know sey lucky cheat and love beat him woman dem. Yeah he may buy them designer goods but that’s it. Hype man yuh want gyal hype man yuh get. That’s why I don’t do dancehall men. Give mi a low key nerd who have up him money and mi good.

  11. When things like this happen you will hear different versions depending upon who’s talking. I myself personally do not take to Charlette but I am going to split justice. Charlette finish with the good good money man to be with Lucky, this was a bad move because Lucky smell the money fram afar and move in to see what he could get.
    Charlette put Lucky back on his feet and gave him her links, so he in turn build back himself. I believe Lucky bought her things, but I also believe she bought many on her own. She is an independent go-getter so even though she phuck nuff and cannot breed that never entitle Lucky to treat her so bad. Lucky had many many girls out there all wishing to be Charlette – Lucky sleep with even the girls friends, he knows no limits.
    Lucky is an accomplished con artist who knows how to get into these women and grab from them. Charlette I do hope you have learnt your lesson and can now see why the public was paying your relationship so much avid interest. It’s because we knew Lucky was not real – you were real to him, but he was never gonna be real to you.
    On a final note, I believe it was you that saw through him and decided to leave, not him leave you as his ‘fans’ will try and make out

  12. Enough of them dancehall man have nothing and are pop down as we all know. When they go out flossing inna dance it’s all for show. If these men are not working or have their own a tings they are nothing without a woman who has money. Jealous is the only word that can describe some of these man, because they can’t stand to see woman doing good

  13. Mek duty lucky move him suck pussy bloodclat a never him build di gal so how him fi wah reck Hera shame him shame fi knw sey a di gal now want him lucky watch d gal pussy like hawk him no gi her no breeding space lucky no live no wey frm him an d gal start f**k him move een how u fi hype an don’t own not even a box room fi uself nasty lucky can’t flap di gal dutty lucky trek d gal draws fi go tie r him fi stop go a d madda woman a Croydon n go seek GOD fi him wicked heart a hurt him a hurt sey d gal no want him so him a mek up story him neva knw a gal would lef him dwl luck u r a shit Pitt

  14. One thing mi like wid u Loulou u always split justice and always talk di truth. Everything u seh make sense and as a girl weh know lucky mi believe u summed it up perfectly!

  15. Anon is bk to answer da questions n set dis straight …dancehall mattress sell pussy Charlete .. First Lady u tun da worst lady say u is no more lady but see yah how lucky if gi hat First Lady when she a every man lady.. Tiana .. Charlete fake cousin u a talk bout obeah woman a Croydon sah a regular u up dey an a bring Charlete.. Gwan stick up fi Charlete cah di way she chat u set ya pussy tongue long like a hood n bare tings…Charlete u are garbage a rubbish truck a wait fi pick up u.. Charlete u fi talk di truth bout him f***k ya fren when a u bring in da gal fi 3some n tru da gal breed from it u a talk bout fi man f**k ya fren cah ya duty hole cah bring life… Jus fi clarify da man Neva get clamidiya a long time she did ave it n Neva know from long time dats y hat hole rotten out…a u nah live nowhere germs cah a lucky did a pay ya rent n tru ya go Jamaica to ya old man him stop pay sah ya rent overdue n a u nah live nowhere all ya shop rent due n ya can’t pay it pussyclart cah ya can’t even do enough hair fi Mek da rent … Lucky ya brave eeh fi dey wid da African look a like wid hat corn toe dat well ripe!!!.. Bout u put up tings on Facebook tru ya hurt u is a dirt…dats y u nah ave nuff woman fren cah ya ten den man as soon as ya hear dem ave money like how ya trek ya fren shereen man Lenky n u a do Omar woman hair n u a tek di man dats y she a di shop fi beat ya bloodclart!!!!..mattress wha kinda way u put da man bk on him foot when u dey Pon ya face n wha kinda links u ave but fi walk n tek man n sell pussy…wait how unna a talk bout Charlete real to do man when she wan two man one time n can’t manage it…ya fake like da fake designer den from china .. How u fi try start war wid da man when u know him na ave nah heart n nuttin ya write n sey can’t move him germs…all when u gone fi check ya old man a Jamaica n lef ya shop lock jus fi try come back n hype tru lucky pull up him handbrake pon u cah u a chat him n him find out u a fake him nah do certain tings fi u so u try go to da old man fi back up n still get f***k n flop.. My girl u can’t try n play a player cah a u get played… U fi talk fi truth bout how lucky find out ya duty ways n stop gwan like u was u goodas…tru since ya come bk da man f**k ya couple time n den lef ya in a da house by ya self while him to him next gal u a talk bout him a stalk n a run ya down n a u lef him but when ya hear sey him wid next gal a dance u feel hurt n bare tings so how u fi lef him n still a fret n a dead ova fi man. My girl talk di truth .. Charlete a hype u a run down well a bloodclart hype ya get…

  16. life can be trials and tribulation in these times ….only good salvation last forever….no relationship is solid per say its about what you can do for me …or vice versa…as my granny would say we are somebody fool, and we get used or use one another…every thing in life as a limit as in when it run its course its all over.

