0 thoughts on “TRUDY BIRTHDAY BASH

  1. My son just asked for da laptop and he said y i love this site so much…? Den he looked at da screen and said..’EEW UGLY PEOPLE…. he said it not me! :babygirl :babygirl

  2. Trudy luk like di man inna texas chainsaw massacre! di only dh regula mi like luk pan ah Apple shi luk di girl Candice from di haves and have not shi nuh over done!!

  3. Truly nuh look refine ataaaaaaalllll wat a gal cyan fix!! Bwoy met from u tell er sey she wear to much a Di eye lash u nuh c she stop wear dem?

  4. Mi nah no weh fi start. Trudy yah ugly bad bad bad bad. Wen yah ugly like gorilla u Dnt need fi wear uglier cloths. Well enough monkeys have birthdays

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