A man was this morning shot dead by police on a public passenger bus at the corner of Olympic Way and Bay Farm Road in Kingston.

The incident occurred sometime after 6:00 am.

Details at this time are a bit sketchy but, reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that the man, said to be of unsound mind, grabbed a M-16 rifle from the cops who were sitting in a vehicle on Olympic Way.

He then boarded a bus, which was headed for Three Miles, but was chased by the police who fatally shot him.

While the police information arm, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), was unable to provide details, the Olympic Gardens Police denied the report and said that lawmen were on patrol at the time of the incident.
CCU said that police were still processing the scene and more information would be provided when the investigator returns.


  1. I heard that it was 2 cops in a bus sleeping with the M-16 rifle on their laps after a long night of patroling the dangerous streets of Jamaica & the mad man a pass & see them sleeping & grab the gun through the window & run they gave chase & a few other cops also saw what happened & pursued the young man who ran into a public passenger bus. The driver & the conductor ran out of the bus left the passenger dem who manage to also get out of the bus safe..di police dem finally catch up to the mad man & shoot him inna di bus

  2. I just can’t why people feel she they have to video everything, this young man like this is crazy straight up… The police sleep and allow this young man to take the gun from them that easy but why shoot the man dead was it that damn serious, did he shoot at dem for him to end up dead… I want to know how they are still investigating the scene if there is so many people around there, the scene is contaminated… Does look like the man is still alive but about to take his last breathe because the police already think his dead so there’s no rushing him to the hospital but even so they should of taking him there and let the doctors pronounce him dead… Jamaica need fi do better seriously..

  3. I am honestly conflicted in my feelings.A part of me feels like dem coulda shoot not to kill him and smarter thinking would’ve resolved this situation.another part of me feels like that’s a mad man though so try to picture a mad man going off in public with a M16?!Not a moment to lose they had to think fast and act fast!

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