A fired immigration agent pleaded guilty Thursday to having sex with a
Jamaican woman at his home while he was transferring her from a detention
facility in Miami-Dade to another center in Broward.
A fired immigration agent pleaded guilty Thursday to having sex with a
Jamaican woman at his home while he was transferring her from a detention
facility in Miami-Dade to another center in Broward.
Wilfredo Vazquez, 35, of Tamarac, also pleaded guilty to ”placing the woman
in fear” during the sexual encounter.
Vazquez cut a plea deal on the eve of trial this week, avoiding prosecution
on the more serious charge of aggravated sexual assault. That’s the
equivalent of sexual battery, or rape, in the state criminal court.
The plea agreement with the U.S. attorney’s office entailed dismissing two
of the counts and recommending a little over seven years in prison to U.S.
District Judge William Dimitrouleas. Had Vazquez gone to trial and been
convicted for sexual assault, he could have faced about 30 years in prison.
”He now understands and regrets that this woman was in fear during the
sexual act,” said Vazquez’s attorney, Joel DeFabio. “As the government
stated in court, he never threatened her, struck her or used any physical
force against her.
“He feels very remorseful for the victim and his family.”
Vazquez, a decorated Iraq War veteran who had served in the Air Force for 16
years, was fired by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after the woman
alleged she was raped at his home in September. He had worked as an ICE
agent for less than a year.
Vazquez was transporting her from the Krome Detention Center in West
Miami-Dade to the Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach on Sept. 21.
She was being moved after serving a few months at the Miami Federal
Detention Center in connection with a false claim to U.S. citizenship.
Immigration officials planned to put her in deportation proceedings. She has
lived in the United States for 12 years and has a daughter and son.
The woman’s immigration lawyer, who brought the case to the attention of
U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta, said the victim was relieved to put the
ordeal behind her.
”She told me that she didn’t want this former officer to have the
opportunity to sexually abuse anyone else,” said Cheryl Little, head of the
Florida Immigration Advocacy Center in Miami.
”This is not a slap on the wrist. I do believe that justice has been
served,” Little said. “Hopefully, this will send a serious message to
other officers who abuse detainees.”
After the victim filed her complaint, immigration authorities granted the
woman parole.
FIAC is helping the woman obtain a visa that could lead to her establishing
legal residency.
”We’re certainly trying to get her a U visa because she has fully
cooperated with law-enforcement officials,” Little said, expressing her
gratitude to prosecutors for making the case and writing a letter of
certification supporting her visa.
When federal agents initially confronted the ICE agent about the woman’s
complaint, Vazquez repeatedly denied he ever stopped at his home with the
detainee, according to a Department of Homeland Security arrest affidavit.
But records from Florida’s Turnpike SunPass system showed Vazquez’s official
vehicle left the highway at a Commercial Boulevard ramp near his home,
according to the affidavit. The victim also described the interior of his
home and neighborhood to investigators — along with the sexual encounter.
The sexual-assault prosecution was the first such case since 2000, when
Krome officials opened an investigation into sexual misconduct by guards and
officers at the facility.
At least one officer and one contract employee were convicted. The scandal
prompted immigration authorities to remove female detainees from Krome. Most
women are now housed at the Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach,
though some are first processed at Krome.
The Broward Sheriff’s Office first opened the investigation in late
September after the victim disclosed the episode to authorities. The U.S.
attorney’s office then developed the case under prosecutor Daniel Rashbaum.


  1. bwoy mi love jmg..but why dem say Marcia a lie doe…Di man did lie to?!..and even if she was a try give it up..him should a know it muss be against policy to go have sexual relations..him Nuh know this woman from nowhere and she was detained…smh

  2. Tenk u Metty, glad dem neva disclose har name. Dat a fi har luck (not blessing) Ooman luck really dey a dungle heap.

  3. No one deserves to be violated in suh a way and especially by someone wah suppose to mek sure you are safe. Glad she survive it, and seems to have moved on, dou is not something one can ever forget. Must have been a terrible ordeal, poor thing.
    Suh Marcia was deh claim to be a US citi “afore”? Still nuh deserve di injustice though.

  4. Ok so I have read this article 3 times, copied and pasted it into Microsoft word, searched for the name Marcia in it and the search returned zero results. The only name mentioned here is that of the office who was arrested so, at the risk of being fecitious, how did the sender come to the conclusion that it was Marcia? I’m just asking ?

    1. The U.S. Doesn’t disclose the names or identities of rape victims in their publications. I’m assuming the sender knows this is her story since she may have told people and they’re familiar with the name of her attacker.

  5. Wow!! she really was raped?!..the settlement money can never compensate for the emotional distress she had to and may continue to go thru..that’s some crazy shit right there..that’s deep..Marcia, anybody weh get up and throw that inna yuh face is no decent woman. I didn’t know what Apple was talking about when she open up ar butu mout and mention the rape in her shoes video..God bless yuh heart ma’am cause any type of sexual violation is not nice…Marcia, tek it tuh God and place all your burdens in His hands cause only He can heal your heart ache from what you went thru…if and when you get yuh money, take our foolish advice and go sit down with a personal investment banker and let them advise you on the best options for your money…as tuh the vultures them weh ago runeen fe try nyaam out yuh money, stay very far from of luck to you :rose:

    1. Mi did think a mek up story to based on how it did come out etc but when I read the details of the case and the time he got mi see say a cudden lie. Marcia should have made more out of it though.She should have been the face of immigration reform because that facility’s workers were known to sexually abuse inmates

      1. When Apple bawl it out inna the video I didn’t know what she was talking about, but fe now know seh she tek summen so tragic mek joke shows that Apple is a low life snake

        1. Yeppie mi did waa interview her one time eno and she did a go do it. I think both of us forgot about it after that but mi jus a remember now.

