Cops hold man who lured schoolchildren to his house

BY KIMMO MATTHEWS Observer staff reporter [email protected]

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A man who police believe has been using his home to lure children away from school was apprehended during an operation in Kingston on Tuesday.

Police said seven male students from two high schools where removed from the house on Norman Road and taken to the Elletson Road Police Station.

[Hide Description] Parents wait at the Elletson Road Police Station to pick up their children after they were alerted by the police that the kids were found at the home of a man in Kingston during school hours.
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Their parents were called.

“The explanation that the man gave us was that he was operating a game shop at his home,” said Inspector Tommilee Chambers from the Community Safety and Security Department.

However, the police said that they are checking whether there was more to the story than the man had disclosed.

The police also said that he was warned for prosecution and could be charged by today.

On Tuesday, parents and guardians who turned up at the police station to pick up their children were visibly in shock.

“All now I can’t believe this. I have been sending my child to school only to get a call from the police that he was picked up at the home of a stranger,” said one distraught mother.

Another woman said she was informed by school officials that her son had been absent from school for over a month.

“This is really frightening to know that I sent my child to school and for more than a month he has not been consistently going to school,” said the mother who asked not to be named.

However, the police scolded her for bad parenting and used the opportunity to appeal to parents in general to play a greater role in monitoring their children.

The development comes days after the Jamaica Observer reported that scores of students from several schools were loitering after school at the Half-Way-Tree-Transportation Centre and participating in a number of illegal activities.

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  1. How can you have a child leaving out everyday fi a month and yuh never know him not going to school ? oh parents these days too busy on fb and instagram!!!!!!!!!!
    and that man is a dam pedophile, why him a harbor the ppl dem pickney dem fi lock up him rass and dash weh the keys

  2. ” seven from 2 High school ” ….. Dat mean say dem average bout 12 yrs and up and dem no know betta ???

    Di one missing school for a month .. Fi him madda no periodically check up and monitor homework fi see what a gwaan. If u check u child homework daily or every other day u would notice say something off

    Mi no know bwoy some a dem Pinckney yah will gi u ulcer

  3. All me know them better carry all a dem go get them ass check, cah mi just feel there is more to this than video games. See why I was in total argeement with the police man boxing out them rass the other day, ah boi!!!!!

    1. ditto! Imagine if dat same likkle girl from de video did de a dah man yah yard. Chances are this a just one yard out of many.

        1. It look like him hear bout a game room but it wasn’t the one him go to, but it was for the best though.

  4. dats why mi haffi wonda if a vanity (supposedly gams shop) or a birth mek dem use dem ass caw how a man lure a stra8 man inna em place over n over bwoy mi a tel yuh rostah soon nuh man nuh lef a road

  5. I can’t even say nothing cuz I swear my son, di way how him love Xbox, smh!

    But mi sorry, I CHECK homework EVERY NIGHT! Thankfully the school my son go to, EVERYTHING is online! Homework, behavior, test scores, attendance, etc. So IF him get weh wid it 1 day, him caan get away with 2!!!

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