Suddy batty S___ f—h whey everyday u chat bout the Mathews lane hair gyal them and them don’t talk bout u one day…before Yuh beg them f**k u a chat bout them p**y and all these things…hey boy u no see say u a #FISH lol a Yuh mother ago drop dead when your secret reveal whey the old man a stroke Yuh buddy biter….u go every hype dance fi see the batty man them an fi chat them an u no member when u go sherlock boat ride is u an a known batty man go dirty sour mouth S_— f—….one goodaz gal a luk u an before u go tek the gal u rather sit dung with Yuh damage friend an chat the gal and u no see say u damage to….u chat Suzie everyday and when night come u a hunt r fi go dance and what away u a run behind a the gazebo gal them true the hair gal them run u true u a lust off a them man S— f— due to how your mother hate u she always talk say she dine for u to dead so she can burry u nasty rass….omg your mom hate u an everyday u affi in a r shop… The way u hype u don

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