Man claims bad weed made him crazy

A Kingston labourer who went to an office in Kingston and used a piece of wood to destroy a glass door and window, claiming that he had smoked “bad weed” and heard voices, promised never again to smoke ganja when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court last week.

Junior Christie was recently arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property after he went to the office of Surrey Paving and Aggregate Company Limited on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew and smashed the door and window, valued at $20,000.

The court heard that when the police cautioned Christie he said: “Officer, mi neva mean to destroy anything. Is just a bad weed mi smoke and it mek mi hear voices inna mi head.”

However, when Christie, who was in custody, appeared in court last Friday he pleaded guilty to malicious destruction and was given a six-month sentence that was suspended for a year.

But before the sentence was passed the judge asked Christie if he had told the police that he had smoked “bad weed” and he responded by saying: “At the time of the incident.”

She then asked him if he had anything else to say and he said: “ I want to apologise for my unusual behaviour.”

“You smoke habitually?” Judge Pettigrew-Collins asked.

“I stopped,” Christie answered.

“You stopped because you were in jail,” the judge told him.

“I am not going to do it again,” Christie then vowed.

The judge then handed down the suspended sentenced and explained to Christie that he will serve the six-month sentence if he is convicted for another offence within the next year.

“If I were you, I would stop smoking and stay out of trouble,” she advised him.


  1. Weed is not for everyone, and it is not something anybody should take daily or too frequuently. The idea that it is a completely innocuous material suitable for all persons or suitable for daily use is completely false.

    1. True ting. When I try fi tell people dat dem juss dow believe. I seen how it change smaddy already. Di man woulda smoke him ting everyday, an him a smoke from him young but it start meck him paranoid. Everyone was some sort of “suspect” out fi get him. It was sad fi si ah level headed man change suh.

  2. Man unnu stop tell lie pon weed. Anytime unnu see smaddy with paranoia n dem a blame weed dem f**k get seasoned. Facts. I have seen it first hand and and everybody a jump up say a did weed. When dem do test pon one him system fUll a heroine . Another start chat to fi himself when him get good weed him say it nuh good him ago to a certain spot fi get the good weed. Check it out a coke base. Mi deh round n see enuff weed fi last many moons and it’s either dem get season or dem have mental issues weh a manifest. Most weed will do u fi send u to the hospital, paro bcuz u over dweet.

    Rule1. Can’t roll your own spliff luw weed.
    Rule2. Know what weed look, smell and feel like.
    Ruke3. Know who and where you a buy weed from.
    Rule4. Know u BBC limit.

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