Nigga Dollas need to stop coming on di blogs & frontin like he his this hit nigga, Cuz u some gay nigga……….He his a user and an opportunist, him love likes mon !! Yuh f**king fake!!! Nigga Dick Game is wack as f**k, don’t even mention di rest ……….i don’t know who be fooling Mr.Dollas, cuz his whole game f**k up………U Want to live way above ur means and nigga u ain’t got shit. Dollas how many more females yuh ago trick into borrowing they money before u can go & f**king buy a next pair designer shoes??? How much more batty man party u ago keep??? Nigga claim he sick but sick with tho?(Edited). U have a child and a mother…….remember karma is a bitch! Yuh need to stop it!!!! go clean up yuh dirty laundry & Skelton in yuh closet before dem mentally & physically kill yuh. You wanted publicity so bad yuh sure got it now…………. Stop frontin!!!

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    1. Fashion, it shockin him too…that’s why him have on the darkers fe block out the bright rays from his tacky ass zoot suit…good mawnin Metty, fam :peluk :peluk

  1. Sound like him trick YOU into borrowing fi YUH money honey! Don’t be bitter, chalk it up to a lesson learned! Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

  2. This is f**k up cuz I know dude very well he is far from gay and the man is a general manager for his job Met you need to stop let these people send you garbage for your site

      1. yuh see seh di man dem nah lie doah wen dem seh di gyal dem pay dem fi fuxx dem? di coming of CHRIST is near caw dis pass desperation

  3. gm .metty and metters I must say I know oniel good good and I don’t think these tings senda saying is true no sah ,,senda oniel have up him dutty money and yes he work @applebees nah nah the man is not no .battyman senda oniel is sick but not the sickness u thinking ,,,let this be a lesson honey :cool stoping giveing your money to man am sure he did not hold a gun to your head :cool :ngakak

  4. Yes! Him was a suspect cuz him too cocky fi real mon. So him shouldn’t a borrow nuh body money in the first place. I wouldn’t say the gyal bitter….. using ppl poor gyal pickney when his has child of his own…..


  6. Nowadays you got be careful which man yuh get urself involve with cuz yuh have some dutty man out deh. My opinion on dis a him give ppl tings to chat all when it nuh go so………. Him do too much girlie shit taking pics like him a woman. Don’t get me wrong men can take pics but it’s how you go about doing it…… Him always think a him one can wear cloth and boot

    1. Ms. Glam glam, true enough yuh have some dirty licky licky males out there…but you also have some very good ones too. The ones weh licky licky and dirty might have up dem money and good job and big talk, but them lack morality…morality ms.glam. Why a man weh have up him good good money, job, car, house ah ting…tek tingz from a woman when he could simply say no thank you, I’m good…is beyond my comprehension. We as women, LOVE to take care of our men because we are nurturers by nature and I am one of those women that love to take care of my children, my boo and family ( and I will never make any excuses nor apologies for that)…. But here is where the problem lies…some of these men take your kindness for your weakness and will take take take from you and cannot even show any gratitude nor respect , and that to me is just plain trifling. When something is given, it should be done from the heart and received with love, but when dem man deh jus a tek tek tek and a cross tingz offa dem year round Christmas list ana boops di ooman dem as if that’s even remotely acceptable, that is just immoral and taaaaacccckkkkaaaaaaaaayyyyy!! ( and I am speaking from experience)

      1. I applaud you as female @Yep! Yes Lack Morality!!!……..Reading your comment have me a little teary. I must say a man that looks to a FEMALE to take care of him financially is very disgusting to me also………… And a man like that who has the audacity to be looking a woman is even more disgusting. We all as females,have been cheated, used, and played ect. Most of us females been through experience like this also. But That don’t a give a man the right to take advantage of a any females regardless. All this nonsense of about the yute have up him good up money and shit…… doesn’t matter if him have shit or not. The moral of the story is this young man want to be in the spot light so bad he same like he will do anything to be. So he go about taking from a others……… All i have say to young this woman whoever You are, you’re not a fool for wanting to hold down your man. They are the fool for lying to someone who trusted them and cared how about them enough to hold them down. It’s the easiest thing in the world to get away with temporarily, and the hardest thing to recover from permanently. Please don’t let it change you. There are already way too many of them, and far too few of you. Ladies don’t go your character and stoop to a man like this level. No comment on batty man issue ( if him want a clap a fi him business).

