1. Dutty lucky stop spill champagne and support yuh pickney dem. U too wuckless. God no like uglu not u r a ugly bwoy

  2. These woman had to know that he’s a dead beat dad and dem still a lay with him an a have more kids SMFH and then them cry wolf, frm me born I’m herin that he don’t take care of his kids

  3. Yes it is mr nuffy jay icon so him can’t bring apple to one of these trips to England lucky no have to personal woman him a f**k a 38 yr woman weh name Charlette long head ex woman she don’t even have one baby big 38yr woman like that them say she can’t breed cla**dia block up har underneath I hope she get heal because every woman deserve at least one child.

    1. Shut yuh damn mouth some women can’t have kids due to medical issues, u don’t know if that’s the case with her. Cuss the woman all u want but don’t mention that she caan have kids

    2. EAT SHIT! I don’t have any kids and not a rass clog up inna me or unda me!

      Crossess! onu have dem and nhame dem, beat dem, phuk dem, sell dem, starve dem, abandon dem,….got some rass nerve! No we don’t all have to have a child fi prove sey we are women.

      Too much a onu a claims oman hood and MAN HOOD A MASH ONU UP! got you bitches all clogged up, $h!t up and all.


  4. Greetings Met & All

    It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a black owned champagne making business weh a bathe offa di bathing….but alas wi know who a prosper & annuh wi

  5. UGLY Luckey, go and mind your kids and stop “frontin like you have it like that” we all know seh you are a ‘broke ass’ dead beat father to your kids.
    Your pickney ah yard hungry, you pickney dem ah England well that is a whole new story, only Sandy pickney dem are good and we all know that,that is down to her and not de UGLY BOY!

  6. i guess these huslers never learn.. take a page out of flippa book, you attract cops and officails to youself when you profile like that.. your no governor, doctor, lawyer yet still yuh a dash weh bottles and bottles of champagne.. I tell yah they never learn

    1. so so tru………………….hype dem seh ah informer chat dem bizniz wen ah fi dem actions look weh dem owna self smh

  7. A wha do some gal di f**k out gyal wha a talk bout bad man no ole mike and other tings fi go f**k har self di man no want har bout she tatoo him name pun har foot di man f**k and gone back to him girl a him tek har virginity from ja wat u expect pussy hole him jackie u dun no man nu want u spanish town mattress

  8. Jackie you bright you and your tuff face man looking self and daughter who pick up Danny bless u lot don’t have no ambition!!!!!! You think me could set up my daughter with germs!!!! Tuff face jacket go and sit down you old nastiness for a big woman you should be ashamed look who you pick up and have to sit down with him where walk and look every young gal loooool. Your waste matters you and your nasty daughter f**k and duck out!!!!! Danny bless looks HUNGRY and your daughter a talk up in a video light and a try hype over dat everyone a laugh after both of you. No Shame!!!!!!!! Long time you a sell your daughter anyway

  9. Lawd sah Lucky affi gwaan to much. All dem woman deh a who dem. Dem just love the hype n the foolishness. I never see Buju (him fren) in a videolight like this! Lucky nah stop do dis n learn say him a attract the feds. Kmt

  10. Lucky hav a baby madda weh liv a tulse hill an all now mi nuh c 1 pictur a har lol mi haffi laf and den dis long titty one weh mi hear seh a him baby madda dont kno wha shi fava inna d dance …evrybody look betta dan she. Him really fi mine him pickny dem fi tru..wukless and a dash weh champagn and money a dance. mi caan rate a man weh nuh love pikney. it look like d 1 a tulse hill tek weh harself..

    1. Somebody show mi the one in tulse hill, nice looking girl carry herself good comparing to others. One day me see her wid the baby a pass and minutes manage find get a look pon the baby the likkle pickney look like lucky bad

        1. Met might a reply but the damn phone a post all over the place and a change the words. Should have been mama Mia but autochanger keep changing what I write

  11. Suh di next yute( cyaah memba feem name) really have ah audacity fe walk out inna videolight without shirt and tie roun im neck like ah him name Chippendale strippa??…REALLY?????? :nerd

  12. mek jay icon itch up pon lucky so?

    everytime lucky put him champagne a him head, there goes jay icon a falla. mr. apple i think u ar two big to be following man like u is a lost dog.

  13. Hi there nobody is tracing nobody about people who find it hard to get pregnant I don’t wish that on anyone but Charlette talk it are self say long head give her cla**mydia how much time a what a lot of girls don’t understand if you keep gettin cla**mydia for years it can affect you from having kids I was just saying.

  14. And yes I think jay icon is too big to be following lucky and he has more respect for woman look how him love apple him put her first place and I like that him have a nice likkle family with Apple and him an apple baby fava jay bad.

  15. Who Jackie diamond man? Come talk da tings and who she ah dash wud pon? Jackie daughter used to deh wid Corey max and fabulous and now danny mi nah lie Jackie just pimp out her daughter. Mi could never want my daughter to mix wid sum of theses danchall dutty man true money. Jackie and her daughter pretty but dem character dirty.

