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  1. This was a very decent interview from a very candid Mad Cobra–the youths can learn a lot from him. I don’t know how many other artiste who would have have taken the path that he took…

  2. He says he’s not a chicken but at the same time he’s reluctant to speak honestly about Kartel. Can’t respect that at all. Sending out condolences to Kartel’s family….for what? Why don’t you condemn his actions. Dancehall is in jail he says…yes, because Buju got greedy and started messing with cocaine and Kartel was a gangster. Damn hypocrite!

    1. Come on, he just did not want to get into all of that rubbish. Also note that he has to deal with the Gaza goon; hence, there is no need to entertain unnecessary arguments…

      Look at why he got shot–straight foolishness.

      Di man just need fi leave the swine alone still…

      1. I understand not wanting to subject himself to the repercussions of the Gazalites, however, like Ninjaman did, he spoke honestly without vilifying anyone. If you’re focused on music, leave everything else alone. He can speak on the state of the music, the f**kries without acting like Kartel was wrongfully imprisoned when he knows damn well what the man was about.

  3. Fair enough; however, illiterate people would regard such frank talk as being an a front to Kartel and since he has to interact with them on the granular level, he would put himself at risk.

    Stating that he respect the law and the judgement(s) of the law should suffice.

  4. dem nuh deal wid di man wen him deh road but dem a pretend seh dem have some kind of affiliation mi wah know if a just crazy over hype or hye mek dem crazy dem good

  5. Cobra shud have go to court an testify suh those criminals that shoot him cud go to prison an not be on di streets to shoot more ppl….but him never want to be labeled a informer suh das why him walk away…..nuh artis weh never did deh a court a support kartel before di verdict an sentencing nuh fi badda talk now in his favor….hypocrite di wulla dem smfh.

  6. Met Cobra smile nice ehh,,,,,met at one point cobra and hell boy kartel did almost go at it and then hell boy just run cause cobra did lock portmore already so hell boy could not diss him so easy.

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