0 thoughts on “MARIO THE LAPPER

  1. What a disgrace for both of them. Because no man can’t bring me go them yard to sleep on blow up bed and f**k out my hole. Monique U wuckless just like him. If me a did you me would a shame to send out the pics . Mr Mario who brag like you on IG and yet U don’t own a bed . Some ppl priority really f**k up . You deh ja and all both and really don’t have a bed to even f**k the gyal them on.

      1. No mam. A du same boy who a brag bout receipts? And she did lay up in do same empty apartment on the air mattress? legend u no file taxes a u no house unno go sawt out not trips

  2. Dem mi raas. Gyal a tek frig pan blow up bed fi hype man? kiss mi kara kara. Is a wukliss generation dis.

  3. Why she mad now tho cuz mi sure before a did paradise inna har eye nd hole sight :nerd

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  4. No sah this Monday morning yah is not normal :malu . Mario sir you can buy a nice cheap bedroom set at Walmart since it look like that’s not top priority. That gal is no good. When she’d a get f**k on the blow up it was all good until him leave her.

  5. how about, monique was only good enough for him and his frenz whore house….not every woman get the opportunity to go to a man’s home!!!!!!!!monique u attempted to disgrace mario, but sweetie i think its more shame on u….because no man can bring me into a house like that….call me what u want, but no matter how in love i am, the minute i see a house like that. trust me u cant even call bavk my phone……monique just bow out and call it a day plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Me always a wonder where the male shoplifters hide the clothing’s that they steal. I never know is underneath their crotch they been hiding them :ngakak

  7. kmrct………….man a bachelor….bed,furniture wall decoration and dem shit not important… a somewhe fi sleep or dagga a stray gyal…..yuh want lay dung inna bed wid goose down comforter go check yuh mumma a her yawd….man need a one mattress,stove,fridge, tv and cable along wid one xbox or sup’m….add di criss cyar and some designer gear and gyal get fool and f**k all di while……lmfao

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