          1. Oh ok; Apple is very low for that…low blow from a low class whoring thief….Apple, when the FEDS come fe yuh ah dash yuh amongst the butch dem inna prison, try yuh best nuh get raped in deh…KARMA is a bitch!!!

          2. But Metty, tuh how Apple get suh angry til vain stan up inna ar forrid..Apple yuh life mucky bad bad bad…

    1. Just read it as I said Marcia should have been the face of immigration reform. He thought he could take advantage because she was going to be processed to be deported.

    2. And tuh the severity and seriousness of the matter, I’m sure they also found his DNA on her body and that sealed his fate..

  6. Ok ms met thanks for your reply . People now we know the truth we leave her alone . U rotten Apple your days of freedom is numberd me Crystal ball SEY u corner full of dark cloud wait 2015 fe u .

    1. A she trouble Apple first by right but there are certain things u dont cuss people wid because it was not that serious.

  7. I am not basting another woman but the true is in the statement. The office ask her for some and she gave it to him wanting to be release. Yes he took advantaged of her situation but if was not rape. It was consentual sex but for a little benefit. Later Marcia see she can get more out of it. At lease she see where she can benefit and he was wrong to take advance of a prisoner. If it was true rape trust me he would have got more years worst he was a law-enforcement officials. They would had make example out of him ( he not even white). He went to jail cause it was common for the them to use the female to their advantages.

    1. Did Marcia admit to consenting to the sex? He was not in the position to release her he was transporting her to another facility which would have held deportation proceedings. It is not as if she was leaving there to go on a flight to Jamaica that she felt he could have released her.

  8. Be honest with u met I thought it wos just cus cus and Apple tell her for bun word . Never in my wildest dream thought the Queen bee has those past

    1. It post pan here more than one time oo but at first mi did tink she give him but when I read the court documents and saw that he got 7 years I realized that there had to be some grounds for that kind of judgement

  9. Everybody have a damn past …so?! It’s a unfortunate situation … Guh chu Marcia that is behind yu ..:yu hav up tu Gud papaz yu a move forward who wa dwell in a di pass more powers …. At least it nuh seh tu a teef …..

  10. When you are a PRISONER you do not have the right to consent. There is also an imbalance of power so the person in POWER knows that based on their position this is COERCION!!! Ask me how I know… I used to work in a jail. If ANYBODY that works in that jail has sex with a prisoner they can be charged with RAPE!! I don’t give a DAMN if she did want to give him the nature of the balance of power should have prevented him from doing that. She should have been the face of prison reform but that isn’t what she wanted. She prolly didn’t want to be embarrassed in the public and second guessed by the media & the US. Just like a few ppl here on JMG are doing.
    Wish her the best…. shit is real in prison & I NEVER want to be on the other side of those bars. Bad things happen to women in prison. You’re hardly safe in the streets so you know folks don’t care about them behind bars.

  11. Well met all I can say she just be careful & tread lightly . Cause revenge is a dish serve cold . May the lord protect she & her daughter . 7 years too easy fe me or some plea bargain agree upon on cause that’s rape sex in fear of my life. Plus that’s down south where laws are STRICK he gets only 7years :

    1. He also drugged her..I feel for her ..Im looking at some other documents
      ount: 1 Citation: 18:2243B.F Offense Level: 4
      Count: 2 Citation: 18:2242A.F Offense Level: 4
      Count: 3 Citation: 18:2241B.F Offense Level: 4
      Count: 4 Citation: 18:924C.F Offense Level: 4
      Defendant Custody Status: Custody Other Jurisdiction
      Flags: CLOSED,RSR

      1. I dont know how he got that job he was a drug dealer before and was in trouble before..Well Marcia is a fighter I respect that

        1. Marcia call out Apple yes but nobody nuh call har teef but unno whey bring up this and all dont know anything about the woman please cuss har wid what unno see not what unno dont know. Marcia still beat dem bad wid di silence dow

  12. Yes I am aware of the system but 7 years was for his law-enforcement officials not rape.As I say he took advantage of his position and you confirm what I say ( “When you are a PRISONER you do not have the right to consent. There is also an imbalance of power so the person in POWER knows that based on their position this is COERCION!!! Ask me how I know… I used to work in a jail. If ANYBODY that works in that jail has sex with a prisoner they can be charged with RAPE!’) Now if it was really RAPE they did not need her their was others. This was common practice in their system.
    Now dont get me wrong I am not basting Marcia on they taking advantage of her situation but this site is not only for basting gossiping or badmining ppl. Sometimes we need to look into real facts or come close to the true.

  13. These are the things I hate about women. She said she was raped and women run in and say she’s a liar. He could’ve gotten more time HE chose to take a plea deal, it clearly says that at top that he was facing 30 years but he accepted 7. If he thought he was innocent of rape he should’ve taken it to trial. Most would’ve happened to him would be losing his job. No man in his right mind gonna accept a plea deal to rape if they know they didn’t rape someone.
    Yes Marcia started the mixup but you don’t bring up someone’s rape as a means to argue with someone. Apple is disgusting for that she could’ve just called her jealous and left it at that.

