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This boy come out a de party and a show off him self about him have us and in a de middle a bear ja money in a the middle, you need to stop wear them fake clothing.

26 thoughts on “LUKIE DI PARTY WAS SHELLY?

  1. Woieeeeee I kaint tidday, nopes not while I’m having a jolly good time. When did black men become so illusional

  2. Good morning Metty, fam :peluk :peluk .. Senda, fe yuh yeye site betta ah mine cause unless you is a personal friend ah did a tan up right side ah the man and saw what him have I him hand miggle fe yuh yeye site shawp like hawk and dem deh bird can zoom in from miles away. Senda, come ere cause dis one a puzzle mi baad! If the man a try front fe cova up the $JA and wrap it round with $US, how the hell?? :bingung :bingung :bingung

  3. Senda it sound like de US $ pon top did ketch yu man…till yu notice de JA $ dem. Tell yu bout dem licky licky gyal/bwoy dem

  4. boyyy Lukie,,,HIRED FOR PAY,,This boy is all over the FAGMAP f**king man for money to put on parties,,,,nothing else to say! MAKE SURE YOU PAY THEM BACK THIS TIME MR.

    Morning Met,,,,back on track

  5. Morning Met & Metters,

    I don’t know where to go with this one! I can’t see di middle of di money, so muss either be a personal friend weh know weh him usually do or just somebody whe ah look something fi chat seh!

    So basically…………….. NEXT!!! (post)

  6. unnu tek time with him ok, Mi kinda have some feelings fi Lukie, him cool man, just dont like that dutty wagonist Bill Pothole face Gates, (hey boy yuh face want Pro Patch) weh always a try nuff up himself around the yute.

      1. Is not me though Ms. Met, mi really like lukie, him stay humble from my interactions oh.

    1. They from the same tree,,DRY UPPP but Lukie is ok when his not going on with himself.

      they both…………………
      licky licky
      love other ppl tings
      f**k to get ppl tings( and i don’t mean woman either)
      don’t really have a place to rest they heads
      can’t afford drinks when they go out at least they can’t buy it with they own money
      ghetto Fabulous ( don’t have but act like they do)

      Same TREE!

      1. Lol Soap Opera bad eeeehhh!!!!!!!!!!! Nicky have shares in Macy wow, she must be rolling in di deep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Mi hear se she and Lukie lef ooo but to di way har ownership did set up a tink him will have clothes for years and years :nerd

  7. Yo a bear fake clothes the fat gay boy wear anybody who know name brand know that him only can fool some for the ja people them, Luki u in a de dance a show off watch why u never wet it up you can’t because u can’t the watch belong to ( name less), and I was to tell u that billy gates wear real clothes cause when toya a come from England she bring all 6 suit case fe her man gates.

  8. Every year Luki keep these party it don’t belong to him a him friend put out all the money, Luki u need fe make the man dem stop use you.

  9. Me here sah a sang account big under cover whoring daughter(Shans)a give lukie thing , hmmm wonder if she and Nicky stop war over the cocky

  10. mathaf***kas kill me yow… i dont kno dude but y the sender saying he needs to stop wearing fake clothes… like wtf thats the least of ur problems with him…smh simple bitches these damn days

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