It’s Ok to be spontaneous and fun with your husband and if someone ask where is the freakiest place I’ve had s**……I’d probably tell them. But why dem have to volunteer personal intimate details on SM. Smh den when ppl talk, dem bawl out badmind and jealous. She really think it mek she look good, like it give har marriage 5 stars now anuh. Smh Goodly use di ppl dem new clothes an wipe dem wet up front and hood. My gosh.


14 thoughts on “WAY TOO MUCH INFO

  1. Too damn old for this imagine ppl have to come in use dressing rm after uno nasty residue old nastiness this reason y i dont use public

  2. Ah the tearing off a Di blouse fa doe?? Some ppl jus frighten ova every fking thing! Lady yuh nuh special cause a man gi yuh a quick f-Ck in a odd space, every sexually active person has been there and done that, no talent required kmt

  3. She must feel like she’s showing the www that she has a very healthy sex life and she know how to keep har man. Smh. I swear dem show off with every little thing. She has daughters. Certain things are not for social media. If it was even to say “Just finished being naughty with Hubby in a very freaky place”…… Or even something like that. But FB nuh need to know yuh jus dun drain yuh pumpum juice ina di ppl dem fitting room. And Ms Anon up a top…..nuh badda come stop wid me cause yuh a ansa every body else but it still nuh change mi opinion. Talk to yuh fren cause she tink that’s cute and it’s not. Kmt.

  4. Gudly didn’t happen but felt bored and needed cyber attention to feel whole,so why not pu a raw caption and crab some likes nd comments

  5. De man and de ooman wey get de quick fucc remind mi a Gully Bop and Amarie to blurt nawt. Every ting dem haffe tell John Public. Nothing is private anymore. De whole a dem is a part of de Kim Kardashian Syndrome!

  6. I bet you she left home with her shirt like that,but since she know that people like gossip she decided 2 make this post,it’s call social media people what you read is not always true.

  7. Who gives a f**k about who where and when you f**k ole gal. Leave that ish to under 25 year olds. Unno stink like. Fitting room is not for f**ing! Lmao

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