  17. I’m reading these responses and it sadden me because we women have feelings and even though some may hate on one another we should never wish bad and heartache and malice and bad fortune on another human being, some may truly know her story but God don’t like ugly you block your blessings when you wish bad pon people it’s not worth it.. She was in love with that man and did things for him some seh then some seh she didn’t do nothing for him then some seh he beat his women she left him but then some seh he left her… Who cares who did what a women is now suffering behind some evil shit from her ex… No man has no right to do a women like that or beat her or disrespect her bad, I don’t care if some of you think she deserves it… It just sicken me to hear some of the things that come out of bad mind people dem mouth… God is good he doesn’t give you more then you can handle my girl, so stay pray up and me he come to you in your time a need remember God is your only true friend.. I don’t know you but we all can use second chances..

  18. A this girl name Ruth who is a nurse who par with thunder woman nardia who did tek half naked man whey name dane and who did swipe ants man him dey wid

  19. First and foremost I just see this blog and it make me sick,smh I know this girl Charlette from school days and this girl never in mixup from she deh with this man it’s pure he say she say,Lucky you’re a gal you wear pad why don’t you grow up ?why you going around disgrace the pure girl like that?As for you duty retired suck cock Neisha you a f**k from you eye deh a you knee,you need fi go look after you Pinckney them and stop Mek Lucky clown you fi write up things about the girl weh better off than you, you walk round and theif and duck off all the man them wood fi designer shoes and bag an you Pusey no have no bottom,when gal so whiting like you u must have everything.,you get evicted out a the government flat because u couldn’t pay u rent and all the cocky weh u a suck you no have nothing fi show mi sorry fi the poor white man because lucky a used you fi get to him woman,Neisha no man no rate u you puffy no have no botyom you catch inns the man house and you Pinckney them inna care and a hype just remember say your day will come,good gal f**k and have things fi show you write up about the gal when she independent and pay her own rent, she have a car,s business and her house before she meet Lucky ,weh you have duty big nose, big foot ,whore termite you walk and f**k and escort fi a living and suck off all the man them dick fi a hobby don’t grudge the gal because she inna top class,you no see how lucky tell u the things them bout har and him still do video and talk say she s best gal with the best pussy.Duty Zero gal a long time u
    Watch out the gal and want Lucky but your tern will come all s we a woman so don’t wish that pon no one. You write up bout the gal when the whole England have you as worm because u suck gal and man, you talk about old man when old man refuse you because you did a look him to,you must go dead now idiot gal.bad mind and jealousy a eat you heart out,

  20. Dutty dancehall mattress Harlete cah ya nah name Charlete don’t get bright bout mi 2 good good picney.. Dem nah careless like ya hole weh can’t bring even 1 picney all now….don’t call mi name wid da old man dey weh da gal f**k wid dildo inns him batty dey man dey couldn’t even si which part mi piss Neva mind fi mi f**k him… Ya talk bout mi suck cocky fi designer but ya need fi come a mi school cah mi suck wey ya ten star general from ya….mi rather suck bare cocky Dan haffi tek f**k from a 70 year oldman n haffi suck da old cocky … da old man could Neva come push him old cocky inna mi batty fi a pound cah a dat him used to doing wid u…Harlete u nah see suck hood a run da place n a mek money .. Ya need fi learn from da best an maybe u will keep a man ….da old man sey if gal nah suck him hood n him nah f**k gal inna batty gal can’t get him money sah a den ting ya haffi ha tru fi get money fi buy shop n vehicle n get ya rent pay dutty gal bout independent!!..look wey u affi go tru no ambition gal.. Da old man come in from dance after him drink too much don p n come in n shit up ya bed.. Y u Neva put pampers pon him before cah when ya dey wid 70 year old people a dem ting ya haffi go tru u haffi clean dem shit n piss n look after dem.. Ya tun care worker a nah hairdressing ya main job dats y ya get ya rent pay n vehicle cah ya need fi drive him roun to him appointments dutty gal.. Bout old man refuse me … Harlete a wha u ave fi mi jealous afta my hole bring 2 good good picney n yours don’t bring 1.. U a 43 year old now it nah look good pon u fi nah ave nah picney..