  16. Dirty badmind people the people dem look good nuh bloodclaat Jackie pimp out who if the gal wah go f**k nuh fi har business dat a fi har pu**y so wah if she did deh wid Corey max ? Unno nuh have nothin better fi say Lowe the girl and her pu**y. Pu**y mek fi f**k further more dem gal deh nuh beg people nothin

  17. Unu duty stinking people who a call up Charlette name with long head need to stop it that’s lie,germs bag Unu chatting the gal Unu don’t know nothing about her not even her f…ing age does she look 38? Waste gal jealousy a eat out Unu duty heart Lucky need that gal his First Lady further more the gal happy and content have her won ,and her own car so mek she f..k who she’s happy with she’s straight go a look a like maybe Lucky british f..k Unu and duck unnu germs bag

  18. Met can u believe am just reading the blogs these people need to go look a life and leave the people them alone they must be sad why they have all this time to be chatting all these things about people who they don’t know kmft

  19. @stusshi aka Charlette you is 36 yr woman stop gwan like you is a young girl inna her twenties ok, grow up and I don’t think you will ever be First Lady because you is just a hand down from long head to lucky and lucky and long head a friend it’s like one a lucky woman get start f**k Buju do you think buju would that same woman be buju First Lady no, because she use to f**k lucky same circle you get what I’m saying and lady no good gal no want lucky because him no mind woman plus him no take care of his kids so wake up love he’s just using you for some free pu**y.

  20. That girl name is Carmar Wilmott all she do a f**k hypeman man fi tings and post up on facebook and Instagram she use to friend with one next marga gal from Brixton over some three some weh did gne wrong dah Lille girl is a whore all di muma do a ,rush e f**k fi wear Versace

    1. Bitch yuh igy fi the pretty people dem eeeh ah the gal pussy a mad yuh? Ah fi har pussy she free fi f**k any man she want duty people the girl have up har money dats all unno do sit dung and watch people and dem things and and grudge dem the girl pretty badddddccc if she wah put har things pon Instagram she free to do so a fi har things she nuh beg nor borrow

  21. Charlette is 36-37 or about 38 soon so don’t lie an about people a call up you name wid long head when everybody know it’s facts you talk it out a you own mouth say long give you cla*mydia how much time truth or lie and nobody no want lucky dirty body like your dirty pussy so you welcome to him,own business when you are just renting a shop you don’t own it car is the least everybody a drive a england and owning a house is when you buy it with nothing to pay and First Lady where when you are f**king in the same circle because lucky and long head is friends or was friends before lucky become mr tek wah you gal

  22. But what happen to Tamara wah Mikey used to f**k to a longtime me no see her but junglist know how mikey whoring and stay and she still stay and a f**k him without boots them gal deh too good yah

  23. But this woman a call people germs bag when she need take a look at herself if you can stay wid a ugly man wah continue a give you germs for how long and you still stay who is the biggest germs bag are who to say a never you did a give back yourself it by f*cking so much different man wid long head.

    1. @anonymous why you so hurt over the girl the gal nice nuh bloodclaat skin smooth and clean go see weh all yuh favs behind the computer

  24. Lucky change woman every three months, him need fih find him soulmate now man married settle down have kids and be a proper family but my god that man have a r**s nose what a nose big.but don’t think he will stay much longer with this woman by judging her character it sound very mocky and I don’t think so more Jamaican want him so him affi go find a Likkle fool fool english gal.

  25. Jaydon a f**ck batta ears chin lets hope him using about ten condom and don’t bring back nothing to Apple goodas fi dem.

  26. Met mi hear seh d whole heap a champagne bun up lucky face an it stay bad bad bad d bleaching did too loud him turn it up cah him did wah brown a d party but it did raw so d face bun up a true?

  27. Suck pussy Kevin the African man weh yuh rob mad yuh. Yuh nuh see yah walk and ah touch up man woman inna dance and a nuh stop whisper inna man ears mad man. Stop drink out the people dem liquor and go buy yuh own bruk pocket boy. Mad man Kevin yuh caan get nothing more fi thief now the people dem a lock up them things now dats y up pop dung and hungry yuh can’t even buy gas put inna yuh old grey Toyota . Stink mouth Kevin tek the Duracell battery dem outa yuh tongue the woman talk stiff tongue Kevin. Yuh tongue have more strength than yuh cocky

  28. Lucky people know say yu days dun a little top youth pon you back on top ….dem youth under the radar shine light pon you big that deh youth cause him wise

  29. DANMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM dem gyals dem thirsty nuh fuk… The man can’t even get a minute alone inna di video light…. smh… dem all THIRSTY

  30. di money weh u old man gi u soon run out me girl u better wuk hard b4 him slip out a u hands
    u mind di man to much man suppose to mine u not di other way round

  31. charlotte u buy lucky clothes and shoes and make him drive u car all him gi u is a half price teefing rolex weh don’t even come in a gift box u dam fool just remember say di people dem know where u work so gwaan hype uself crosses

  32. Dis played out bad but d trut is hin liv a har yaad caz him babymadda run him out. Wuklis man hv no whre to go but fi har yaad. So if a neva dat him wudn deh wid har. Dat man only deh wid peple weh a do sumn fi him so him naw gi har nutn but likkl food so a she a mind him and fi him money buy close an chapagne. Plus nuh good gyal naw hv man and nuh mek him mind him yute dem so d 2 a dem match. 2 nasty f**k out whores. Dem fi get married and lef other peple alone caz dem a germs.

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