1. Him shouldn’t pay dem back a fool dem fool. If him a keep something and him broke they should advise him not to keep anything, dem a influence him slackness then a play the man at the same time. Typical hypocritical black people… people must not keep shit

  2. dem love buy cocky too much tek it againnnnnn if themvcome ,met she give him ,is a story like nick kleannnn , give him more idiot gal

  3. No! These men need to stop! Why is it the girls fault. You dint know what that mf told her cmon since when manipulation is equilavdnt to been smart. F**k these low life niccas. Dem need to crawl back up inna dem dutty mumma n born again. Wutless johncrow dem. The whole DH full a scammas. See the next story a bow tie don a tief too… shit is wrong. These men need jobs n work for theirs. All dem modda dem tief from.

  4. All day long everybody a promoter.. These men need real jobs! Promotion what! If you have to attend everybody dance n spend money on liquor n outfit by the time it get to your dance you have to borrow money. F**g ediat dem. Join a bc pardner.. Save you own money. Primotion is just an excuse to go out every night drink drunk and f**k one another. Cya fool and nah fool nobody but demself. Go wuk! Pluuuuueeezzzeee

  5. This is truly comical. The collective responses under this post are a true testament to the people that visit this site. Non-verbal communication says a lot about a person before they even open their mouth. I’m having trouble deciphering what the responses are really trying to convey since they’re not written in English or grammatically correct. They should inaugurate a gofundme post to send all these illiterate cohorts back to school. How do you know these men don’t have real jobs? Who you are is not a recipe to who these men are. Unless you know them personally, you have no business passing judgment.

    1. And you have no business here if you cant decipher what is being said. In your ”lack of deciphering” you saw that they were passing judgement? Don’t let the collective WRITTEN communication here extend your stay :travel

      1. Well said!!!! You couldn’t have said it any better than that. Just to add just because people actually text or make a comment the way the wrote it means they’re illiterate? When I post stuff I write just like most of these ppl and I have a degree a masters to be exact. It’s a time and place for everything. When it’s time to write with a slang this website is perfect for it. It’s not like they’re writing a resume. The person was the same one talking about judging but turn around and judge them about being illiterate. More like contradicting too me

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