1. A jamaica him da in that hot jacket, what part a Farris him da me know a no Canada cause him and bill gates get turn down fe the Canadian visa, and a no us, so Luke tell us pls.

    1. So Kremmy, if someone came and said dem did not seed him with them owna 4 eyes…would they be lieing? :nerd …hey mi Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk ..Metty, today was no joke….rough!!!! :sorry

  2. These little niggas wanna be in forrin so baddd
    Fi come hustle & give Jamaica more bad name
    No ambition niggas lookin for these dumb bitches to
    Mine dem .. Sick mi

    1. True talk still. So how come those who know for a fact where he’s at don’t tell us the metters that is his baby mama give him papers! Since Quena know for a fact where he’s at, is it true that his baby mama marry him and bring him come here? Inquiring minds want to know, lol..

      1. Does she live in Queens Saucy, I don’t know about the status of him immigration situation but there is a particular lady in Queens that he is checkin’ for. Hope I was helpful!

  3. @ Observer go suck something where u there when him go for the visa fe Canada or me, him da a New York and so what who is Lukie all him ago do a make more an f**k him, him can go back to Mario now.

    1. alloooooooo ms biiitch sucking a common ting now ooooooooo fine a nexx wud caw dat naw raise pressha agen otayy…lukie hav up em ooman a queens a wah yuh hear bout? wat really hurt you dear? :nerd

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