Met this story a go around fr the otha day bout one girl name sweetface fr Bronx. Me hear say harrysha weh shavel always a dun pan Facebook and r sista dahlia and Kizzy dirty beat r up and bun r up ova Juggist family buba bling. Met dem a hold it down but it obvious cuz sweet face always a post him and she stop an a post bare quote…. Harrysha tek ova big time now and all a breed fi him….but met harrysha a big whore fr longggg time from school days eno so me no know a weh Buba come from a wife r up…Now sweetface ano couple years ago u get jump u and u fren ty? Y u never stay a u yard u come a fight ova man And yes met a sweetface man dem deh good Lilly while now but me all hear dem did live togeda Smfh any woman would a mad fi know u man breed next gal no sah… Me no care bout sweetface nor harrysha 2 a dem a ediot cuz Buba no look like him have dry sh*t…Kizzy u a big woman y u Inna Pikney war b4 u gwaan go get u papers and come off a the plains.








  1. Fi true look pon Mario him find the lowest grade ah gal dem an juggist love f**k young gal and give dem money. Buba how you find dat mattress and breed it dwl tru shi brown she tek nuff man. Uno fi do betta find women weh nave body counts. Dem ah set ah dog shit love f**k off young gal and no have one dry shit

  2. Dwl Mario and him family…they love to f**k and breed some careless girl. Beauti your still looking for hype. This is no news typical dog shits next…

  3. buba u brave eee fi gone f**k harrysha without condom no sah uno man don’t have nothing bout uno and a same suh Mario and Juggist stay

  4. Leave the girl and unuh gwaan go find a man fi f**k or breed unuh
    Y it hurt the sender so, is it bcuz the girl beat to Buba….kmrt

    Next jus some haters

  5. Why uno live pan haresha name and onu say she nuh all dat, I guess she poping .. This send sounds familiar tho

  6. Idk harrysha to talk to but harrysha stay good, her likkle body neat, any man would want her because she’s very attractive, always put herself together, she’s always smiling, people say she hype but I think they should change hype to happy … Sender it hurt yuh because yuh neva win a man yet… Badmind is active

  7. @talktruth hi harrysha which part a yu body lil and neat yu hip dem wide nuh BBC walk like yu just done get f**k di lady weh juck yu hip and batty over dweet old skermige breed bad harrysha di belly nu reach no where and yu fava ratatatatata as buba blow pan yu yo breed nastiness….Dawson not going to able fi si di belly due to how yo muma blind him wid di obeya tek di man from under di black curtain wicked set a bloodclat wonu

  8. Who f**ks a bitch like that raw and then breed her.this gal is waste and now he will forever a a waste gyal babymadda. Go test yourself she carry nuff germs

  9. A suh Mario f**k and run weh harrysha fren weh name dirty chocolate aka pretty sashay weh ar mouth big like back pocket and ful a teeth like zip bout shi pretty di likkle gal fava one baby monkey always in people business she don’t care bout di death of her muma she f**k out all a di dancehall man dem and she’s about 18 to be exact young and tacky belly big breast long young girl go fix up yo self and stop box from pillow to post

  10. Base on wat i’m reading I knw who di sender is , nasty shavel and her hungry fren dem gi di gal a break, mi nuh see ntn wrong wid di gal, unnu too red eye everyday unnu talk bout di gal body parts and find all sort a problem, shavel yuh fava battyman, guh do yuh body to nuh yuh need it , yuh nuh say yuh man money nuff how it naa show ??? Harrysha looks better than you inna real life u and yuh stay bad fren dem gi di gal a break unnu life sad bad , grab a snickers cause you and yuh fren dem hungry

