The 20-year-old man who was arrested and charged with the murder of a woman found buried in a pit at his home reportedly boasted while in custody that he “sacrificed” the young woman.
The accused, Kino Gilzene, a labourer of New Haven in St Andrew, is accused of killing the woman by stabbing her and bashing her face in with a stone.
Allegations are that he was assisted by his sister, 18-year-old Alecia Gilzene of the same address, in burying the woman, Sudeen Jackson, a 22-year-old resident of Braeton, Portmore, St Catherine.
On Friday when the matter was mentioned in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court, the prosecutor said that Kino had been boasting to other inmates that he sacrificed the woman.
However, the court was told that the post-mortem report was not ready and both accused were remanded and are to return to court on March 3.
Kino is charged with murder while his sister is charged with murder and misprision of felony.
Jackson was found on December 10 after she had been reported missing.
According to the police report, on December 8 Kino contacted the woman by phone after he got her number from a friend, and made arrangements for her to meet him at his home the next day. The woman was reportedly scheduled to visit and have sex with Kino for a fee of $3,000.
Jackson, who had never seen Kino before, reportedly met up with him in Duhaney Park, went to his house, followed through with the arrangement and was paid.
However, the court heard that the woman later requested to leave but Kino got angry and stabbed her in her chest and neck before using a stone to bash in her face.
Following that, the accused reportedly hid the woman’s body underneath his bed and proceeded to clean up the crime scene.
Alicia later arrived home and reportedly found the body under the bed, and after making enquires, was told by her brother that he had killed Jackson.
Reports are that upon learning of the murder, Alecia sent a text message to her boyfriend and told him that her brother had killed a woman.
The following morning both accused then reportedly took the woman’s body and buried it in a pit latrine at their home.
They then reportedly concocted a story and told their mother, who called the police.
Kino, when he was arrested, confessed that he was at home when three men, one of whom was armed with a gun, barged in with Sudeen.
According to them the men were cursing that Sudeen had “diss de programme'” and told her that they were going to kill her.
Kino said that the men raped Sudeen and then stabbed her to death and ordered him to bury her.
Alecia in her statement corroborated her brother’s confession.
Man attacks sister over ‘period’ argument
A man who kicked his sister until she was unconscious, claimed that he was unhappy that she sided with some women whom he said were in a discussion about menstruation.
Seaview Gardens, St Andrew resident, Anthony Perkins, told the court that on the day of the incident he woke up in the morning and left home to purchase Lasco milk at the shop.
He said that on his way out of his house he passed a group of women including his sister who were in a discussion about their period and that he did not like the fact that they were having such a discussion.
“Dem a talk bout when dem a se dem period and who fa period stink,” he said.
He said he told one of the women to “leggo dat and find something betta to chat bout” and she told him that he could not stop her from talking.
Perkins said he pushed away the woman from the gate and told her to leave as she was standing at his gate, and continued on his way to shop.
On his return he said he saw his sister standing where the women were standing and he asked her why she was having such a discussion and she told him that she was not involved.
“Me ask har if it right fi dem have dem kind a argument deh and she say a fi dem mouth, so me shub har and she shub me,” he added.
Perkins said that sister took up a television set to hit him and he pushed her and the television fell and hit her.
RM Pusey then asked the complainant: “What hit you?”
“His feet,” she answered. “Him kick me and I fell and him start kick me and when him stop I don’t know what was happening to me.
“When me wake up, me say where me deh and dem tell me say a hospital me deh,” she continued. “Me never expect dat and me nuh want him near me.”
The woman told the court that both she and her brother, who is younger than her, were living in their deceased mother’s house but that she does not want him to return home as she is afraid of him.
“When me think ’bout it me just get scared, me nuh want him near me,” she insisted.
Perkins was then ordered to pay $25,000 or serve six months in prison.
“It’s because you plead guilty why I don’t send you away,” the magistrate told Perkins after he was fined.
Woman accused of stealing BlackBerry phone
A woman faced the court for reportedly stealing her male friend’s BlackBerry phone from his car.
Shatia Matthews, 24, of Mona Road in Kingston, was arrested and charged with larceny from the person.
According to allegations, on January 4, around 1:30 am, the accused was sitting in his car when he was visited by Matthews, who sat in the front seat of the vehicle.
The complainant said that after a brief conversation with Matthews he remembered that he had a call to make and reached for his phone on the car seat but it was missing.
The complainant reportedly searched for his phone but did not find it.
Further reports are that the complainant then asked Matthews if she had taken up the phone and she ran from the car and later returned and told him to search her.
The complainant reportedly held onto her and brought her to the station for her to be searched by the police and the phone was found.
She was subsequently arrested and charged.
On Wednesday when the matter was mentioned in court, the complainant said that Matthews sat on his phone to hide it and took it away.
“A through me caa search har me go a de station,” he added
But Matthews denied taking the phone.
The complainant, however, told the court that he did not want to continue with the case and that he was only interested in getting back his phone.
“A jus de phone me come bout and figet ’bout she,” he said.
Matthews then told the court that someone had found the phone underneath the car and had given it to her surety who returned it to the police.
Consequently, no ruling was made in the matter and Matthews was released from the charge.
Nigerians war
A Nigerian national found himself before the court for reportedly beating up another Nigerian following a dispute that stemmed from a disagreement over an unpaid liquor bill.
Anthony Enzenno, a student who resides at Mona in St Andrew, was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding, following an alleged attack on his countryman.
According to the police report, last Boxing Day the complainant, Enzenno and other friends went out for a drink at a bar in Mountain View, St Andrew. Enzenno was reportedly responsible for paying the liquor bill. However, when it was time for him to pay, he refused.
The complainant and the others insisted that he should pay and the bill was settled.
On the following day Enzenno reportedly sent a text message to the complainant saying that he was upset and disappointed with him for not taking his side.
The complainant reportedly told the accused that he stood for justice and was reportedly threatened by Enzenno, who told him that he was going to pay dearly.
The complainant reportedly told the accused that he was going to tell the others about what had happened.
A day after, the complainant reportedly went to meet his friends at the same bar and was talking to them when Enzenno accosted him, saying: “Why you calling my name?”
Enzenno reportedly shoved the complainant who fell to the ground and pricked his fingers on a cactus plant.
The complainant was reportedly encouraged by his friends not to retaliate and he left the bar and was standing outside next to his car when Enzenno came and pushed him down on the back of the car and punched him in his mouth.
The complainant said he walked back to the bar and was standing at the counter when he heard footsteps behind him and when he turned to look, Enzenno reportedly pushed him to the ground and used his knee to hit him in his face.
On Wednesday when the matter was mentioned Enzenno pleaded not guilty.
“Basically, there was no damage and there was bodily harm done to me, as well,” he told RM Pusey.
But the magistrate told him that that was his “say so” and that he should save it for the trial which was scheduled for March 15.
Enzenno’s bail was then extended.

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