Just wan start a discussion about why Jamaican women think it acceptable for a man to av several other women at a time.

I don’t think all men cheat so why is it so accepted?

Is it that women don’t think they deserve a faithful man or is it a lack of self-esteem that makes women accept whatever they can get?

Let’s discuss.

9 thoughts on “MAN SHARING OKAY?

  1. Sender….a weh di r@@s do yu? Yu nuh hear seh it are 7 Ooman to 1 man, an dat a before yu minus di battyman dem. Afta dat is aroun 12 to 1. Suh when Met a lock down fi har huzban dat mean seh a nedda concerned citizen haffi tek up di work fi him. Yu know how much work dat? It nuh easy yere. It r very hard work but we going to keep trying to help. Don’t be selfish. Weh yu expect di nex 11 woman fi do when you lock down your man?…cho!!

    1. I’m guessing it’s a lack of self respect here really. That 7:1 ratio is completely false and just used as a justification for this nonsense. I guess that is why the STD rates in Jamaica so high.

      Once women keep promoting this shit thinking that the only way they can have a man is to share with another woman this will never end.

  2. Honestly if one man have one woman what will happen to the rest of woman to all the lady who think it wrong what would you do if all the man stick to there one woman and you can’t find none for your self

  3. Mi meet up back wid a school fren wah want mi from school days. Him have 3 picney wid him baby madda. Dem Nuh married cause mi Nuh dodge/needleeye so mi no Tek noting wid ring…But we f**k yea and enjoy we self him get inna nuff trouble wid di law so him affi quat a wah pawt… Fi tell yuh di cheut mi want everything come wid…. mi luv him straight up no lie an a not even di f**k but just di way how him deal wid mi an di tings him do… Mi f***k nuff man but a dah man yah an dah situation yah Mek mi heart start beat. . But believe mi when mi tell yuh mi affi run him no lie cause di man wah walk weh from everything just fi be wid me mi mean everything. . him say we connected an mi a him dream girl an him let me go aready an him naw let me dis time dat father God bring mi feem way again… But dah love deh scary to me mi sacrifice di broken heart Jah know… Di gal all find mi Facebook an cuss mi pan an mi Nuh ansa a swear cause… A sumting wah mi Neva experience yet… Mi feel it fi har cause mi know she see di message say mi run har man an him naw leave so she affi come talk to me an a no me Mek har bed cold yea.

    1. You better pray about that spirit you have lurking in and around you; not healthy. That man will never give up EVERYTHING for you, NEVER. You have already settled for hide and sex and “everything” else he does for you, why would he leave the woman who carried his beautiful children for you? WHY? You’re just not worth that huge risk, stop being a fool for lust masked as love. Respect yourself enough to stop allowing that man to play with your body like a musical instrument. Have you no self respect, esteem and worth? Identify the underlining issue that’s driving you to sadness and misery later on in life. There are more than enough SINGLE men out there, do away with cynical thoughts.

      How would you feel if a woman chose to settle with your cheating man? Yea yea YEAH… Your loyalty is not to her, that’s his job to be loyal to his woman. That thought which some of us women have will always keep us settling for less than we deserve. Respect your sister, but most of all, respect YOURSELF.

      I mean no disrespect still.

      1. Mi naw look. Cause it look like yuh caah read…. Mi run di man. yah read into tings but yuh naw read! mi coulda be a real bitch an no care an still f**k him but me say no mi want more… why yuh tink mi Mek it gwan an di man still naw lef mi affi block him…. no come gi me Nuh talk until yuh fully understand…

  4. Latty why you of all people love call.up mi name a wah suh miss mi wid all that bullshit please & tanx . F***g do you let me do me, you aint.doing nutten better than.what I’m doing so.f**k off …the last I remember every sin spell S.I.N

    1. Mi naw lie yuh wicked tuh yuh bloodclaat self…di way di dodge name hurt yuh bloodclaat yuh change from needleeye to needleeye101… An like a bloodclaat cock chicken mi dash an yuh f***g pick it up …. Me muss f**k off?? a dat yuh say?? yes me wee f**k off dodge… but mi want yuh go nyam out piece a yuh madda jancrow… Mi Neva yet f**k Nuh married man dirty lady so move yuh dutty married juice pussyclaat from yasso… Bout sin mi glad yuh bloodclaat know say a sin yah commit Nuh mix mi inna yuh dutty bangarangs a company yah look… Di man wife Nuh buss up yuh bloodclaat yet? Mi come air out a ting an big enough fi Tek out mi self but yuh come talk plain say yuh naw stop f**k ppl wid ring… Gal move yuh bumbo.

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