A man who claimed that he might need help to learn how to stop harassing his ex-lover, begged a policeman who was handcuffing him to allow him to wipe his tears after he was surprised with a two-year prison sentence in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week.

“Hold on mek me wipe me eye,” Kirk King told the policeman while he was being handcuffed, before being led from the court.

The downtown Kingston resident, who had been before the court on different occasions for abusing his ex-lover and was about to complete a three-month prison sentence for hitting the same woman, was stunned when he heard that he was going to have to serve a further two years in prison.

“Miss look here, I can’t ….,” remarked King, who also appeared dejected.

“Shancie,” he called out as if he was about to ask the complainant to beg for him.

King was sentenced to two years each for malicious destruction of property and assault occasioning bodily harm by Resident Magistrate Georgianna Fraser. But the sentences are to run concurrently.

The complainant told the court that King, despite being warned by the court to stay away from her, left his house on Chancery Street and went to her house in another community and attacked her while she was on her way to work.

“It was 6 in the morning, I got up for work and as I open my door a him greet me,” the complainant said. “Him cover me mouth and start stifle me and a stab offa me and me drop.”

King, however, told the court that he went to the complainant’s house to talk to her and that he was sorry.

“I tell her me sorry plenty of times,” he said

“Yes but people say things that they don’t mean all the time,” Fraser told him.

“I show it to her when I go probation,” he added.

King then told the court that his sister was trying to help him to deal with his issues, as he thinks he “need to go somewhere to learn not to trouble her (the complainant)”.

“How much time you go to prison because of this woman?” Fraser then asked him.

“Two times,” he answered.

“Mr King you don’t seem to be making any progress in life in terms of how you relate to this woman and you can’t keep beating up on this woman,” she said.

“You can’t continue to be so violent, you can’t continue,” Fraser added.

“It was just a little understanding,” King then said.

“It’s not no understanding,” Fraser replied.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” he said.

Ganja vibes land man in trouble

Laughter erupted in the court on Friday when a ‘ganja smoker’ who was charged with resisting arrest after he was caught smoking, told the court that he did not resist the arrest, as he dutifully went into the police car and sat down when he saw the handcuffs.

Shane Gentles was arrested and charged with smoking ganja and resisting arrest on Easter Monday at his home in Kingston.

When he appeared in court he pleaded guilty to smoking ganja but denied that he was resisting the arrest.

“When I see de handcuffs me just go inna de car go sit because me neva want dem put it on me,” he said as laughter erupted in the court.

“I did a try beg me way out, I neva did a try resist no arrest,” he continued.

“So you want your trial then?” Fraser asked.

“I will just plead guilty,” Gentles said.

“Make up your mind,” Fraser then said to him.

“So early in the morning you smoking,” she then remarked.

Gentles in response said,” I jus did want get a vibes,” eliciting more laughter from the court.

“Other people get up and drink a cup of tea or coffee but you get up and smoke ganja,” Fraser added before handing down the sentence.

Gentles was then ordered to pay $5,000 or serve three months in prison for smoking ganja and $2,000 or 10 days for resisting arrest.

Friendship turns sour over cheating at Pedro Cays

A woman vendor who operates her business at Pedro Cays was placed before the court for wounding her friend, whom she accused of having an affair with her lover.

The woman, Bobbette Henry, was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding, following an early morning dispute with the complainant at a shop on April 19.

Interestingly, the complainant, Sherine Scott, and Henry’s partner, Martin Barrett, were also charged with trespassing on Pedro Cays in the aftermath of the incident.

The court heard that about 2:30 am both women were at a shop drinking when an argument developed between the two, which was sparked by the cheating accusations.

It is alleged that Henry then used a knife to stab the complainant in her back and inflict a minor wound to her hand.

Henry, however, disputed the allegations. She said that she was quarrelling with her companion when the complainant intervened.

“Me and this lady a friend for years. I open up my house to her,” she said. “I am on Pedro Cays hustling, not my body, but selling like oranges and banana and me and my boyfriend having a conflict. I was cursing him over the betrayal and this lady pick it up.”

Henry said that she had a knife and that Scott held on to it but she did not let it go because she was aware of the danger that it could cause.

But the complainant told the court that the incident did not happen like that.

“She stab me inna me back, and when me turn around she stab offa me four times, but them didn’t connect and me get a scar and then she stab off a me neck and me hold up me hand to block the stab and me get a cut,” she said.

Fraser then asked Henry if she was guilty of stabbing Scott in her back and she said she was.

Henry then tried to explain the situation between her and her boyfriend and the complainant, but was prevented from doing so by the magistrate.

“I am not so much interested in all the cass cass with your boyfriend,” Fraser said.

She then asked Scott if she was willing to consider going to mediation with Henry since they had been friends for years, but Scott said she was not interested.

“No, she tek set on me,” Scott said.

Henry in response said: “A me friend and me nah go diss her, the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.”

Fraser extended Henry’s bail until June 3, when she is to return to court for sentencing.

Meanwhile, both Scott and Barrett were fined $400 each for trespassing on the Pedro Cays. If the fines are not paid they will each serve 30 days in jail.

Man arrested for reporting fake robbery by gunmen

A young man who reportedly made up a story that he was held up and robbed by three gunmen, faced the court on a charge of creating public mischief.

Kadean Sharpe reportedly went to the police and told then that he was on Molynes Road in St Andrew when three men attacked him with a gun and robbed him of his possession.

The clerk of court then told Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams that Sharpe had lied about the location as he was not robbed on Molynes Road but that he was involved in an incident on Parish Lane in downtown Kingston.

“He knows the robbery is untruth,” the clerk of court told the magistrate.

But Sharpe, who was hopping on one foot, insisted that he was not lying and that he was in fact shot in his foot and not robbed.

“Is that so Mr Sharpe, the gunmen held you up and robbed you?” the magistrate asked.

“I was not robbed,” he then admitted, before explaining that he was shot by one of the men who attacked him.

“I am not protecting the man who did it, I am protecting my family,” he said.

Shelly Williams then asked Sharpe if he was lying to the police out of fear and to protect his family and he indicated that that was the reason.

The magistrate then instructed the police to take a further statement from Sharp and to find out if there was any truth to his story.

“Give the police the truth this time,” she said to him.

He was then remanded in custody until May 7.

Two to face trial for stealing ackees

Two men who are accused of stealing four dozen ackees from the compound of the University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston will go on trial on May 7.

The accused, Linton Brown and Dennis Minott, will both be seeking to prove their innocence on charges of praedial larceny, being in a restricted area and possession of an offensive weapon.

Minott will also face trial on additional charges of resisting arrest and abusive language.

Both men were arrested in April with the popular fruit. They were also found in possession of a knife.

It is also reported that when the men were held, Minott refused to submit himself to being arrested and used abusive language to describe the officer.

But on Thursday both men denied the charges when their matter was mentioned before Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams.

As a result, their bails were extended and they were both given a trial date.


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