  11. Buba why you pick this girl to have baby for you could do better she about to bring all the drama into you life now

  12. Me and harrysha should a be far cousin not even the near one suh mi coulda deal wid unnu, why does it hurt so bad ?? Why does harrysha life mek unnu so sad?? Boy dolly di time u a worry bout di gal worry bout why yuh babyfada denies yuh son all wen di Dna says 99.999999 di man say a nuh feem, careless low life shavel a tru harrysha act like she a idiot you and yuh dirty fren dem tek set pon di gal, shavel walk and beg like dog, thank god she get a job suh she can stop thief, shavel go and pay attention to ur business weh a spoil, guh fix yuh teeth, guh do yuh body since yuh inna body worries and most of all guh find yuh babyfada and give di government a break

  13. Mi could a swear shavel say buba nuh want harrysha shavel come explain this cause mi knw a u send it in… Wen good friendship gone bad … Shavel move yuh rotten teeth, green arm bbc and low di gal, sadiki nuh want u only wen him inna trouble him memba u dawg shit, unnu tek set pon di gal mek she come offa Facebook, it look like harrysha eat something for u mek yuh hot fi har and mi nuh knw har has dat type deh

  14. Shavel guh dead and low di blutttclaat gal, suh wah if di gal a breed??? Di battyman neva breed you ?? Yuh reach all a Jamaica a fight fi battyman, shavel mi see it clear yuh jealous over di gal … Suck yuh madda gal

  15. No sah suh wait deh …. Pot a cuss kettle… Suh mario neva f**k suss and duck har to ??? Suh why a di chocolate girl alone shavel a talk bout ??? Shavel talk bout yuh friend suss to nuh, I would love to hear dat story

  16. SHAVEL same one send dis shit in SHAVEL u hype because ur man introduce to another US STATE bitch u serious? Who tf hype over LA????? unu deh a LA a live hand to bloodclat mouth and a rob Mexican mek u nuh talk bout how SADIKI shit up him bloodclat self when di Mexican dem out fi kill him .. SHAVEL u nuh see u body mek upside down bitch u fava man and very ugly ah d high color a fool yuh cuz u stay very bad ! U baby father fly u out and so called have money but u still sleep on floor SHAVEL and u still live wid u madda SHAVEL and u still no have no car nor house title SHAVEL so why u nuh stop use SADIKI name fi hype ???? SADIKI don’t want yuh SHAVEL and yuh coulda post Likkle more screenshots wid shitty batty SADIKI if u never know when man down them draw fi di nearest idiot gal ! You were first in line dumb ass bitch ! I can’t stand a bitch that’s hype for no reason like SHAVEL you don’t have shit to be hypin on anybody !!!! SADIKI got all these brands and SHAVEL still a shop pon Fordham road unu ever see nothing like this? Shavel u bring Likkle money go a LA and feel special??? Not even a shopping spree not even a plate a mastros but you excited fi go siddung a Burbank a nam a plate a wi jammings everyday GIRL BYE ! U a wack ass bitch

    Sweet face ugly no bc dis gal need fi stop bleach her skin buss up n stay bad like .. Like u have time fighting over man where yo edges at Bih? I don’t get you little girls at all

    Ty u nuh get enough licks from bleach out informa batty bwoy Showa Chris u can’t keep still Likkle gal? Unu ever INNA mix up dis gal nearly get the life beat out ah r by skay n she still can’t cool a joke dis

  17. Oh plz, dutty Skay jumped Ty. Skay ah punk, yesterday shi and Nico other bm wey ah breed feem was going at it on IG. Di gyal baby ah madd har, and di baby nuh born yet. ABAYYY. Skay need a REAL LIFE

    1. I never said she doesn’t need a life all I’m saying is TY got the life beaten out of her that’s all I’m saying ..


  18. dutty kizzy and dem a f**k to, kissy stop mine the gal dem fi f**k rick and the gal a Fordham , go get ur kids in ja , is a shame how u worthless and all now not even a id , tell he rich lady dem keriann,happle, them fi help u, get the same id they have ,kissy dem chat u say u a look the gal them fi suckout kizzy shameeeeeeeeeeeee, shameeeeeeeeeeeee

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