9 thoughts on “REAL CLOWN

  1. Oh lawddd @needle…it too early it way to early to be laughing this loud. Mawning and mannazz.

  2. lol dwl sen in back har picture baby mother yah gwan baddddd lol big up u self its provenĀ a u the boy want star boy dj official link lol

  3. Now sometime dey ting dey so sweet it trick u for a few months. After dat my girl bun out di crosses n free you puss

  4. Well its all fabricated bullshit,now listen u have no man r baby fada. Trying to drag the man and his girl through the mud. If the girlfren suck dj dick u suck it to. D man and him Oman nah lef so go find a baby daddy dumb bitch.

  5. bullshit where my baby father tell me everything thsts our relationship hes in ny now he’ll be here for his son birthday if I didn’t have a baby father his name wouldn’t be on his birthday paper she duck him dick he showed me msg and all he sleeps here she call and beg him to add her on whatsapp I know all about her jodi is a nobody and yes I can send in more pictures all the pictures I have with he send me them right now hes begin me to stop

  6. Maybe a just mi one..but I don’t understand females claiming these men who cheats on them and shit. F**k alla that rather be single. Alla dis is f**kery. Have more respect for your damn selves smh

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