0 thoughts on “MADE IN THE SAME CONE

  1. Lmaoooooooooo mi nah laff brebre ur comment a one a di funniest mi eva buck up pon whey u say “watch Paula man” kin ova drap a dutty :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak unnu a di best mi nah lie
    Mawning mawning everybody Metsy u ppl dem too good ya man lol

      1. Met mi an paula lef and paula deh wid a look good trong body baller. From im fadda dead if nuh go jamaica. Di only clothes paula sell is fi in suitcase a clothes and shoes im did left unda har bed. Him did waan paula but im cudnt manage fi mine har and Prinny did waan Gucci dis and dat. Paul neva did a go stand up inna western union fi less dan $200. Im sen har a big Rahtid t.v. and nuff tings, im just cudnt mind di two a dem. So im drop paula.

  2. A really shim she go Jamaica mek di gal dem stone har fah? A really dis she mek Leslie beat har fah? Prinny memba wen im filing come through di august, how him stay a Jamaica till him 6 months up and come up inna February, not even valentine’s day im nuh gi yuh? Prinny dem seh man short but yuh mek it seems like man dun pon yuh.

    1. Sketelbam, mi love man, not all wen mi ole dun an all mi have is a big space di final frontier dung deh.I WILL NEVER F**K MI FRIEND MAN.

  3. Dem go a di same barber or hairdresser? How he doing ? All the same eyebrow lady lawks I’m all fir couples doing things together but damn

  4. Kim a true anytime u go a him shop him always a look woman thats why mi sister dash weh him pickney because him would be a dead beat father mek andre go bought him businesshim doneeee.

  5. Prinny yuh know this bwoy f**k batty and suck cocky and yuh still married him. you r a dutty piece of shit and I advise u to divorce that nasty blood claat bowy and find a decent man. that f**ker is going to give u hiv if u don’t have it already. stop putting up your f**ing pictures all over the internet with this nasty pussy blood claat batty suck cocky pussy bowy

  6. fire man yu a fire woman it look like him did a f**k u cuz man nuh galang suh yu mad wid him bad..y yu tell priny fi divorce him wah him give yu a raw deal trick u an now yu mad,stop call di man batty man cuz him f**k yu suh yu a batty woman DWRL….

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