1. Cali, she probably read the board and saw that we was gonna send someone dung deh fe come snoop fe si wa really gwaan suh that’s why she played her position…and why must she be hanging out the truck window like ah tenement yawd she deh?

  1. ok so u telling me after all the millions dem prolly MADE a wah bread van dem go invest ina…. not even wah likkle fancy Jamaican restaurant weh well need a cali but this might as well as did build wah handcart n keep it moving. Rent a spot and done and mek the ppl dem come to u but a guess u rather buy gas an drive up n dung to dem or u stay stationary?

  2. Wid all due respect nutten nuh wrong wid a food truck, it cut dung u overhead and you can meck a lot of money if you food good and you have good promo. Di food truck food more time nuh all dat cheaper dan a restaurant, u fawt fi know seh some a dem well pricey. Food trucks nuh carry no stigma compared to restaurants, is a west coast ting, from Seattle to Austin, ppl waan di food truck dem. Mi hear seh some a di simple hot dog vendors a pull dung 100k/yr, suh mi can ongle imagine dem food truck ppl wah popular a rake een some good money, unno nuh knock it as humble as it may seem, money eena it.

  3. Maybe she couldn’t tell the kid what to do ? Maybe they are not very wise with money? If they lose it all it’s their fault.Some people nobody can tell them what to do,they know everything.

  4. Im starting to not like her, no matta cah i stay far from Cali. Look me ah look the good good food on her website me wan go cali go eat. Then the say bare teef she ah teef. No sah, no oily stew fe me.

  5. It sad dem shoulda been do this longtime and open a resturant and use deh likkle truck deh fi delivery or the same thing weh dem a do now… me all see di sista inna truck wid the madda she no have no other job? Me no understand why the mother neva get one food truck from sean mek the fuss mill? And tek some a the money go invest inna one nice piece a land a Jamaica? The mother fi feel same..

  6. i was talking to a friend of mine last night,about this whole thing with sean kingston. the lady is friends with the mother! what she said is that sean is in a deep depression,he’s also doing a lot of drinking and getting into trouble. i do feel it for him,but sometimes in life the sins of the parents visit the kids! the mother is a wicked and a thief. when sean did a mek money,the mother should open a nice upscale restaurant,same place on Hollywood blvd,not knocking her thing. but a food truck is for people who can cook,but don’t have the money to open a restaurant.

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