Mi notice because Flippa no deh here unScreenshot_2014-02-16-00-58-00-Optimizedu ah try stay relevant.

We all know it is tax season and money pitch een wid no worries right yah now. Kelly when since you start triple date? Kayann all a Philly no Sample wah a new outfit so him a pose fi pic fi please u, cause di tax money is flowing. Tell him fi stay out di clubs and stop embarrass you behind you back. Alissa where is di ppl dem man? no Valentine this year ah? Shauna u hide that belly well and waited long enough but why u go choose fi breed fi di ppl dem husband doe? Well Honneee u knowe u spot gone from baby ketch cause girl # 2 and 3 teck ur spot respectively. Him shoulda pose up wid u fi Valentine but it look like di bad treatment a kick een already.Unuh fi stop dis acting cause di Philly ppl dem know unu lifestyle mucky and there is no love in these partnership anymore

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  1. Shauna a breed? For who? That sad doe these girl n take breeding for a style cuz she have a daughter in ja u never see so why have a next one u and have no man. All these Philly dancehall bats run here and get baby after baby wit no proper papers and no proper man. Kayan gogetter go get your papers and stop chase sample for pretty babies as u claim true u not so pretty. Nicki ice still lookin 4 u. Kelly and Owen mad them lol cute couple

    1. Why Ice a look fi Nicki all of a sudden. Is only one evil gal ina philly weh mi think woulda call dem pon har.She fi memba seh di girl have har fadda less kids weh depend pon har. Evil no pay, when ppl cross you juss leave dem to time especially when it is ova a man. You notice how di evil gal cah proper and no baddie no like har. she fi gweh man. police peggy Ice peggy feds peggy . and love gwann like she bad widout authority.

  2. No man uno real sad. Sender even pause d video to snapshot it. Senda y are u following Kelly if u have so much bad tings fi speak bout dem. Kelly page is private my dear so u have to be following her

  3. Sarrie fi say it but Kayann lickel yellow color does not equate to babies being pretty. Sample fava smaddy weh have dung syndrome. Thank God him have some color fi meck ratbat like Kayann and di odda groupies think him cute. Image weh di worl come to ehh. No baddie no love demself enough fi know seh black is always beautiful and the originator of foundation. If you no know ur history you are twice defeated in this game called life.Kayann sweetie does the pretty kids and pretty man help you sleep better at night,? pays the bills ontime? or make you love yourself more? Babies are no elevation so go get ur life on track and plan ah future for them. Sample soon gone and all you will be left with are memories you had a pretty man.

  4. Shauna pregnant and still a wear tight up clothes inna dance same way, u gots to b kidding me..Congrats to her anyway,a it mi did a seh everybody round har a breed if she neva feel left out
    How sender seh sample want clothes from Kayann and she need fi sort out har docs?,suh a she a mine him an she nuh straight…him wokliss then
    Nuh matter wah mi haffi gi it to Owen and Kelly, dem still a stan strang..Is either she cook whole heap a strew peas gi him or better nuh out deh than Kelly

    1. Kelly no care as long as she have a pretty man thats all that matter. Fi har self esteem deh unda har shoes battam. Owen sorry fi har so him get to live him life how him choose and she cah complain she juss affi role wid di flow.

  5. Smh why when ppl spend and a tax time dem run in bout tax money….like you suppose to hold ya tings till after tax time! True some idot feel tax time a di only time money print

  6. Who is infatuated with these wannabe a** dancehall celebrities? Sendah if Kelly eva find out who you are I hope she beat the sh*t out of you. Low di ppl dem and mek dem live dem life. Damn

  7. Speaking of lock up and tax time one grand baby mothers cant bail him out of jail.that must be a serious beat down his son got.a

  8. Tia a breed also and she even worst Dan shauna cause she f**k any and everybody I wonder if she going to dash weh dis one too. Ms tia not so quality how yo love dash out yu duty pussy suh

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