  21. Does anyone have an update on this story/situation or know where I can view Lucky’s video bigging up ‘di first lady’s good puzzy’ lol :kr

  22. Mad rass gal harlette nobody wants to know no update the man don’t want yuh it’s done over accept it mad gal you can go back to long head and mikey jakes now if lucky still come and see you is just using you for some free pussy like how him a use ediot rannae but the two a you change both of yuh name to Johnson dwl, zero gal have some self respect yuh nuh see how the man do yuh bad, enjoy using yuh Oyster card ok, me done big lucky wife neisha straight.

  23. Ok neisha like how you is the main lady now, can I ask you a question,why can you man lucky as you claim five star general can’t go to Jamaica this time of the year like everybody else?

  24. Happy bday Harlette…u nah keep party lata? it at a secret location?..or is it in ya shop cah memba dis year u nah get nah crowd like last year it did big n nice n bare Tings but how u ago keep dat up dis year cash ya can’t flop ya self dis year like when u did keep ya party a Lawrence road when ya ave bout 15 people n 13 a man wha u did a f**k n da next 2 ..1 did security n da next a selector n dem nah wan f**k if dem pay a money dem deal wid… Boy u ave a high standard if keep up from last year…my girl ya nah ave nah respect if ya pussy n respect.. U ga a Jamaica n f**k da old man n now ya ave man already a England n a put up bout darling hold me like u did last night.. My girl ya gone bk to square 1 wid teking people man Caah ya caan even call di man name wey did a hold u cah di Man woman might come look if ya..ya caan put up nah man name nor picture like how u put up Lucky ..wait mi really wonder a wha lucky did a drink n smoke fi tek up u fi pose wid as him personal woman…boy ya get f**k last night and pon ya big birthday a flowers n ballon alone ya ave fi show?.. Pussyclart tings gone bad!!…u a put up van key wid di finance vehicle. But wait how u if ave a 13 plate n sell it n gone bk inna 13 ??.. ya nah move forward darling n da van ugly like u n da old man wey live a Jamaica wid him good good wife …Stale n standard!!!… A wha di hype fa??? Anybody can get vehicle a England dis!!!…anyway happy 44th bday I pray God will bless wid a healthy picney Caah at ya age anything can happen n hopefully ya pussy can help u pay ya bills for 2015…

  25. Happy bday harlette..u nah keep nah party dis year?.. Is it at a secret location or in do shop?.. Caah like how u nah get do crowd dis year like last year when it did big n nice n bare Tings cah ya man at di time did sell it off if ya…mek sure it nah flop like Lawrence road when bout 15 people did dey n 13 did man wey ya f**k n da next 2..1 did di security n da next 1 a di selector n dem nah wan f**k if dem pay cah a money dem deal wid…it ago hard if keep up do standard doe dis year .. My girl ya nah respect if ya pussy cash ya f**k do old man on Jamaica n ya come bk n ave man already bout darling hold me like last night wait ya gone bk to square 1 cah ya caann call do man name not like when ya boasy n a put up picture n lucky name ya gone bk to tek people man harlete but mine di people dem woman come if ya…wait dey a wha lucky really did a tink a pose up wid u fi him personal woman pussyclart di man brave eeh…harlete ya a put up picture wid van key a di finance vehicle wey ugly like u and ya old man wey ave him good good wife a Jamaica .. How u fi sell a 13 plate n a dead if get a next 13 plate??.. A sah u a run down hype???.. Ya gone backward jus if hype life!.. Anyway happy 44th birthday an I hope God bless u wid a healthy picney cash at ya age a bare difficulty n mi know it difficult already n hopefully ya pussy value raise for da 2015 n ya get pay ya bills!!!

  26. Good gal dun pan lucky so him affix f**k these f**k out gal neisha f**k white man fih a living and suck off all the dancehall man den cock fih designer and I bet them nah use condom smfh and harllette f**k anything even African man them plus old and dancehall man all a them f**k and she suck them off fih money plus the old man and no condom using also and then them go to lucky Mr no fix address because from buckas put him out him a bounce from pillow to post house to house,from living with Nicole an the list goes on, as him meet gal and start f**k them him move in smfh, and them same f**k out gal yah a f**k lucky without condom, so yuh see how much germs this man full of.Any gal that still f**k with lucky could never right in them head mad rass gal them deh,my advise to lucky is to buy a house or a little apartment here in uk and stop cotch a any gal him meet and start f**k yard.

