1. Metty, Ninja talk dem nuh nawmal DWL!!!!!…Ninja Man seh missa Laing gwen haffe guh pass gully guh look inna toilet fe artist perform pan Sting :hammer..when im grab weh di man mic ah seh mi nuh wa hear dat LOL!!…there is only one don gargon and Gully Bop can never top dat, NEVER!!!

        1. borecome ninja man yuh still deh pon di same f**kery i try use gemix n f**kery dancehall deh a lyrics now update yuhself and come in dat why him no mek record cause him no have no lyrics
          him love in inna show but ninja man………….

  1. I agree with Ninja man. No one hit song man must be on stage with him. You do not see Beyonce on stage with Keisha Cole. Ninja must get his respect

  2. Whether Gully good or not he is not allow to be on stage with Veteran. Respect is due to Ninja. Jamaican need to stop make little change rule them. The promoters are disrespecting DJ that work hard to maintain their crafts. Gully fi guh sit down with him one hit song go fix yuh f***king teeth and stop show off with the little money look like u forget what hungry is.

  3. As a Jamaican I can say that, what I HATE with some of we, as soon as we have one dollar the world have fi know. What happen to the days when granny hide the money and no one know

  4. Some people say dem lose offa ninja because him refuse fi clash bop. I don’t wrong ninja, I wouldn’t do it either cah bop nuh have nuttin fi lose. If him go out deh and ninja kill him, him still get him exposure. Chances are that even though ninja lyrics badda, di crowd might rally more behind bop because nuff people listen fi di drama and all the “a wah do uuuuuu” wah gully bop come wid, dem nah listen fi the quality of di lyrics and ninja know that.

    1. @Nee true words lots of these ppl not listening to lyrics cause some of these songs that playing now of days just have one or two lines. No real talent in them. This generation of ppl will hype over $1 in a hand, than a person respecting his worth

    1. You are so silly. Kartel said Ninja was his idol and also Bounty. You are so foolish. Dancehall hot before Kartel.

  5. Bwoii..Ninja mek mi laugh suh till mi pickney dem a look pan mi strange to sah. Mi seh Met u deh gwan bad innah di end a year yah..mi a talk di truth mi nahn buyas at all…woieeeeee, a weak to kakafart.
    Mi nuh rang Ninja, but Laing should a did know seh Ninja not going to put up with him crap..some people just feel seh just becaz a dem at the head a di ship dem can tell ebry body wah deh pan it and even out of it, wah fi do. Sting him again lakkah 3 dozen bees Ninja, Sting him again and again till him face swell and buss, although him nuh have much further fi guh, face look like it ready fi buss already, ole fart. A people lakkah Laing help destroy dancehall and di true essence of it all. I can’t stand that big ole oily face back, wah always innah in “farmah ring di bell” outfit dem..chi chi bud oooooh. Woiieee.

  6. Chuuups dancehall deh yah before kartel and him gone and it still deh yah, stop you noise, it look like if anno sex a chant bout you no happy. Why you no just go tun a porn star dat way you no miss nutten .
    AAnyways back to regular program: who is gully bop feh a try draw out ninja man, two lyrics from ninja its official he gully the no teeth man, can’t stand the flucker him face so hard feh look pon,

  7. A true Tinan Laing caan dress a rahtid him clothes dem outdated n dont look good. All Gully Bop have more style than Laing fe a poor n boassy vs a money man. Laing want a makeover bad bad

  8. I must be di ongle person nuh listen to one Gully Bop interview or lissen him song. I seen all the posts Met put up pon yah and I never hit play pon one video. I am 100% not interested in hearing what him offering.

  9. I neva discredit ninja i know he’s a veteran in dis business all I say is dancehall get boring since kartel get locked n dat is true OK

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