  14. There is a need for Correction Officers, Police Officers & other positions in Law Enforcement. They used to have VERY strict guidelines to hold these positions and I’ve noticed that these agencies have allowed potential officers with likkle misdemeanors to get in the force. NOPE :hoax2 so it doesn’t surprise me when these SAME ppl misuse and abuse their position. I tell folks you are who you are and the position MAGNIFIES IT!!! If you a cruff you’ll be a BIGGER cruff b/c of the position. If you’re a RACIST you’ll use the position to feed ya racist agenda. Mi nah lie….. my parolees respect me cuz I keep it REAL wid dem!! I tell them just abide by the rules & regs & you don’t have ANY problem w/me. I don’t abuse my position & mek sure dem know ALL the rules b/c when they break it and I have to do my JOB they understand. They may not be happy w/me but they know I was FAIR!!.
    Mi huh respect dem ppl weh use the badge to tek advantage of ppl. Mi huh like it at ALL & I don’t feel as tho they deserve ANY plea bargains. Mek dem go a jail JUST like regular John Q Public!! Alright long day a work tomorrow… mi gone! :cool

    1. Mi done yah now because the man write a letter to the judge say him baptized and he did not want to plead guilty. I done oo because I is reading

  15. He did plea GUILTY cause no matter what he was wrong so why fight and risk longer sentence. Trust me if Marcia had fight the case there would be long jail time and more money for her but the plain true would make her look bad in other site. Yes he would have got the same jail time cause he was wrong. The gun and things was to prove his power make him feel powerful cause no real man would want to put them self in that position for some pussy
    Met do me a favor one day you should have a topic on the court and law system. Cause the law is very shaded and can be bend.

    1. Yes oooooooooo it needed… Di man him request fi a reduced sentence and di judge dismiss di claim..He said he was an arrogant womanizer blah blah but him neva force and how marcia did waa stay in america .May God go wid all involved and affected

      1. met this story have whole heap a loophole, the man just weak to flesh.. weh marica say nuh too add up.. then how the man carry marica a him yaad? a she alone him did a carry to a different department at the time? so that was the man first offense.. the man is just weak!

  16. Anywho let get off if she was sexual assault by force or not. Yes she give the man a f**k and use it to her advantage. He was using his job to his advange so fair is fair who wants to go to Jamaica with no job or education and have kids to take care of. But she not to many steps from Apple she love the hyper too. She just smart enough to know that little paper better than money at times cause once have it money stay in your hand long. I have to give you that Marcia. But you and I know you love the hyper and you alittle jealous of Apple cause she hyper and no have one real shit in her ass

  17. I just came from work met an see what is going on the wall I am always late. Met a lot of people did not about it when it happen but we in miami an who is from Montego Bay keep up with it yes Marcia want to stay here we all want to stay here,but if Marcia went home she would be ok she was living good in mo bay she did not lie .out of every bad corms good .god is good every time

  18. Star live Marcia alone if you know Marcia you can’t say she jealous a apple she don’t have nothing on Marcia ,Apple look good yes but Marcia pretty than Marcia envy day envy time an she older then Apple an she look like a she a the young gal because she take care of her self, her age paper na beat her like rotten apple.

  19. 2007 Jamaican Woman from Mobay acting like she some f**king Mexican and not knowing her rights afraid to say no this in rape. Get the F**K out of here. Its OK Marcia pussy is to be f*k and u use your to benefit u and your kids in the long run, yes you get some cash too its all good. I would do the same, many f**k for some dollars that finish in two days. So be proud u smart. But even before this story I see u on IG hypering up yes you have some things and doing good but you have no TRUE CLASS. But u trying to but its not true Its not natural lol

    1. Foh the Mexican would have gotten more money and he would have gotten more time because her mex people would have backed her hard and not come with some pussy her fi fuc bullshit argument. Mexican representation hard in America and they protect theirs! They have officials judges etc please stop the nonsense! Just from what you say as a Jamaican woman show you why she felt afraid we don’t value each other or ourselves, why would anyone else! Apple not fi throw this in her face the way she and her friends love illegal activities! Y’all ass is one foot from jail….and with all that fake ass and breast pon parade u think it nice for a guard to rape you off? Uno fi do better man!!

  20. READ with COMPREHENSION PLEASE & if you still don’t understand my comments its OK you not the first. Not many ppl comprehen what they read. So don’t feel bad I am still on Marcia side. goodnite

  21. How the hell she could be living good in Montego bay when she’s in America from the age of 12 years old pon false citizen ship

    1. ” She has lived in the United States for 12 years and has a daughter and son.”
      Hold up! YOU HAVE A THING FOR DISTORTING THE TRUTH/FACTS! God know you born fi tell lies.

  22. Smh let’s remember who we are and where we are! He get lesser time because she was an immigrant and a Jamaican immigrant at that! Had she been an European woman or one from Sweden his Spanish ass would have gotten much more time and it would have been international news! As a matter of fact would never happen because euros and swedes very seldomly get detained by ice! Go figure!! They would not give him charge he deserves because at end of day it’s a US officer vs a Jamaican immigrant on the way home! That is reason he was so cavalier in his actions! Anyone that would blame her is an asshole! I’ve been to jail in south before you have to go along with those in power over you. She’s lucky he didn’t rape her then let her run and kill her to cover it up! Any amount of asylum or money she got or will get is not enough to go thru what she went thru! And America knows that! That’s why they gave him lesser charge and her status! They got off real cheap! But to them black woman worse Jamaican don’t hold much value!! Very sad! Go through sis! And damn put her on blast much, these are supposed to be private sealed issues! The clown will be on road if not already!

