With Clarendon still reeling from the brutal execution style murder of three teenagers last month, the parish was given another shocker when three teenage boys were caught red-handed having a threesome.

The three, two from a prominent high school in May Pen and the other a recent graduate, were literally caught with their pants down on the grounds of the Denbigh showground in May Pen, THE WEEKEND STAR understands.

It is understood that the three displayed their sexual dexterity before a mob held and gave them a severe beating.

However, amid the melee, all three boys escaped, minus their clothes, after running away and jumping the wall of a nearby school.

A source at the May Pen police confirmed hearing about the incident, but said no official report has been made.

“Me say, suppose you see the three nasty boy dem how dem look good. Suppose you see the size dem weh them have?

“Dem should a still a get the beating,” a female exclaimed with disgust in reaction to the incident. Them say dem man deh fast, but a me fi tell you, dem yah boy faster than Bolt.”

According to information reaching The Weekend Star, the man who made the discovery was walking through the Jamaica Agricultural Society-owned property, when he heard suspicious sounds coming from an isolated area of the expansive showground. Inquisitively, he went to investigate and got the shock of his life.


An alarm was raised and a mob quickly converged on the showground and went in pursuit of the three teenage boys.

After accosting the boys, the mob began pelting them with all forms of improvised weapons, before the boys managed to escape.


  1. Mi caan laugh, faster than Bolt a wonda if we can use dem fi Olympics next year. On a serious note, is how dem brite suh? To be out in public a bugger like dat. Dem muss dweet already cuz the place big, nbut just happen fi get ketch dis time.

  2. Blooooood coverageeeeeeee. *singing* “Jesus is coming soon, morning or night or noon…..many will meet their doom……trumpets will sound” Smh

  3. Mi glad mi born inna Jamaica when morals and family values was a big deal! causz sum tings wah mi read ah gwan dun dey mi cann believe ah mi beautiful country dat it dey ah ground zero a peer big dutty nasty disgraceful tings ah gwan dun dey now!!!

  4. ..mi ah tell u..woman dash whey ah road till dem cyaa count…

    dis reminds mi of sodom an gomarrah….dem man adamant dem dow waan di woman, ah di man dem want…

  5. Shabba..Naw promote maama man, all maama man fi dead..bam bam..lick a shot inna a maama man ead….

  6. Jflag and the gay community should be dancing a merry jig, mission accomplished. The youth have been brainwashed into believing that homosexual activity is normal and acceptable.

  7. ppl fi stop gwaan like dem no kno say a nuff fish a ja longtime unuh vote in 1 fi prime minister nuff a d don or so call badman dem a fish ppl jus lick out pon d small fish wat happen to d big fish dem?

  8. Dem lucky dem run wey. Sounds like de people dem did a go deal wid dem good and proper. Yea man, a dat fe reach dem! A hope dem know say dat dem stinking backstreet boy nastiness reach frontpage news ya now. How disgusting and selfish to foist their ill – behavior slackness on a property where that shit doesn’t belong!

  9. This is what happens when Portia and the PNP embrace nastiness.What fall from head, drop pon shoulder. Sista P need fi run the Shebada look-alike and the other fish dem out of her circle. Bruce did seh not in my cabinet, now is not one or two but at least four confirmed in this present Cabinet. Don’t know if any of the rest on the down low but four openly homosexual members in a 20-member Cabinet should not be tolerated.

  10. shhhhhh Anonymous….Sista P not gwine run out no one. She is the head cook an bakkle washa…lol.

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