Met, dis r*** gyal a flirt roun mi man an a sen picture a har p**** to him phone! Yuh come a di people dem country wid yuh whoring mentality a f**k tom dick and Harry just so you can get by and get a night sleep! It’s about time now yuh put your p**y pon pause! Yuh f**k “X” and give the man herpes and when di nigga find out him beat yuh in a yuh rass! Downstate beating Stick yuh need fi start tek care a yuhself and practice proper hygiene! Bi**ch your p** STINK! Di other day yuh come to me and a talk bout yuh f** dis nigga and after yuh f**k him yuh realize sey yuh p*** have a odor?? But b**ch is not just now your p** stink…a long time! Yuh guh behind a yuh best friend back and suck har man hood! My girl yuh nuh si sey yah one nasty gal! Mi shoulda have yuh at a distance from long time! That’s why you and your friend them always falling out and di man wey yah hide and f**k nuh stop beat out yuh rass! Yuh have man a freak yuh out and an a lick dem a**! Yuh hitch up in a di hands me down whore house apt in a Brooklyn wey one a yuh f*a man did have a use fi f**k all a him gyal dem! But yuh couldn’t do betta cause yuh underprivilege an yuh did in a one tenement yard a queens an yuh couldn’t tek it nuh more! Lick out batty whore memba when yuh f**k di twin Bredda dem in a di one room a queens! Di f**k up thing is a bay careless no name Home Depot and family dollar man (no offense) yuh have a run up in a yuh hole! No hot man to yuh ting! Yuh just f**k fi f***k case cause yuh have nothing behind it but a bunch a skeletons in a yuh f**g closet! Dirty groupie! Yuh f**k di cashier boy from Popeyes restaurant! Di bwoy wey work a family dollar, di twin Bredda dem. Di 3 taxi man wey yuh tell me bout, di bwoy wey work a footprints, di cashier in a di western union, di bwoy wey collect di ticket dem a di movie theatre an di dutty teeth boy we work a di silver Krust Pon president Inna Brooklyn, not to mention di one wet walk like handicap…And di list goes on and on! Bitch yuh is a silent whore! Clean up yuh duty lifestyle and stop walk and act like yuh sh*t can mek patty! And while yuh at it clean up yuh stinking p*** wey a kick like bruceLee! An 3 a di Bredda dem wey mi know yuh f**k sey yuh p*** stink to! Suh mi know a nuh lie me a tell an plus mi smell yuh! Di girl wey yuh sey a look fi yuh fi beat yuh cause yah f**k har man gon ketch yuh lickle rass sooner than later and beat out the whore outta yuh!


  1. Sender.. all Im gonna say is.. Birds of a feather…

    (also – how you so close you smelling her pums – Im pretty sure if it stink that loud all the mon name whey yuh a call woulda surely reverse)

  2. But lord help us this morning. I tell u about these people who name friend. Look how the WHOLE a ur file drag right out down to the handicap bwoy. Jeezz umm this is embarrassment at its finest.
    P.S. Now that the men have been identified please ladies stay away from the stores n workers described above. The girl have herpes which is not cure able n is not protected by condom so beware.

    1. a Liard! She start off bout har man and then transform to all sort a story bout the girl and never project her anger bout her man again.

      Next, she say the girl no live no where, yet still she in a apartment a live where one a de fuka man did a grine many next tings…at least one give har quarters fi lay her head.

      Then the girl have herpes and out a the crocus bag a man dem is only one catch it and retaliate.

      Senda go hol a couple propa chuck off. Hope the gal tek out har frustration on your ass! A de home depot man you did want 😀

  3. Sender I guess ur hurt bcuz she getting ur man and every man so totally something is wrong wid u bcuz no man nah look ur way only that 1 man weh a sorry for u and giv u 2 f**k every now & then

    Poor thing

  4. Sender your time now..your man is going to f**k her .men like gurLS without pussy principal..even for one night then them come back to boring one position LIFE WITH YOU…leave the child can’t stop her from rinse har body..all when she want rinse IT OUT on your man…BASICALLY GET WITH YOUR MAN, CAUSE IF HE KNOW SHE’S IS YOUR FRIEND, AND STILL WANT F** HER CHU SHE LOOSE.. THEN MY DEAR YOU DON’T HAVE A MAN

  5. If an when Mi go tek my man dem dah girl yah couldn’t come… she caah play partner in crime… no Mi luv!! Yuh coulda keep back some a di tings dem all you nuffi use di word fren

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