10 thoughts on “LUCKY YUH REACH JAMAICA?

  1. That’s not Jamaica hats England. The number plates on the car are British. He didn’t say he was in Jamaic, but I haven’t seen him Or his woman ina dance for a while now… He wears those same clothes goa dance… So mate you are stuck, go buy some new clothes

  2. lucky is still in london, him and charlotte got busted for drugs the other day, hear that him snitched and get bail and them still hold on pon charlotte.

  3. Yes that’s England. Maybe when him say him no get stuck him mean stuck like Charlotte in di drugs web. Truthbetold look like he dry snitching on himself. If he is out and Charlotte is lock up den him lucky fi tru.

  4. lies both him and Charlotter were at the stage show saturday night, that More life put on with Taurus Riley and others

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