Now mi affi sen in da gyal ya caz she wicked no bl**dclat, she is one confused b**tch and right now a must the visa confuse r caz b4 the visa she was a humble girl, imagine yuh live a d pple dem gyal pickney yaad fi five yrs after d man ye d famous producer man stop pay yuh rent and u had no where to go, yuh go katch up a d ppl dem yaad n as u get visa less dan a yr yuh start bloodclaat hype.

u mus think God a sleep, this minute yuh put up church was good the next u put up party shot mek up yuh mind a God r d devil yuh a praise then yuh put up the dutty battyman looking rasta boy pon yuh instagram bou a yuh man and the night b4 yuh de a the b*ch yaad a beat down d butch door n window fi let yuh in but tru u com buk a next gal u put up d dutty boy pic t, then a tell people is jus a random pic u put up fi spite d butch.

yuh lie nuh bloodclaat, bout him a rasta n yuh suck p**sy n lick out batty like thers no 2marrow, a nuh rasta dat a bloodclaat dread ca a pur pu**sy him a taste afa dem lip de, that why the butch put yuh out inna middle day all dash yuh thing a door ca u f**ky f**ky .

like all policeman weh raid unu yaad yuh go f**k dutty nasty police man from hw3 police u really confused bout u was lesbian, now u cant even put up a man say a fi yuh to the amount u f**k n suck, dat why the butch put yuh pon blast pon instagram n facebook a doe wrong r fi bus yuh head n beat out yuh bloodclaat then put yuh out.
a gal like unu spread aids, bruk and hungry and party every night with u sell pu**y fren thats all unu good fa, people a talk it doe look r sound good. all of a sudden u get visa u want d best a both worlds u want d but fi yuhself n yuh wa d man. yuh fi thank d gal fi introduce yuh to visa, ca wen d money man did av u book say him a get visa u wait till die kingdom com till d butch affi sen u fa.

a pitty d producer neva kno dem time de a 3 anuh u did a f**k two man an a gal, terry clean up yuh folly ground. yuh dash weh d stick b4 yuh cross d river, u ago drown. woi all da butch de woie barrow money fi d two a unu go embassy sametime mi na lie r heart strang, it doe look good. stop put the people dem gal pickney like ina danger, if u a f**k a man f**k a man if a gal a gal

0 thoughts on “LESBIAN STIRRINGS

  1. omg dwl dem talk ya suh enuh, yes sah, a longtime mi know terry and she eva a f**k man she just sneaking with it, mi always see her out wit man and a wonder weh the butch de

  2. the butch always a f**k pon her mi no see the big deal ya so plus the butch live with him woman so one have a rasta an one av a dread jah rastafari dwl

  3. Now look pon the thing Weh u pick up thought me would see a girl like you with a respectable man smh, money mek uno young girls stoop the lowest. Smh just sad

  4. Top comment you a talk bout sender sad and lame and a pur truth talk right de suh plus wul heep more did de fi talk. Dem gal de is a gal weh mi use to rate but when u ago put the people gal pickney life ina danger caz a money u fi gweh n go look a work a so terry want live party every night and con man u fi satisfy, u use to humble so weh the hype fa now u faka than the hair weh u wear. Big bloodclaat educated gal like u confused a doe wrong d gal fi put u out now u gone whore dun country, dem should a sen in a full pic wit d boy dwl tacky nuh bloodclaat, u going tun one big breed up junky when him dun wit u if yuh nuh dun him money by that dwl. I will pray for unoz

  5. Here ye….a soh a person act wen den hurt..just like wah u rite…u tink by u doing dis..no bady nah goh wan er…plus a soh gay ppl tan always. .ANGRY

  6. Dwl if mi fren come comment on this a worries, mi friend happy with him life yea the butch happy how terry rch a the butch yard though and she have her man, a who you man when terry a talk down mi fren all reach uppa mona a tek picture an a call dun and drive down the butch she no hurt, my fren would neva drive go Mandeville fi that bitch, if the buth did so inlove why the butch put her out though wouldnt he fight fa that love nioooooo him beat her an put her out mi have picture so becareful

  7. @penny me a penny u

    the butch write all a that pon instagram unda terry picture weh him put up on his instagram so whats your point plus she went on facebook and wrote the same things so whats your point obviously him naw hide nothing a something weh everybody know so you lame nuh bloodclaaat and a no lie him a tell she a bitch and a it that long before and long after him its nothing new foh like seriously. don’t go saying your a lesbian when you know your bisexual dafuk really. the butch a talk and him suppose to talk cause she a talk and make it look like a the butch use to f**k pon her and she get tired a it smfh foh she f**king confused

  8. man ago always want her a pussy she hav @penny you sound like a dunce smh man f**k anything that walk and man love f**k gal weh dem know f**k gal so what exactly are you trying to say.

