I rate KP for this. Both outfits look great and even though she turn frock into skirt it was a very creative move cause they both look good. I know ppl who wear dresses as skirt. Them cover the top part with a shirt or something. Looks nice KP.

0 thoughts on “YES KP…LOOKS GOOD FI TRUE

  1. KimPossible is a fashion icon. So wat she was born a man. I am a fan. Look how ruPaul fabulous u ting ken/kim.

  2. Lou Lou :malu :ngakak :malu don’t , trouble Kim me loike har .. Kimmy was born a lady but sometimes she is sweets man lmaooooo :malu :ngakak :malu

  3. I don’t know her but I like this girl vibes just from her insta videos. Mi see she start nail polish line…mi glad she a do something cause mi always wonder how dem people her manage widout a regular job. Does she work? What does she do?

  4. But see yah dis big kid/woman work! she’s intelligent I must say, even tho most times her spellings & use of some words don’t mesh. She uses alot of filter on her pics too its obvious. love how she dilly dolly around with sweets but act like they ain’t grinding.

  5. Fashion who what where and when? :bingung :bingung Please dont use the word icon loosely. Thanks! Kim looks regular to me nothing exclusive. Just a bunch of wack ass old cheap quality items :ngakak :ngakak

  6. @Really Doah!?, yes KP holds a steady job, and manages to balance her 9-5 and a wholesome social life….If the able-bodied majority would emulate her, what a wonderful world this would be!

  7. Pretty? nuh mek mi choke this morning…please duh. She looks respectable, like a young lady not hyping over fashion namebrands like some other dancehall socialites.
    I’m not going to address her face or her chicken parts…not today.

  8. Say wat u want but she go good school. A calabar she graduate frm u kno. A brite girl. Post n video dem intelligent

  9. Which part a Kim born a man? And how she reach a Calabar? She look good inna both the pic and for the most part even tho you wouldn’t wear somethings that she wears they look good pon har, from couple years ago till now her fashion choices have greatly improve whether she is grinding he she or the old lady for this topic what due to Cesar mekk Cesar have it doah larks man and for the record Kim has always been gainfully employed

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