1. Aye sah, smh..I’ve seen a video where ah black man was playing fi one german team. Di people inna the stands did ah insult di man left, right, an centa, I think he was di goalie. These were “people” rooting fi di germans, insulting them owna player. I think is a all banana peel dem did ah throw at him.

    But then again, inna fi dem eyes, he is not fi dem own.

    Hurtful, but not shocking. Afta all ah dem years..full acceptance is not gwine happen. Never will. An even when dem gwan like dem accept us, try know deh dem really don’t. Memba mi tell u.

  2. Regular ting dat over the European side of the world! Dem do it to nuff black athletes in every sports. Or paint themselves black, or dress up like monkey and mock dem! Dem do di same thing to di Asian dem and mock how dem speak and carry packs of raven and throw at them!

    Dem disgusting over there! A one thing when you hav one person a mock u u can deal wid dem! Is another thing when it’s a whole stadium!

  3. The nasty players from Rad did want to fight him after him gesture to the crowd.

    Some people bless wid patience and tolerance. No me a rass.

  4. Racism still alive they just be concealing it . last week former nba star n current male coon of the year Charles Barkley came on national TV and reminded everyone that black people are very racist too!!

    Superstars like Dani Alves,Samuel Eto n Mario Balotelli all have experienced massive incidents of racial abuse in Spain n Italy.

    1. Alves a the boss. Man dem throw a banana after di man pon the field and him take it up and peel it and eat it and tell the fan thanks after the match cause it did gi him the energy him did need lol. a so u affi deal wid dem. can’t make dem get to u

      1. Yes n would u believe how much years pon top a years n hundreds of matches him play. …dem never yet sey M nor o much less monkey again. ..them lowe him n he became a Barcelona legend! !

        Nuff respect Pro!

    2. Serbians of all a do them things de. Those phuckers just a emerge from dem cave dwellings!

      Me remember the banana incidents…a more tahn one timw dem so that.

  5. People think bcuz its 2017 racism is dead. The reality is every other race, indian, asian, white(including some hispanics) think black people are beneath them or bottom of the barrel. Its very disheartening and sad!

  6. Germany has it’s problems with Racism, However being at the forefront of soccer in Europe, Germany Football Federation leads the charge in the effort to eradicate Racism from Sports. Racism in Sports is almost non existent in Germany because of the serious consequences that comes with it.

    That Banana Peel incident DID NOT take place in germany. It has happened in Russia, Spain, Belgium, the UK. That particular incident that echoed around the world happened to a Brazilian player playing against russiain Spain.

  7. Racism is still alive and well. In some areas its just covered or buried under the projection of “correctness”. So we engage these Racist assholes everyday not knowing because they behave correct but As old people would say, if only you could see a man’s heart…..

    We just have to pick up on the undertones and be observant. Body language don’t lie neither does your 7th sense (your guts), trust it when its trying to make you aware of people around you

  8. I have experienced racism on more than 1 occasion and it infuriated me. I couldn’t keep my composer me get under dem nastiness, my immediate thought was how dear u and who r u to belittle me. I am a Proud black woman and I try to instill the same attitude in the children. This is Y I’m bothered by the bleaching, the black successful men marrying outside of the race, black on black crime, the light skin dark skin prejudice etc. WE GET IT FROM OTHER RACES WE DON’T NEED TO DO THAT TO OURSELVES. Black and PROUD

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