I just don’t understand!! Know much woman would love to have a good man and you have one and a f**k out dancehall and have the same set a man them a hail him when him go party chin chilla how u dweet? Last time yuh reach pon yah me see ppl a swear fi u but only if them did inna dancehall them would a know! Yuh nuh stop drive up yuh waste man them inna yuh baby father car!!! Every man come from farin is like yuh skin catch a fire n me nah talk yuh man fire wey work up a dre store yuh wah run in pon them like u think a every one a them frighten fi yuh bleach out color wey u have now the man them a hear bout u n this a facts cause them a chat!!! You nuh ugly yuh nuh shape bad you work why yah behave so and u don’t need to cause yuh baby father mek sure yuh good smfh

5 thoughts on “MAN LOVE BAD OOMAN

  1. Dash out yuh hole yaw gal a ur own…. A waa madda mary send dis een…. pussy fi get suck, cocky fi get suck, hole get a whole heap a f**k. An tek whey dem man mek dem go bawl.

  2. Due to how each time DJ big boy fly down a she and him f**k..the babyfather know bout all her f**k dem so she fi f**k out all pon him head LOL.

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