        1. Exactly Anon!! Young miss, take it with a grain a salt and chalk it up as a hard lesson well learned…once bitten, twice shy ( best sung by the late great Vesta Williams, R.I.P)… Sender, listen to that song…

  7. RASSCLOTH!!!!!!!! mi affi call mi friend ya now No Sah…and tell har mi see har man on pink wall. A lucky mi Neva tek up Miself go a him party when she invite mi. After she Mek har dare dress a dis a gwaan a di party. Mi tell har enuh mi know Sey him still deh with him babymadda and full di di girl head…………. And see him go deh a trick other woman.

      1. :ngakak

        jmg tun up wid joke tideh______________________________________________________________iam here dying!!!!

  8. everybody keep saying dollas is gay and no one can prove a txt or even a phone call that the nigga gay, because the man dress nice and thing he is gay, I know dollas from Jamaica di man mother is mutli millionaire that have over 5 restaurant in Jamaica , that nigga let people know what he wants them to know and all of you that’s bashing dollas I can swear on my life is not better than him!!! nuff a unno live off the government and dis dutty bitch weh a class him probably buy di man something and turn around a dis di man, only a low class bitch stoop that level

    1. And you’re right anon, you’re absolutely right…lemme say this..I don’t know this young man, so my opinion is just that…my opinion. He may be str888 as an arrow and have up him money an ting, but he got to stop wearing dem bright ass zoom suits cause that shyt ain’t even cute. Yea true enough he may let people know what he want them to know…cool…but he got to be seen at the same got damn time too?? :matabelo..if he ever gets lost his ass will always be found in that LOUD ass costume! :cool

    1. Dwl? A chu him did a befriend doggie one time them nah stop chat him. Poor fellow a best u did stick with riches and money gets crew from jump instead if looking hype friends

  9. bitch you must know if the man no live no where him ever ask you for a night rest??? go look a man and suck out you mada hole and come off a mi friend name is a pitty mi don’t know you in person fi f**k you up cuz all you a talk why you don’t come clean so dollas can fix you business dog shit cuz if you know him like you claim you know the man heavy like dat bitch!

  10. @no sah right!!! No where mon him just need to be more chill………….dem sey when yuh a dig a hole dig one fi yuhself. Doesn’t pay to take advantage of ppl

  11. @TheOriginalSmh………yes! And di same friends him diss was true to him and his new friends can’t stand him one bit. HUMBLE OVA A HYPE. If yuh have it yuh it ………….yuh dont need to be bashing others n him always coming Facebook and di gram a dash word pon ppl.

  12. Sooooo him keep ah dance and 90% ah di dance did full up a batty ppl… the maths if him nuh sell him buy (bi) :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

  13. SIDENOTE: poopsie, if yuh peeping…you are always on my mind, and I miss you like crazy!!! :wowcantik :kissing: :kissmouth :heart: :malu :kiss :peluk

  14. I am video vixen and him act fishy fi True. Always a chat bout him have dis and dat. I can’t stand a nigga who love to brags cho.

        1. Wooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I cant with these people!!!! Nopes!!! Metty waving good evening. I have no manners sometimes.

          1. nah look pan dem …cocky done pan dem and dem money done pan dem tuh..weeping and moaning a gwaan

        1. Arite Anon, mi jus a ask cause me convince miself one time seh mi fava Monica the R&B singa suh dats why mi ask. Yuh ah one ah dem ghetto gal video vixen or one ah dem weh have them own private dressing trailer afta each video shoot?

        2. Yuh know sometimes people seh dem have nuff papers and when yhuh check it out dem have plenty loose leaf paper, yuh know the kind weh yuh put inna school binder so that’s why mi asking… That’s nice anon, that’s very nice…good for you mummy :2thumbup

  15. Good evening met!!!!’ mi late pon dis ya one I been hearing this rumor for a while now put it finally reach di wall.

    1. anonymous, lightening ,, coming with facts, fancy c , glam …14 Fin comments later and u still on the same shit now u a dollface a try act new??If u mek one more comment!

      1. Wooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee people dead, dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Met ,,,,if she make one more comment what would you of done?????….dwllllll

    You good Ms Met better than me,,,don’t bother with the cross eye business..

    1. wha kine a cross eye business? dem too wicked dme have dem personal ting against people and want it fi look true so dem change up name

  17. wha the asss,,,kmt so the topic didn’t get enough comments so they make it up…smdh
    Ppl is that corrupt?…damn,,

    1. yes and using two names sometimes people will link mi se dem haffi switch but people like dem change 15 name and change all kinds of personality

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