    1. Star the man lied to the police at first denying the episode but when the trial he admitted to lying about where he was taking her so I dont think the sex could have been consensual. In his letter he said that Marcia told him she did not want to go home but lets say they did talk and so..if they agreed to have sex , why would he lie about where he was taking her? He is a very arrogant white man and maybe used to getting what he wants..That is where it land him. To God be the glory Marcia get whey she get

      1. I’m sure he been doing these things since his military days in Iraq! Most of these officers feel they are above law when they hide behind badge! Sad thing is he’s not even white! He’s Spanish or puertorican descent

  23. Hold up you dost know Marcia from no we’re ,she come to the us late 90 th I know Marcia from jamaica Marcia was working an living next door to my friend I always see her when I go downtown to see my friend a her son father move her to coral garden an she did not want for envy thing she was living the good life .i know that mi na ask yu if a lie or true that is a fack. Big up Marcia an all mo bay keep wap them.

    1. u know late ,me know macia from demecia a 3 year old before She breed fe david an get that son .seeing someone don’t me you know dem .

  24. Hold up you a no fool Marcia first child the girl was born in Montego Bay I am not asking you I am telling you the truth ,I am not here to change your mine I only talk what I know not what I here so get it right.

  25. Hold up an star look how long a lot of woman get f**k here an there don’t even get up with a dollar to eat or buy soap to wash the god bless gift so Marcia I give it yo you an you from mo bay mi of to big yu up Marcia soon come to miama keep your head up

  26. What I’m curious about is how Apple found out about the rape. I thought Apple said she did not know who Marcia was, yet she was able to get access to the rape information. I read about this story back when it occurred and if it wasn’t for this site and this story, 99% of us could not put a face and a name to the original case.

  27. Its true marcia was living good in jamaica debbie use to grudge an talk bout her a lot frm back in the days ..marcia can an will never grudge apple .. fe wah..marcia been rolling hard frm when apple just start an marcia noh loud up an act low life like apple

  28. I just member summen loll .marcia use to invite her friends for dinner at her home and set the table decent wid knife an fork lol some gual use to chat her say she a guawn like she nice bout she setting table ..just to show yuh she got some class unu low marcia

  29. Met, I guess she may not be the face of reform, but she set precedent by how women are housed and transported. When dem catch happle and crew they will be glad that Marcia set precedent so they won’t have to get rape while waiting on that flight out of the US.
    I had doubts at first until I did my own research and got facts from those who know the case very well. I apologize for that ignorance because I know what that ordeal is like.

  30. Please Marcia f**k the man she knew damn well what she was doing the officer plead guilty because he would face 30 yrs if he didn’t how can u drug sum one but yet they remember u neighbor n the inside of u house y wouldn’t he just f**k her in the vehicle n done y she Neva scream when she c the neighbor dem or kick n Gawn bad cause if any one tries to rape me I would be fighting like hell I would have to have bruise on me I wouldn’t just lay there n teck f**k Marcia u too wicked u give the man sum pussy n turn round call rape n let the man serve 7 yrs

  31. Lord GOd no one is reading the heading above . For those who don’t know marcia . It’s sates not me say she has two children born in USA & she’s here from the age of 12 years . Not me wrote dat in Hearald

  32. So sorry for you guys cause you’ll do not know Marcia I do we were friends . Marcia out her own mouth said she was never in danger and that when she was at his home she all was using his cell phone calling Jamaica and her daughter . The man plead because he broke company law federal law and they would of made a example of his ass .
    Don’t come on here sorry for a women that stated the sex was not forced and his a next women at the jail who told her if she told she would get a stay in the country cause it’s against her right !!
    It was not rape !! That’s aug I don’t deal with her cause I felt that was wicked he is wrong but it was not rape out of her mouth !! You coming here swearing for this women do you’ll know the evil shit she all do to her own man baby
    The child is Down syndrome and one day she call me a laugh because the man baby mother light turn off and the baby use machine and the man was in Arizona she tell the man him can send that money the baby mother need to call Dcf now when she said that I was shocked cause my god pickney wid sickness !! And then you and your daughter go shop and by liquor
    See me and know me is two different thing you guys are truly unaware of her ways she is not a good human and rape should never be down played but rape should never be used to gain money or freedom when it was not rape !!
    You’ll can run on here this has nothing to do with happle this have something to do with a women who used a women greater fear to her advantage and now as a so called victim rape changes you and look at Marcia behavior and vulgarness look how Marcia a cuss bout bag and shoes at 48 years old the tape victim
    You’ll don’t know shit but the hatred for happle will let you’ll even praise hitler to Ras

    1. What puzzles me is the idea that u n marcia was close enough for her to tell u how everything went n u come here n reveal it to faceless strangers no matter what u n her have u must have considered each other friends at some time so now it shines light on u that u r a back n belly rat n Marcia has a lot to answer to with God, but it’s not ur place or right to expose her like this smh the crab INNA barrel mentality will not leave us at all kmft

      1. Thank you. If a do leave it to God then and done right there but low di woman because u a talk bout people a defend apple just because we say it was wrong for her to bring it up? Mi nuh think u serious

      2. Morning Chuet…read between the lies, lol. Damn back and belly rat with nothing much to say. Cause for dem to be friends what minor faults she have against her she could have kept to herself 😀 😀

        1. POW POW ……Simply draw fi di glock. But PP all we said is that Apple shouldnt mention that so mi nuh understand why the upset.

          1. Dem upset cause nuff a dem live through incest, molestation and rape and no brave like Marcia fi face it. Dem deal with it through name brand and fraud.
            Happle, a memories mek de vein stand up inna yu farrid so when you a talk bout the woman ordeal? There are support groups for “it”.

          2. What dem fi ask demself is what agreement did Marcia and the man mek fi di sex because u cudden a drop off smaddy and unno jus agree fi sex so..He put in his letter that she wanted to stay here and if he told her he could make her stay her if she sex him den him fi go rub likkle prison time because that is wicked

    2. If u and Marcia were friends you would know that the call to her daughter was made from the vehicle and this was checked by the government who prosecuted the case. You dont know why he pleaded because his plea agreement is not public and therefore it would be against the law to discuss. He said in his letter to the judge that he was in fear of his life so I guess he felt someone was going to kill him too. Mi can nuh waa sex yuh and u nuh hold me down and tek it but a still I did not consent to it. The reason why they came down on him in his own words was because he lied and he did say he did not force her but he knew it was intimidation this is what he said in his letter two years ago. So u can stop now

  33. I never wanted to comment on this chead at all just wanted to read through and through,only thing I want to point out is that the lady wasn’t here since she was 12 years old she has been here for 12 YEARS prior to the case which was in 2008.
    More time unno can buil’ nah lie.

  34. mi haffi lub up i muma wan more time even last week she sed it tuh me agen which she bin say’n since mi knee high…..
    ” wen it cums on tuh yuh darkest secret or any yuh tink will sink yuh, if yuh caan tell mi yuh muma de next smaddy yuh tell is yuh PUS-C,notice it has a tongue but a dumb wan .”
    there is certain tings in life yuh must go tuh yuh grave wid anuh everything good fe eat good fi talk.

  35. Let me put this rass pon repeat!
    Thanks Marcia! Is nuff people would like to shake your hands because its years they’ve been doing things to women and men in their custody.
    Onu phuck off and go get lock up and rape so onu can get fi onu share a what onu a badmine the woman fah! Ooops, SHE FIX THE SYSTEM SO ONU RUN OUT OF LUCK!

  36. Now that we agree the man was wrong. Someone please tell me how she get catch so quick when ppl live here long time.

      1. Simply , Star deh yere long enough fi know how people is pan here. Not because dem seh dem is mean it is what they say. The man said in his letter two years ago that he was a womanizer and always carry the women to his house and him never force har blah blah but he didnt say it was a lie. The only ting him say a lie a that it never happen in the living room it was his son’s play room. Drugs was also involved and it was cocaine not weed. But a lot of documents are sealed ..but mi waa know how fi friend never know bout that

  37. Why we cusing her friend cause she tell us her secret. Thats what the site is for to talk without no one knowing who u are. If someone wants their secret secret them keep your shit to yourself. We not only basting dissing and gossiping we are educating ppl.
    Be honest knowing ppl point of view helps you to think further. Sometimes ppl talk some shit (like Apple) and you may think to yourself is she real and the next person thinks them (Apple) is the BOSS. This site helps them to vent and clear up the picture.
    Anonymous @ 145 This is not an English class. Its a BLOG. Reading with comprehension does not mean you donot know the words. So all you do is reading it over and over and then refect on what is being said. I told you not many know how its OK

    1. Not so, certain matters u cant jus say oh well a jus so, no. The person say dem and her was friend that nuh mus be true so thats why we have to come at that because this is real shit . The person say she call Jamaica from the man phone in his house and she never fear fi her life she told her that. Now, if u and someone a fren u woulda jus tell dem say u never in fear of your life jus so ? Or you would say exactly what happened? What we are doing also is picking sense out of nonsense because as mi say this is real shit right here

      1. Met, they are trying so hard to simplify the facts, so that they can belittle the woman. All if you post up the transcript (which is where the news articles got their concrete facts from) they would still talk crap.
        Is because of these FEMALES why other women aren’t disclosing their ordeal. Countless women were deported long before 2007, to Jamaica and other countries, that are living victims of INS rape . The reports are so detailed that sodomy and even relocation are documented.
        We see people deported and traumatized and don’t know what happened to them. They weren’t mad before they got held, but all of a sudden something wrong with them…it was because of the rape culture in INS holding facilities.

        1. OMG PP mi a go try find some a these cases to post u think a little things undocumented immigrants go through . As u say nuff a dem mad that it wasn’t them and they should give ceasar what is due. This man never even a work deh so long and a do what he saw many others doing dem too wicked man. I would also like to tell those who are talking that the state had a few witnesses. Two of them were men who worked at the facility and a few other females . Dem think it was just mind over matter why the verdict was in favor of Marcia? People really think the government wanted to give out a green card and mek demself liable jus so? As mi seh at first me was one whey say it cudden guh suh and all say she did wicked and mi fraid , lastnight mi did all feel sorry fi di man when I read his letter but when I thought about it, he didnt deny much and was still arrogant . I do feel the need to highlight more of our struggles because people really go through it here. PP I know of this man who had his whole family uprooted because of a shady lawyer. The lawyer lied to this man that he could get him and his wife a greencard. For years they were paying her and nothing. Finally when he realized that she was taking him for a ride and confronted her about his money, she reported him and he was deported. This man had a house and 5 children.He had to decide which child to leave here with relatives and which to take with him. His wife also went with him back to Mexico. In my mind that lawyer should go to prison for at least ten years

  38. Agree with you on this. But I tell u I have Marcia on my IG and she hyper in her way over material things. Yes she may be 20 steps away from Apple. But she no fool the rape thing would have been bigger if she did feel so violated and did not care to benefit. But it appeared she did not risk it. Trust me I respect that she not a fool but lets not act like ppl dum to believe she was so innocence or it was clear cut and dry rape.

    1. And we agree pan di hype thing and we said on here years before say she fi chill because it pulls negative energy..But she nah hype wid nothing she teef an she nah hype seh she send a bwaay go jail, for all we know she stay so before the ordeal. Based on the case we can only say things based on what we know and read from the court documents but what we dont know we have to leave for the bigger judge

    2. A rape and it’s not your burden to carry so lo the woman. Stop trying to question what bigger heads than you already figured out to be FACTUAL. The federal government don’t payout on mere accusations. This bigger than you and I and the final verdict came down to it that she was RAPED AND KIDNAPPED! You could chaw iron that is the reality of this woman life and again, NOT YOUR BURDEN TO CARRY.

  39. The way how nuff ppl get dem stay here a betta a dem nd God alone know how dem get it ….more time little things like dis or even marriage etc mek dem revoke it nd charge unno wid fraud (General Statement)

  40. Yes Met whole heap of cases on file. You have the case of the doctor who was a citizen by paper and he was arrested by “error” and they sodomized him with broomstick. Same as the African man in New York. I did academic researches on this *ish long before Marcia became known to me.
    Again, I too had doubts because of how it was presented and by judging her through the “window” of social media, but after researching (nuff report on it) and being schooled in Public policies and law…the doubt went away, for which I offer a 1000 apologises for; I’ve walked that road and shouldn’t have been quick to judge either.

  41. Real talk Marcia just hating on the who the hell goes on sumone page request them as a Fren look up a pic that has bin posted for so long to come talk bout it now ? Marcia not suppose to talk about anyone cause Apple a scammer n u use the money when u con the government out of to buy drugs n sell the 2 a uno a beat the system so y hate on another Apple do look better than Marcia by far Marcia is in no way shape or form to talk about ppl cause she no look good her ass needs to be pon on a carton box as missing she need to do her belly an stop doing thoes retard pose it no look good u have a daughter whea u no chat say she was f**king Miguel n the boy in California at the same time what mother scandal her own child ….taking bout child u daughter look like a pit bull short stumpy wit a big f**king head so don’t go on ppl page n f**k wit them cause your shit ain’t no better u say u a hot gal hot gal no drive old car the shape dem change u need to catch up can’t enter flossing race wit old vehicle ….hot gal no pay fi cocky n every cocky u teck is a batty man cocky Gary sweetness…..sean650…pony a ny ….an young mike all gay men u a f**k u pussy shit up leave ppl alone man pot can’t cuss kettle

  42. Me a try go in a me hi5 account. I had marcia and demecia as frens. And is long before the rape case marcia a wear bran and hype and thing. Her daughter didnt have baby yet. Memba her daughter sweet 16 a bare tings.

  43. Morning Met,Metters,
    Bwoy mi gwan wid mi joke when mi ready but this is a serious and bigger thing thing than you people looking at. Mi deh yah a read di comments and is still amazed that other women are saying that it is not rape. How could it not be rape? Even if she agreed, who knows why she agreed. He may not have threatened her verbally but did it through intimidation. Him lucky a only 7yrs him get. He is a man of the law, which seems to be lost on all of you talking, and should have just taken her to where she was suppose to go to be processed. For those who are disregarding the fact that she was in fact raped, weh unu not realizing is that this thing is bigger than unu reading and saying here. All a unuu and or unu children boy or girl could face di same thing as Marcia. I guess you are not reading and or watching the news and therefore is not aware of all the cruel things happening to our black sisters and brothers all over this country by people in law enforcement/authority? The dehumanizing act of rape is something no one should have to go through, no matter what. If they committed a crime that is what the judicial system is there for and if they somehow slip through then them guh deal with dem maker, the most high. Some a unu need fi separate di stupid casscass going on between the two women and look at what happened caz it look like unu either blinded by unu hate for Marcia and or unu love fi Apple. Funny thing is these women might not even see you guys as frens and would never go to bat for unu like dat, some a unu dem don’t even know seh unu exist. Suh instead a fighting over the women and them clothes stolen or nah, unu need fi do is speak up and fight for the fairness and equal justice for our people, so that one day yours and my /child/children, grandchildren and generations to come will not have to go through these injustice and immoral acts. Some a unu just so used to peering down a tiny likkle hole unu cannot si di bigger picture fi save unu life. Wake up people,this right here is bigger than these two ladies, some a unu might nuh understand until it reach unu door, God forbid.

  44. I said my peace I know marcia and met your going defend your opinion and regardless of what court document says we all know that not everything is put in the document exactly why they would not create the freedom act and try free innocent cases !! The funny thing is marcia and I have no disagreement I have no ill will toward her I just don’t like her behavior against her own child and people . Marcia does not have nothing over me as I don’t have anything over her !! Marcia knows who I am I own a health agency so there you go I don’t have to say my name . You all can cuss me I don’t care because i am entitled to my opinion and I used to do my shit with marcia right up in a newyork in my younger days I changed my life after my own run in with the law . I’m not putting her business out there but when you draw blood on people then mouth Mek to say anything especially when you knowingly consent to sex then flip it .
    Now get this clear Anissa McLean was deported back in 2010 for sexual organization guess who was apart of the sweep marcia selling sex in Miami florida …. They turn state witness on the girl and marcia and others placed the young girl in that line of work to make money for herself plus them .
    Marcia is no innocent don’t come defend her to me met because you don’t know this women . Not because the hatred for happle the magnitude of wicked things all in the name of money and flossing you guys have not a clue who marcia is so I will just let you’ll please her case
    And if it was a real victim who was raped and happle topple har mumma har Pickney cuss her I would defend victim !! But not when we drink laugh and hear her talk about what went down . Not a tear she all talk to her mother in Jamaica on the man phone oh yes him dead wrong
    Same way me can call police pon my man and seh him lick me and rape me what you think going happen !! Marcia will get my sympathy when she tells the truth he was wrong but she was never in fear of her life for a fact
    And all you’ll come talk bout me is no good oh please trying to get a child homeless is not wicked ? Sleeping with your daughter man is not wicked ? Bawling rape then laughing at the government after she sign the paper with the lawyer and get the cashier check that not sad !! Child please

    1. “I have no ill will toward her…”
      I’ll be damned and eat my rasscloth dictionary and parchment papers if “ill will” means anything outside of this long ass post you just made about a person you “…have no ill will toward…”. :sup2:

    2. So I’m assuming you went to INS and law enforcement with this very vital piece of information when the story first broke…right???

      1. Or is it now that the lady get ar compensatory money and yuh nay si none ah it mek yuh talking up now?….yuh know seh its true when dem seh money is the root of all evil. It is soooo true!!

        1. Metty, whatever the case may be…IN THE EYES OF THE LAW, he kidnapped and raped her because she was HANDCUFFED during transport to the holding facility, so it is viewed as kidnapping. This so called friend is a greedy snake because like Bob Marley seh inna him song, friends lakka she will siddung and drink and laugh wid yuh and deep dung dem *KNOW* dem nuh like you…dat is why people mud be very very VERY careful as tuh who dem consider friends and if yuh gut instinct tell yuh otherwise, go with your gut instinct and run dem. YOU MS. FRIEND , who is now all of ah sudden, defender and protector of the law, KNEW what Marcia did plot and plan, but instead yuh siddung deh ana drink and laugh it up BIG….knowing that she was going to intentionally ruin this man’s life….but instead of you talking her out of it and telling her that she is taking this shit too far, yuh probably did een pan di plot ana wait fe get piece ah di sekklement money and now since Marcia realize seh she nuh need yuh bloodclaat fe nutten and she NAAAAAAAAHHHH gi yuh NONE ah di raas money, yuh wa come on ya come confess yuh sins….BITCH F**K OUTTA HERE!!…YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY!!!!!!….so with that being said, bottom line is this…the law ruled in her favor…case closed!!!!!…..with friends like you, who tha fuchk needs enemies. I would rather to be alone and happy than to have people around me like you. I truly from my core, despise people like you.

        2. This man knew he was breaking the law and violating his job’s code of ethics so he got exactly what the duck get…this gal seh she knew what Marcia was up to so she shoulda took her ass down to the INS and told the truth *as she claims it to be*…I hope if any of yuh friends dem reading JMG and know who you are ms. health agency, them cut weh leff from round yuh cause you have no love nor loyalty inna yuh.

    3. Can I ask you one single question. Marcia was never in New York so how u get that bit of information and when did you work with her if she never lived in New York

      1. The person u claim she get deport has never been in any prison system either. When unno a call down wicked and evil pan people unno cannot do the same and then call unoself a better person

        1. Metty, ah the gal money ah mad dem…Marcia, if ya huh gi ANYBODY some ah yuh money, geet tuh yuh near and dear family members and friends who were and still are your rock and support systems or donate to charities that are deserving of your monetary support…try yuh best stay clear of dancehall “friends” and disya hungry bang belly bitch weh claims seh she NOW knows the truth…mi seh Metty, money can bring out the worst side of people…it bun mi cause she wait til AFTA Marcia get ar CASHIERS CHECK fe come “confess the truth” cause di gal nay give ar not even ah $5 dolla…disgusting on all levels! 😡

          1. Yeppie from Friday she mek it seem as if we really tek it personal and dislike apple..that was the end she come from but it was she who had a personal vendetta. Wid Apple shoes it was taken in stride because it was fun and funny at the same time but fi say all these lies beyond wicked

        2. Metty, mi ah read EVERYTING weh she and all the blogggers dem ah type seh, and mi ah analyze ana pick sense outta nonsense and I have a pretty good idea of what went down with Marcia and the ex agent, but irregardless of that, the fact still remains that this guy BROKE THE LAW on soooooo many levels. She was being transported in handcuffs so if he decided to derail from the intended route per his assignment with a prisoner in HANDCUFFS, that IS considered KIDNAPPING in the eyes of the law. He also had a weapon on his person, so they’re gonna also view that as sexual assault with a weapon…what people don’t know is that whether it was consensual sex or not, the government plays BY THE BOOKS and he was a government employee who did not play by the book and broke ALOT of laws and Code of Ethics…according to the law. Mi naah huh waste my time ah focus pon what marcia did from what she neva duh…what ah piss me off is that ms. health agency claim seh she knew of the plan before hand or even after the fact, but she NEVA bring it to the attention of the authorities simply because SHE WAS IN ON THE PLAN HERSELF ALL SAKE AH MONEY, and now that she nuh get ah cut of the money, she wa run come confess weh she did know….Mety, I bettu seh if Marcia did give her some of the cashiers check money, she woulda neva come on ya come comment….

          1. Yeppie the person is grasping at a lot of straws, I dont know why. If u notice she is claiming to have been friends with Marcia but has never said Marcia told her anything so that goes to show u

  45. Don’t know done of them personally but Marica has her own SHIT in her closet. Everyone has skeleton but some ppl skeleton fresh with shit on it. Lesson learn Marcia don’t open another person closet on social media. Apple you still a BUM and I don’t know you.

  46. Ive known about Marcia’s Ins case long time ago and thought most of u peeps on pink wall did too. I any event, the bible says, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, and since me have so many, imma keep my lips sealed. BUT, AND I SAY BUT QUITE FIRMLY, HALF THE STORY HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD AND WHAT U SEE, HEAR, READ AND THINK U KNOW, DOESNT BEGIN TO SCRAPE THE SURFACE..BUT MEK ME SHUT ME RAAS PIE-HOLE..I’LL RESERVE MY SYMPATHY FOR SOMEONE WHO’S TRULY WORTHY..GOD IF U NUH BUSY WALK CHU YAH…EVENING METTY AND CREW..

  47. You couldn’t find Marcus ins case now you can find who I mention
    Now I now this site bias bad bad all because the hatred for happle !! You will pick up for someone who scam sex trade etc !! I’m done bias bad bad

    1. Biased just like your honesty and loyalty to Marcia who you once considered a friend, just because you did not get any of her money.

      1. Yep! she fi walk good and nu stumble over fi har owna skeleton whey a tumble out a closet pon har. Since she a stand up and pull out other oman skeleton.
        Bitch we bias till bias can’t done when you biches with an agenda of evil come bout! All Happle a betta somebody than you to rass!

  48. Yep! no waste no more time pon dah liar yah, lol You can’t just time who going to transport you because all you know is a thick, musky red neck who have no love for brown meat. Factor in that she was already going to be transported with other males…statistically, pre-planning any type of escape was NIL! (Bell curve normal) But because this single person (officer) had a bad itch for brown meat the statistics did an abnormal curve in the VICTIM’s favor.
    Health agency gal go hold yu corna. How much whoring and drugs it tek fi yu own agency since you and THE FOX worked together and ARE/WERE in cohoots? Did you rob medicade too? Go sit your bias, evil badmind ass dung!
    Met, We need a Evil repelant spray round

  49. I Remember when u posted this bout 2-3 years ago. And smaddy did come and post say she plan the whole thing caz she all did save some a di kids in the….
    it may be on the old site but i remember this story very clear. Becaz at the time there was a young girl who dem did fall out with and marcia did a help her. Them say the girl did a give up ppl so that she or her modda could get stay and marcia cudnt believe a so the girl did stay cause them find out how the youngn lure her friend to somewhere and immi lock up the friend. Nuff posts was coming in about bout marcia. So this anon person isnt the first to say it did plan.
    i guess who have time can go dig up the story pon the old site

    1. Not the name that was mentioned …Suelyn something like that I remember well they were talking about sex selling and those had nothing to do with her in Krome. As I said lastnight when I did hear of the case that time mi never believe if u remember well but after being able to view the actual documents in detail mi mind think differently. She did not help anyone in Krome

      1. Metty, gaha yuh bed and doe mek dis ole pizaat at work yuh brains at this hour of nite ; nite ya mummy/PP :peluk :peluk

    2. Anon, if you live in the states and you know what it was like before 9/11 you’ll see that a federal jail break in 2007! was a hell no.
      Chances are is the same person from the post 2-3 years ago come back again, not to exclude that the person is among a set of like minded females.
      I’ll be damned if I let them play on my intelligence…yu can’t plan that shit and it work out the way it did. Again, JMG harbors all kind of people with all kind of occupations, and I’m telling you dem is a bunch of lying idiots. What she did before the money is irrelevant to how to get her money and that is the real argument. She may have cut dem ass off because dem want fi wine and dine and gwan like she fi give dem some, yet you have a gal a chat her and bout she nah bare har no ill will…lolol what a rass.
      Morning Met and Yep! lol

  50. Yes met i found the comment from the pink bentley post and i never did believe it either. Did google the story and was in awe…but now as you said you see the court documents and i understand your feelings toward it.
    As for the anissa chick i dont know bout that i was just trying to remember about the wicked girl that marcia thought was her friend.
    @ yep i believe you think i am the same person who claims to be marcia’s friend.there are several different anon posts here.
    The bloggers from 2010 and beyond will remember that post true jmg style

  51. As for the girl mi a talk bout it wasnt nobody from krome. A just a girl she knew and she took her into her home then she find out hr intentions if my memory a do mi good

  52. Marcia a hot up uno head because all Mose of you talking you don’t know Marcia because the person who say she an Marcia was in new hark an Marcia do all ripe of things yu lie,lie,lie,lie,an say Marcia go to jail before an inform on some one you lie you don’t know the girl she never go to jail only that one time an it was that I.n.s problem . And it was one of her friend inform on her when her baby father get deported she went down with is things an her friend was jealous when she came back an call I.n.s an say she have a book an that went to her work an pick her met let all these fool an liners that all here a story an run with it 95% of them don’t know the girl. Marcia used to money from ja I am from mo boy I know Marcia about 20-25 years from wen she a walk with 1 bag of food home on till she move out of the ghetto an live in carol Gardon an start driving car . Then she came to the u.s.a in the late 90 th. so because the women get a little money you all on her back ,it was her the man f**k she saw on her back not you all gust what she get the book now an she get pay an Mose of some fo you life you never get a dollar off yu pussy so now yu vex. Don’t hate the game hate the player. Wrap them Marcia abaya abay big up all mo boy yu get the life story dun off a her now

  53. Fact of the matter whether the story’s true or not. She got a settlement and if you were raped that’s more reason for you to be thankful for life. The man coulda do worse or even kill her. Instead you a hype off the rape money and a call people on fake things. It’s the way she behave Mek me don’t believe the story. She hype bad and it’s uncalled for. You say di man rape you well ok chill relax and thank The Lord. It’s sad yes if it’s true but many rape victims don’t benefit from the situation. She should be grateful she got something out of it and she didn’t get deported or worse murdered. You deh pon ig a argue over who shoes fake and who fa real wid the rape settlement money. God knows and the story just don’t add up. You get rape a di man house and you get a chance to use the phone to call your daughter which rapist kind suh? Dwl

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