1. My favorite carpet muncher…she is a reservoir of knowledge n truth who flows with riveting n necessary stories impacting the fabric of our lives . I enjoyed this n will be checking up on how the justice dept plays it’s hands going forward.

    Maddox n this Don lemon guy n Keith oberman are the final frontier of journalism with a conscience reminiscent of My beloved Diane Sawyer!!

    1. Totally agree with you YLT. look forward to her broadcast everynight then I flip to Lemon (reminds me of Peter Jennings)

  2. Russia has America’s ticket. If Trump doesn’t give Putin what he wants America will be made into a 3rd world country. Russia has access to all of America’s power grids because of all of the outsourcing we do.

    1. Not so fast. America is playing this hand slowly and they will not go down like that..The man whey Maddow a talk bout will be extradited, america get permission today.

      1. Met, you mean the intelligence agencies and a hidden proxy government because the upfront government can’t play cards at all; worst when dem a de stake.

        1. PP is a whole heap a big fish and dem global..Maybe this a dem way di reel in everybody. After watching this and reading the article bout the Ukraine man whey plan with trump lawyer whey dem waa charge wid treason mi si seh it deep. Many many moles …nuff big heads but only one mastermind and that is russia and russia will defend and shield them so the u.s a move like dem stupid but they know what they are about to do..

          1. Remember Chumpup son dem did done admit seh most a dem money mek ina bay backdoor dealings trump does…golf is only a front

      1. The other day Palm beach see Russians and steven wynn a mara largo. Two juvi fling board inna chump limo :ngakak

        down to the babes and sucklings know a joncrow.

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