Too much TV

An accused man, who denied robbing a man of his cellular phone, claiming he was the one who was robbed, was told by the magistrate that he watched “too much TV”.

David Grant is accused, along with another man, of holding up a man with a knife and robbing him of his iPhone on Orange Street in downtown Kingston.

Grant was, however, chased by the complainant and, while making his escape, ran into a man whom he thought had a gun.

It is reported that the accused, in an attempt to escape the man, raced back into the direction of the complainant, who tripped him and took back his phone.

The complainant, with the help of the man, took the accused to the police station.

Grant was then charged with robbery with aggravation, but on Thursday he denied the charge.

“I was the one who got robbed,” Grant said, surprising the court.

He said that he was coming from a nightclub when he saw between four and five men on the street, who grabbed him.

“Same time me get a slap inna me face long time and me say wha dis fa and dem say ‘gimme you phone’ and tek way me phone and me $3,000,” he said.

Grant said that a team of officers was passing by and when the men saw the cops they started shouting out ‘thief, thief’.

He said that the officers then held onto him, even though he told them that he was the victim.

“You watch too much television,” “Pusey remarked.

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