No Melisa as the Gyal come from foreign hunuh jump up Ina har clothes them! No to Bl***t yuh cuda change up d sumn dem yuh well suit out mah wonder how yuh nuh have on the slippers n yuh claim to say yuh pussy good girl yuh fi stop f**k fi breeze n buy clothes chiney man mek yuh like easy Melissa girl yuh look a work m lowe party n take care a yuh pickney


9 thoughts on “ONE IS PURPLE ONE IS BLUE

  1. mell have the bag longtime and her sis own a new new bag ……mell sumn a blue n white and her sis own a purple n white ….so wat if the girl wear har sista clothes??? sum a unuh a wear fren pop inna …low di gyal

  2. It’s two different colors and even if kmt y’all worry bout wrong ting the girls look real good. Sender you need some clothes

  3. Every min she go down and don’t make sense now a days when u a come ja u affi look Bloodclart great cause the Gyal dem down here hot Nuh rass nah look and dem a gwan like dem is the shit

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