  27. Well, what goes around comes around,she was warned, this man nuh tek care of his kids and treats his baby mothers like shit.
    She knew how he was before she go hype up with him. But on the next hand no woman deserves to be treated this way….if he knew he didnt want to be with her he shouldve left her alone and not give her false hope.
    I know two of his baby mothers who have the 2 last kids almost the same age (smh) Nice girls dem nutn nuh do dem…one work a di bank and him lef dem fi hype with charlette. jus a go roun a hurt people like that his punishment will be great! Full time fi him stop use woman now and grow up..he is a ole man. we will never know the full story but knowing his reputation him use the woman and lef her. Both a dem in the relationship fi the wrong reason…him want links and she want the hype. even if him coulda leaver her in peace.
    He should go and take care of his children and stop mek dem suffer.

  28. Harllete mussi fih cuss nobody bout nose because fih her two nose hole them open up like dung a town an her face big an braad an fava batty plus she black and neisha black face big and braad same way an her nose big like lucky and look f**k up also rannae nose open up to but a least she have a small face and her high colour fih bring her off the whole lot a dem have a nose problem dwl.

  29. So dis gal weh name neisha..wha she expect fi achieve?…she just ago get f**k and duck to…lol so if she know wha mi know she keep quiet and hide him…him wi shame har like how him shame charlette.
    unu low rannae out a unuh mix up!! she hav har pickny fi show…wha unuh have?
    lucky naw lef him baby madda dem…him always have dem fi run back to…so whoever this neisha is need fi know that

  30. Mi know lucky long rass time from him an nardo an long head an natty British dem a fren, lucky always a one Badmind man him run him bredda bangy out a business a bangy wife name Sandra was d big woman in d biznizz lucky f**k out Lisa a JA an leff har him f**k out tony an leff har evry where dat man goes him leave a trail of destruction all kind a crosses deh pon da man deh all him do is hype him a bigg dutty mixup man him sehh Charlotte put draws over him face har obeah man tell har fi do it and him couldn’t see why him dehh wid har suhh him decide fi leff because shi can’t breed and him tieerd a trow seed an none naw grow

  31. all me a say is him don’t affi a walk an a scandalise the woman suh, I must say ok him left her she probably take it bad because she up inna age and he just waisted her time and use her and with her reputation she hit the jackpot right there because no man wants her like that, but on the other hand he didn’t want her he was just looking for somewhere to live and a new gal to f**k out and left everybody who know that man know he will never settle down especially with someone of her character, but she was in denial thinking it would last wether him did breed her not him still wouldn’t stay and everybody know all me want know is a how much Pinckney him want so him will never find another sandy that’s why he’s going around hurting every woman but he must remember him have girl children, on a second note who cares she’s just looking for sympathy and same suh when long head did a do her bad she walk and tell everybody but she still go f**k him same way because she want to remain important, met remove this post because me tired fih hear bout lucky now wid him mama man self, Mr tek it back no sah me fraid a man like them him.

  32. I don’t know either of these individuals personally so it is not my place to insult either of them, however I am a woman and I do have a sense of understanding why the lady wrote what she wrote but it is never good to discuss things like this in public no matter how hurt you are.
    I am Jamaican and I love going to Jamaican dance but I’m a reserve individual who only associate with hard working career people like myself so you would never see any of us speaking into a video camera because I just think it is rather distasteful at times.
    I don’t know what kind of man lucky is when the camera turns off but the way those men behave at dance it is a turn off because a person who has money don’t need to go out of his or her way to prove it to anyone… I just feel sorry for some of these girls who go with those men because money is not all because it can buy clothes to show off in but it can never buy class.
    I sometimes laugh the way in which these people behave because how can you look up to people who never work a 9-5 job in their life how can people like those be role models?… Anyone who look up to them has to be dillusional with the lowest self esteem ever because those people are non-achievers in my eyes.
    Some dancehall people needs to wake up and smell the coffee and be inspired by people with a real sense of achievement.
    There are so many opportunities available in this country but yet some of my fellow Jamaicans come here and waste their time showing off on people that they are in the same boat it’s just crazy.
    Well I wish both lucky n Charlette the best in whatever they decide to do whether it’s rekindling their relationship or going their separate ways.
    And another thing Jamaicans need to stop acting so unintelligent by disgracing each other like some of the posts I’ve read.

  33. batty face open nose f**k out pussy Charlette move you rass from offa met site nobody cares about you and bv cocky dun out lucky with no fix address wah stop in a hostel man dun pan yuh sell pussy batty face gal bout work out like the man want yuh kmft.

  34. mi ago party all a while mi knw lucky bt overtime him rep stil deya bt on da women side him ah flop like him pick up neesha to cath him cred go up as she always luk gud nd on point no man or women can deni dis so him ah thk ppl ah watch har nd ppl thk him do da tings dem nd catch a hupe ofda gurl, me say neesha u luk gud nd hav been so dnt let no man catch hype ofa you

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