1. When you nuh used to ntn everything is something to hype bout…go KFC, Port Royal, dem swear a Michelin 5 star resturant them deh!

    What a rass if dem get fi look inside a tracks and record or triple century!

  2. Duppy Bat, ghost face, stay bad Kanisha, I don’t know why you posting all these things wid you and stinking mouth dirty teeth Bassa. Him nah claim yuh, him dis yuh, him mek sure tek yuh fi a poppy show when yuh deh a Jamaica,what is really yuh problem? Kanisha have no shame, people tired fi warn har.Mek him gwan tek yuh fi weh yuh have. Mine man and man nuh own yuh a wah coulda guh suh? Nuh man nuh deh a farrin? BTW who woulda wah war ova dah nah nuh clothes bwoy. Street side a fi him base, no football, no career, no clothes, no nothing!!!!

  3. Kanisha we all you know you paid for that meal in Port Royal. For a big grown woman you are so stupid and blind. But I think I get it…you just want to be with someone who has a little fame. You gonna cry blood next..

  4. Just reading and thinking about how she went about getting Laing and how she switch up all the time. She seems to like taking people man and then rub it inna people face. Look she meet her match. Well she should have left javaughn laing alone then this maybe nuh reach her. Poor sad person. The thing is every time she get a man she throw word on the gram like she trying to prove some thing and love show off her man. This woman girl or thing what ever you want to say it is have f**g crazy issues full stop. And has attention seeking issues. How much time she married and how much time she breed. Hold up wasn’t she meant to be breeding.thus mad woman put up pic one time she is doctors office when she was with laing and ghetto other day a pose getting fat in right places. This woman is so petty and fool.

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