Investigators have laid charges against the prime suspect held in connection with the murder of British couple, 74 year old Alford Anderson and his 71 year old wife, Florence at their home in Mount Pleasant, Portland two weeks ago.

Saqeino Farr, 24, was charged Wednesday afternoon with stealing money from the couple’s accounts.

He has been charged with seven counts of obtaining goods by means of false pretence and conspiracy to defraud.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Norman Heywood, head of the Area Two Headquarters, said investigations continue in relation to the couple’s murder.

Mr. Farr, who is employed as a mechanic at a well-known auto parts dealership in Kingston, is booked to appear in the Portland Parish Court next Tuesday.

Investigators say Mr. Farr’s mother was employed as a domestic helper with the Andersons and he was familar with the couple.

The retired couple was found dead on June 22, just days after filing a report with the police that more than $8 million had been stolen from their bank accounts.

Their burnt bodies were found at their house which was also set ablaze.

ACP Heywood has urged persons to contact the police if they have information that can assist the cops in solving the murders.


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