1. MACKA you don’t need a necklace for that kind off neckline you flop big time and you not cute to wear that outfit and hairstyle . I believe your going thru midlife crisses your hairstyle said it with no bra .

  2. Gas the wig??? It will definitely rise back like a Phoenix from the ashes and guh righy back pan r head!! I am now convinced she’s not sane :hammer

  3. Met mek you so fesity? Lol Met you couldn’t mek u husband beenie buy u one audi before him lef you? Angel get range rolex watch.. The new girlfriend get rolex watch 2016 audi and school loan paid off.. At 27 year old
    Dwl lol lol.. Met.. Met how ufeel you husband a kill you wid bun and him nah hide it.

      1. Sorry me did think a kasi mi did a talk to.. Mi just send her the link.. Cause me connected to her on twitter.aLike how beenie nuh want you no more dwl.. Link mi up wid him nuh? Me have student loan.. Mi nah be too greedy dats is all.. No badda tell mi bout bounty cause from weh me a see him might be kind but not like beenie. Bounty look like him leggo a likkle stream.. Beenie leggo the whole sea. Lol

      1. Yes but mi know a lie she a tell.. Cause she look older then 27.. She remind me of jahcure wife fake it until you realize you run up in a brick wall. Then dem true color start shine.. The whole a dem a liard. Mi wan know how she a 27 student loan paid off and audi 2016 buy? No television representative no get so much money.. But a true the one beenie nuh wan pay tax.. But a gwaan mek the ja government tax you husband. Mek she ever diss beenie and see how fass di audi gone like angel range dwl.. U husband too good met.. Lol

  4. @ met off topic mi a go send kasi a link to beenie girlfriend.. Mek she teach her how fi get the tings dem.. Kasi a tek usian fi almost 4 years and nothing to show.. Not even on watch fi show di timmmmeee?

  5. I’ve seen Macka in person – was actually quite amazed at how pretty she is. Dis wig duh. She out of order fi leff har house like dis, guh inna public place and all tek pitcha fi people see.

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