  9. man ago always want her a pussy she hav @penny you sound like a dunce smh man f**k anything that walk and man love f**k gal weh dem know f**k gal so what exactly are you trying to say.

  10. top comment a terry write that, penny me a you a the cousin, me friend is right ya so bside me and me sorry him neva get the chance to bus her head one more time terry why you run go in the car when him pul the gril a com out him shoulda hol you mi sorry him never mash up the white Toyota oxio weh you u drive com a him yard mi hurt him never bus you head again hurt. now the butch suppose to hurt and if him did want terry him would not put her out and dash water in her face listen a gi mi wa gi banna the computer fi write a bagga things a me fi tell you

  11. waste of **king time right here yute gwaan hold the faith and build with you empress and low out them bisexual woman here. me just happy you get rid of here you a good yute balla bless

  12. This sound like a very very jealous and hurt butch n a ghetto rat.I am a butch too but I have class.stop trying to demoralize the girl because u can’t get her.d gyal Mek har choice,stop belittle har,money run things n u nuh have none. Dutty chunny guh clean yuh teeth n learn how fi suck pussy.stop haunt d gyal she nuh wah yuh ugly chunny.stop spread rumour pon d gyal u n yuh sketel fren dem low d gyal mek she live har life.a baaaay mek d gyal move on,a mussi u set dem fi rob d gyal a hwt,stop stalk d gyal Caz she a plan fi tel out restraining order low hard good good mek it prosper.mine she call her police man pon yuh!terry bisexual yuh jus afi love it.a wonder if she wah come my way

  13. heyyyy terry live with the ghetto rat fi five years so she a mrs rat but wait chunny say a so her uncle call her dwl, have manners, look at the stupid cunt how my friend fi want terry when a chunny put her out, first a guess terry like ugly people because john did ugly the police man ugly and Christopher the stay bad dread ugly to so she into ugly people #pow suck hood butch come good plus you is not a butch you brave eh a call name. read the story again because if you want someone yuh no put dem out, yuh no f**k inna dem bed, yuh no f**k inna dem car, yuh nuh use dem money weh dem send every week and mine gal dwl a weh the bloodclaat uno de when terry come a chunny yaad april 1st a beat down door when the girl av r woman in de bout the owner fi the house de ya dwl bitch chill suck hood butch chill matter fact mi fren av pic a sorry chunny sorry fi r she no post them,,,hey a dash mi fren dash her clothes dem out the house wdf we av pic and we will post dem so chill, terry is a bitch a whore a dog chit and a it that, yea we petty well petty. bout demoralize she already did that herself you sound so stupid and upset a which the butch wod reply to to @observer

  14. i must laugh because terry drove from mandeville come a town at the people dem yard and you the so call butch a say a chunny a trouble her really seriously God know a that u mek yuh mouth really say.

  15. the butch fi just send in the voice note them and the screenshot dem and call it a day because a bare f**kry a gwaan her so, de gal na tell no lie pon terry, terry same way yuh f**k pon melvin and go de with the producer sameway you f**k pon the producer and de with the butch weh name john samway you f**k pon john and go de with chun same way you f**k pon chun and de with the boy you put up on ig but what chun live with him woman up by karachi a when this story ago done no sah done now because you f**k up terry me know you and know deep down you know you f**ked up and get put terry a you did a run in back to chun a say you ago buy bike me and book hotel and due to how chun dark and ignorant and a ask you weh u ago get money from you vex, no sah a when it ago end terry me know you dont want chun com talk pon this page,,,,,ok terry member you cone from new york the tuesday and the same night the butch beat you,, terry and the thursday him dash out your thing and bus up yuh face so com on now do you really want to go there i was at the gate i saw everything

  16. @observer you could neverrrrrr be a butch and a trace so omg i’m just here reading over your comment and realize is you sameone name penny me lololol,,,,you said the butch ugly and terry bin living with the girl at her house for five years wol a five 1 2 3 4 5 years lolololol now terry might look provocative but not f**king pretty with wit dem flat ass no tits twist up front teeth honestly chunn should of run terry long time, from the night terry run here down and made a scene in the area, raasclaat seet de all the arnettte balla f**k it terry go luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,,, when u gonna bring up suck pussy dont do it ask terry me friend never suck her yettttttttttt neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr terry do all the sucking. if you jump on that part terry we ago burry yuh, do you truly find the need to prolong this issue cas me bored a terry and chun now plus me wa sleep gurl bye. let the dread suck the pussy now a fi him time. lololol bored chunn av visa long b4 t a wah chun a f**k the rasta girl two year now and terry did still live a d butch yaad so a wah, mi bored and tired a dem

  17. bianca stop call up me pussyclaat name ova ya you see how far me live a wa you did a look a f**k to you see how you ugly and fava when pussy a look through tear draaz. too much lipping ova ya me not even a com back pon this site cause if me talk bout you you hate you cousin. (blazer)

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