1. Buenos Dias a Todos!

    :ngakak I had to stop scrolling and laugh, he reminds me of mi Abuelito when he first came to New York when I was a teenager….pictures of everaaaaaaay thing :ngakak

  2. Him face look like it need to wash, a so when some boy reach a Farrin them forget the people them that was there for them but a one thing I have to tell him don’t bite the hand that feed you, because we all see what ur life style in a New York going to be the STREET and DANCEHALL. And we all see and know what that comes with.

      1. not a bit is because dem nuh used to it…plate ina hand wid di whole face ova di plate so now di table deh bout him spread rite off :travel

  3. Hope all who commenting regarding ‘table manners’ actually knows and practice it. Lukie Nikki & her healthy baby boy doing just fine as I type and most likely better than who keeps sending him in. Let him live nuh.. Gosh… And let me fill y’all in…. Nikki had the baby, lukie came up right after to hail his ‘King’ a jus the blessings.. See all yuh weh sey as we speak Lukie deh a Queens, a mussi inna yuh dreams a Queens him did deh. Pinky lost somewhere in Jamaica where she belongs, miserable and lonely, bout she was ants weh caah come out .. How about the flight weh Lukie tek out weh yuh Neva know bout… #pow… Lukie happy, content just smiling and being thankful for his many many blessings. So stay tune because every thing him do him ago tek pic, a jus the setting. So him can look back and show smile whatever about his first time in the US!

    1. talk di tings dem…………….yes i practice good table manners when im around a table especially outside…….
      but why lukie hide and come up from pinkie? she did know him have a ooman so mine a sikes hiding dat
      congrats on the baby

    2. I don’t always practice proper table etiquette, but damnnn son…at least pretend to have some before them snap ah picture of you :ngakak

    3. Ah tell him fe get ah propa hair cut ah shave up and thread him eyebrows before him snap nuh more pictures and doe come back eena mi house come teef weh mi yoga pants again :nerd

  4. some a unu a chat and unu business a spoil so what if him a tek pic …unu upset that unu deh a farrin so long a cyan buy a good phone …luki tek ur pic them it call memories .#happylife u say one big happy family nikki king and the other kids …eat unu heart out farrin mek fi all a wi ……haters keep hating him ago make unu buy good phone now fi tek pic …..ole fart unu go read A BOOK OR MET HAVE SOME GOOD STORY ON HERE READ SOME OR GO SEE IF UNU BUSINEES INA GOOD ORDER …(OH IF IT HAVE ERROR MI LIVID N MI FINGER DEM JUS A TYPE SO) MEK SURE UNU CAN READ OLE CROSSES

    1. If there is any errors ah cause mi livid :hammer …as long as ah nuh dunce yuh dunce yuh arite by me ma’am :ngakak ..oh btw, Metty shy sawt out correctly..keep in mind now, this is fe ar site and we are all just included missis :nerd

  5. Mek lukie said pinky pussy stink… She sweet & can dress well & whenever them out she looks nice but in the bedroom it’s a different thing! Pussy stink bad so my advise to pinky fix yuh ole yuh nuh see how much man yuh change & cannot av 1! Next thing lukie said yuh need more training to suck dick! Lukie didn’t tell u he was going to America yet u fly from merika to come to his polo affair! Man clown

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