Where was the police since this was across the street from the police station?

Following the World Cup qualifying soccer match, held on Tuesday, September 10,2013, at The National Stadium between Costa Rica and Jamaica, sadness and disappointment has now entered the hearts of many Jamaicans. The match which ended with a 1-1 draw has seemingly left one of Jamaica’s prized monuments defaced.
Residents in close proximity to the National Stadium are alleging that during the match, visitors from the opposing team, brought along with them, paint that they used to paint their faces in the color their country’s flag. Witnesses who have requested to be unnamed, allege that there was also white paint used by the visitors while they were in the National Stadium.
After the match, while exiting the stadium , witnesses allege that a few of the men who were using the paint earlier that evening, hurled the remaining red paint unto the monument.
Speculations are that, many people may have seen the incident but declined to take it seriously because there was no hostility during the game. They may have thought that the visitors were having a good time. Also,there was a strong police presence in the area and no alarm was made during and after the incident.
A young woman who uses the route via stadium to get home said that

I drive directly pass the statue and it was clean, inna di night when match a gwaan mi drive pass it and it was clean this around 7”00pm. On my way to work the next morning ( Wednesday) mi see red paint all over the statue”.Dem come throw paint pon wi statue, and the dam police station dey right cross the road. Heights of slackness

Residents in the area said that after seeing that the statue was still marred by red paint that evening, they decided to take pictures which were submitted to The Jamaican media has followed suit and the statue has since been cleaned.





    1. Me a costarican (Limon city bwoy) but dis likkle rascal dem Need a Real Angry Jamaican to beat di shit out a dem. My sincerely apologies to Jamaican massive and especially to di Marley Family, from a costarican bwoy.

    2. If some Tico did this, I apologize on behalf of my country, that attitude DOES NOT represent who we are, so ashamed of those few assholes who did this..!!! Best Regards and best of luck my fellow Jamaicans!

    3. Im not going to apologize because there is no need , that is just the act of a hater , We costaricans have a huge jamaican culture and we respect a lot , however we also have other lifestyles and they usually dont respect anybody specially if related to reggae music , it will be fixed and even shown on tv to shit on them , cant blame the real costarican ppl for that , respect fih all jamaican massive and bless up from san jose costa rica !

    1. @ Fyah Wife….yuh know mi guh whey and come back and look good on Bob’s bulge and yes it’s very eye catching fi true….
      If the act was the other way around and they caught the people who did it, dem wudda give them some real street justice. They are very disrespectful

      1. I would love for them to explain to us what made them do this. They must have climbed up on a ladder of some sorts, that statue has been there since I was a child I watched it go up because I lived very close to there. Why Marley?

        1. Were so sorry dude, Were NOT like that, if some tico did this I apologize on behalf of my country, as a FAN of Mr Bob, let me tell you, Im sorry, really dude, Im so sorry, Best regards and lots of love to you guys, love for Jamaica from Costa Rica, the REAL Costa Rica, not the stupid assholes who did this!

  1. VERY OUT OF ORDER!!!! Them need fi fine dem & mek dem do community service AND mek dem use dem toothbrush & clean it off! Very bright & out of order! Dem go ah dem country wid dat foolishness.

  2. Met, this hurt mi on so many levels, like the police dem frighten fi foreigners. When I was driving pass the police where there in there numbers directing traffic so how dem miss this fi somebody do all a this.

        1. so dem go buy red paint in jamaica fi come deface our monument whey nuh have nothing fi do wid dem in no way shape or form..dem shudda mek dem get a public flogging

    1. Im So sorry dude, We are NOT all like that, if some TICO did this, I apologize on behalf of my country, best regards dude!

  3. sooooooo were they placed under arrest for defacing ppl’s property?? How u fi go ah smaddy else country and do dem tings?? Out of order is not even the word

  4. since they know the perpetrators, will we get to see them and what if any are the charges against them? caw is like we fritten fi dem disrespectful set s shyt if a did eva yawdie inna a nexx country all wi pic wudda up pon media n inna newz already


  6. But weh mi nuh understand is how so much ppl drive, walk and all ride pass this since Tuesday and it don’t make the no form of news…plus the station dey right across the road.

  7. This is so degrading….and trust if Jamaicans went to Costa Rica and did this they would have faced punishment….bless up Bob we still love you…


    1. Were so sorry dude, Were NOT like that, if some tico did this I apologize on behalf of my country, as a FAN of Mr Bob, let me tell you, Im sorry, really dude, Im so sorry, Best regards and lots of love to you guys, love for jamaica from Costa Rica, the REAL Costa Rica, not the stupid assholes who did this!

  9. There is a heavy Jamaican culture in Costa Rica. Them even nyam run dung as a very popular dish and some places use patois as a first language. I don’t get this at all very rude.

  10. Them not suppose to get away with this none at all, look how many years it’s there in excellent conditions, and no Jamaicans has ever did any thing to damage it, why should we allows the Costa Ricans to get away with this, they should be charged, pay a fine, do some community hours by cleaning it off. I hope they bar them from leaving the country until we resolved this matter. Darn bright and out of order.

  11. I didn’t know costa rica had jamaican there or are even influenced by Jamaican culture… The English might sound similar to patio but it’s not. Panama had a big Jamaican population because of the Panama Canal that’s why there’s so many Panamaians that has Jamaican decent there and we talk simliar way how u speak the English! I love bob Marley these most of been some young kids and why were they there anyway… They wrong for that there’s no doubt about that!

    1. Gal, Me a costarican (limon city bwoy) and YES we are direct descendant of jamaicans, yuh suppose to hear a place in di caribbean coast name/call Limon or lemon, We speak Jamaican too. Bwoy me only nuo dat whoever did dis to di statue of “bobie” deserve a RAS Clattt Lik inna dem ass. >Dis ting is a racist ting now. Paña (spanish peolpe dem (most are Racists) And who went over and did dis, are Rascals.

    1. Go Suck yu madre HALF BREED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF SPANISH WHORES! Nasty Dominicans, Costa Ricans, Cubans dem think dem white…

      Quena…nu feel nu way but a so war fight.

        1. Dem pass bright! A one a we likkle half breed dem or de likkle rusty batty Jamaican fish dem may de behind dis. De white man and arab dem love Costa Rica so dem can dress de bwoi dem up like likkle females.

          1. Were so sorry dude, Were NOT like that, if some tico did this I apologize on behalf of my country, as a FAN of Mr Bob, let me tell you, Im sorry, really dude, Im so sorry, Best regards and lots of love to you guys, love for Jamaica from Costa Rica, the REAL Costa Rica, not the stupid assholes who did this!

    2. I don’t know what you have said because I don’t speak Spanish nor do I want to ( gladly flunked it in high school :2thumbup), but I will say this…whether you be a white Hispanic or black Hispanic, unu quick fe talk bout nigger dis and nigger dat, black dis and black dat. Mi a beg unu fe please stop it because I am a light skinned black woman..and I am highly offended when I am mistaken for one of you roaches. Speak English Puta, cause that is the primary language of communication all over the world…thanks honey :kiss

    3. Translatation Of this comment: me cago en sus madres negros hijos de puta.

      I Shit on you all Black dudes, What race is Stronger? BLACK. That’s the reason you affraid to make Black get power, because you guys would not be able to dominate us anymore. So F**K YOU!

      Vaya ver quien se lo culea Playo: Go SUCK Yuh Mada.

  12. Hi, my name is Charlene I´m Costa Rican….I am really sorry to read this…., this a shame for our country, this is not correct. RESPECT is the base and I´m embarrassed, this is a small group we are not like that…. I apologyzed in name of my country!!!!

  13. i second Charlene Duncanson, I´m Costa Rican as well and you cannot condem an entire country for what a few ignorant small group of people did. We have a lot of jamaicans here and I´m Jamaican descendant too, so i just want to apologize in name of my country too, its sad and embarrassing to read and see these things happen. I hope this doesnt make Jamaicans that havent been to Costa Rica or had contact with any of us, take and keep a bad impression of us, we are not all like these disrespectful people that did this. Respect to all.

    1. Thank you Kathy but please check the comment one of your fellow country men made just now. How could they really go into our country and deface such a famous icon. This is a global embarrassment

    2. I want an apology from de head of your country. Cause me use to apology and insult inna de same breath from those with nothing to lose. This warrants an apology from your executive body.

      1. It is only right for the government of Costa Rica to do. Marley is immortalized in so many countries by so many people and for a bunch of wayward idiots to come into his own country and do this..It is a global embarrassment

        1. China apologize to Egypt fi one a dem bad breed…Banana Republic Costa Rica need fi apologize. De one Portia need fi get that it no require no long begging bag fi accomplish. Dem Diplomat dem live pon de road whey de fish dem did tek ova de ada day so it nu tek long fi dem go pon TVJ.

    3. I’ feel so sorry about this situation, i am a Costarican too, but i Bet who did this are not Black People, because Bob is our idol, in fact i bet is a tiny small group of rockers, who just hate our culture, because these folks are trying to stop a reggae movement, So these peeps are just angry about it, Sorry from the bottom of My Heart.

  14. hi from Costa Rica…I have Jamaican roots and trust me this was done by the white costarricans…we don do these things we respect every body and we love Bob and in general Jamaica I been in Jamaica beautiful country and nice people,apologyze for what happen but hope them find who did this because this is disrespectful… Bless everyone!

  15. yep agree with Darnelle, we have racism all over and we just have to live with it. I´m 99% sure this was done by the white costa ricans, the only thing is that they do things and says things when them know that them face will not show, cause them coward. them dont like black but dancing to the black people music and trying to imitate we too. Sad but true, am not racist at all but i rather to keep my race pure, honestly. One country but so many subdivisions.

    1. I have a question , when you say white Costa Ricans you mean white in color right but they couldnt be white by blood..They would love to think they are white I am sure. Dem fi leave we and our dancing because we not going to stop

      1. Hi Met…In Costa Rica we are less than 5% black people, yes we mean white by skin color…. We have to deal with racism all the time, even they say not anymore it is still someting going on in our country. ALso we have mix people (black with white) these also get racism attack since our color is stonger. It is difficult for us also and we as Jamaican decendants we don´t like to see these things going on…
        I really hope you find the ones who did this, because they need to be punished!!…Bless!

    2. Met, nuff a de white kin one dem have Nazi heritage. Argentina full a dem. Me nu like nothing whey nu come from Panama and P.R. De rest a panish dem me have a rass problem wid.

    1. Hi Candy, maybe they already left since a group of them went for the soccer game on tuesday against Jamaica for the world cup… I hope they are still there and get what they deserved by been so disrespectful!!

  16. I’m from Costa Rica i just want to apologise for this type of behaviour, i’m ashamed of this, I’M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THIS IN NAME OF THE REST OF THIS COUNTRY POPULATION…i know words are not goind to fix this, but at least know that in here there lot of people worried about this, we as a country are ashamed of this

    So sorry Jamaicans, we really like you this was caused because of non-educated people 😐

  17. Sorry, I was reading and I couldnt see how you discovered this was done by people from that country. Could you please provide details?
    And yes, they need to be punished, doesnt matter if they are from that country or from china

        1. You can’t throw accusations like these and say “tomorrow I’ll upload the details”. We are aware that we had a match against Jamaica on Tuesday, and that we qualified into the World Cup…so there isn’t a motive for disgruntled fans.

          1. The statue has been there for years but as I said I will upload the details tomorrow..I will not write anything tonight so if you want to sit up or stand up until then , feel free

          2. Sure, the statue has been there for years, and that has nothing to do with what I’m protesting. I’m calling you out for making bullshit accusations without any sort of proof to show for them. You’re nothing but an agitator at this point.

          3. That is your farden, penny , cent dollar worth of business. We have spoken, one of your people the first one to comment said we are to be shitted on in spanish or did you miss that?

          4. Some a unu Hispanics dark and mud up like mi shoes bottom, and I mean that literally and figuratively. She doesn’t need to provide proof cause we Jamaicans wouldn’t deface our own iconic statue. Don’t you find it so ironic but yet a coincidence, that Bob’s statue was defaced just as you people arrived in our country? And so what if you qualified… What was the point behind defacing his statue? Whether y’all win or lose, Jamaicans will always pose a threat to y’all some way or another.

          5. Yep mi nuh know a whey she feel like..No one did a cuss costa ricans this morning , the post has been up all day..The person who logged on from costa rica said a very racist comment and that is when me and Phanton really start trace dem.

          6. Dem have some kind of inferiority complex and feel the need to take it out on Blacks of all nationalities. **I DON’T RAMP FE TELL DEM BOUT WEH DEM MIGRATE FROM AMD WEH DEM NEED FE GUH…ALL DUNG TO DI GRANNY A GET CUSS TUH!!!!!! Dem is a set a renkin dog shit, quick fe draw the nigger and black bitch card and I’m NOT gonna be disrespected by a bunch of peasants :fuck:

          7. Yeppie we were here a talk seh police need fi identify them and without we even knowing anything about racism one of them logged on and insulted us right there and then. The ip address is costa rican..Mind u the majority of Costa Ricans that have come on have apologized but this person a come ask fi proof which is fine but a come cuss we se we a spew hate and jump over what fi dem own country man seh..that is 200 times worst than all the comments that we have said..

          8. If unu really believe seh people frighten fe unu skin color think again cause bleaching cream a sell hard!! Whatever the reasoning behind your people defacing our statue is…get over it!!!

          9. Yeppie she need fi ask dem why because it was done on tuesday…but also why didnt the media say it even if they did not know who…say marley’s statue defaced then because this is no small news.

          10. “Go Suck yu madre HALF BREED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF SPANISH WHORES! Nasty Dominicans, Costa Ricans, Cubans dem think dem white…

            Quena…nu feel nu way but a so war fight.”

            Looks negative and like hatred to me.

          11. Do not insult yourself any further and you could do as the comment said since you have failed to see when I WROTE THAT WE DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING HARSH TO SAY UNTIL A RACIAL INSULT WAS MADE..So do as the comment says.

          12. Hola Puta, A me yu a look fah? Take dat Spaniard attitude elsewhere. Defend you compadres and I will defend my nation. Wrong is Wrong, that damn RED PAINT is a f**king insult it worse than if they had fling shit…the rain would have washed the shit away…but frigging RED PAINT?

            We have enough issues than to be bothered by some damn foreign activist or vandals.

          13. Phantom mi seh doe ansa it because I said that already and it go dig up u comment whey it doe know the meaning of what u write

  18. SSHiiit thats bad man! im from costa rica and love bob and reggae, but always remember, one person (or two) did this, not an entire nation!!!!

  19. I’m from Costa Rica and I would like to apologyze with all the Jamaican country, is not all Costa Ricans that act like that, in avery country we have badminds and not socialy or mentally capable to uderstand things,
    and believe me, an amazing percentage of of, Love bob marley, we love legacy and culture,

    Greetings and blessings

  20. What sort of bullshit is this? How do they know the person that did this is Costa Rican? It this some kind of sensatioanlist article to get people going?

    If someone has any sort of proof of the nationality of the perpetrators, then the rage and xenphobic comments exhibited here are understandable. But throwing that kind of hate with no concrete proof seems uneducated.

    1. get people going where? there was a witness who saw , took pictures and submitted..the paint was not photoshopped onto the statue for any sensationalism ..there was a match and after the match this was what happened.I will upload the details tomorrow .. jamaicans know little about costa ricans if anything , we are small we do not have the means or energy to perpetrate hate

      1. Get going, as in getting enraged. There’s enough hate on these comments to disprove what you just said about not having “the means or energy to perpetrate hate”

        If there’s proof, why aren’t the pictures depicting the accused shown as well? Why throw blatantly sensationalist accusations on the web and create a negative image of a country you know nothing about.

        Again, the match ended in a draw and Costa Rica qualified. Why would any football fan be enraged?

        1. Asked those who poured. If you want to know the means or energy by which we would need to blame the few costa ricans who did this read our news. We are very poor, each Jamaican worries about what to eat the next day or the means by which to survive. We really do not have the energy to hate on Costa Rica because it would not be beneficial to us for one. Two, we do not have a grudge against any Costa Rican nor have we been spewing any hate here..It is one of your very own Costa Rican who logged on and made a racist comment..that really pushed this over the edge so that is what we are ”sensationalized” about..

        2. