I hope Chronixx know and listen this clip. Garvey spoke on his mail fraud trial that was trumped up by the government of United States. They feared Garvey’s influence on the black race and ironically the NAACP played a part in Marcus’ conviction.


    1. Hey Met…the NAACP isn’t about ‘poor darkies’ but more upper crust, conservative ‘darkies’ and light skins. They only come on board ‘poor darkie’ issues to maintain relevance.

      All agwan, Garvey played his role in the selling of shares on a dream.

  1. What a powerful speech. The part that stuck out the most is when he said God judge the soul but man judge the flesh. Hmmm and that man from antigua that claim to come from Sierra Leon. A long time them other island people yah no proud a weh dem come from enuh. Ask a Jamaican where him come from and see how quick and upright him jump fi say Jamaica. Ask another person from any of these islands and the first thing they hit you with is “guess” smh

  2. Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey and His Dream of Mother Africa by Colin Grant

    Pretty good read if anyone wants to check it out.

  3. yes met! that’s why chronixx say black face mean nothing to him!!! black people a sell out each other long time that’s how we end up in slavery to begin with!!!! IF THERE WERE NO SELLER THERE COULDNT BE NO BUYER!!!

    1. True true!!! Although I don’t agree with Chronixx to call Obama “waste man” I understand his point on noy trusting a person because they are black. However overall Chronixx is very out of order to call Obama waste man, Chronixx could have stated his opinion in a more intelligent manner since he claims to be so damn intelligent. Some of these so call rastas are a damn disgrace to Garveyism.

  4. Interesting how everything Garvey spoke about is very much relevant today. The behaviour fo the people the lack of support for black businesses, the vile and uncouth behaviour of some.

    1. aint shit change thats what I said to myself..but our likkle groups of black empowerment nah work because dem send our same black man come bring we down..we have to start infiltrating them..start go ina places whey only white people would go..match dem steps then we will get some answers.

  5. It was the narrator but the way in which he did it, we can’t help but to believe that said words were uttered by Garvey. I am going to reference the actual Garvey speech and then compare and contrast it with this audio…

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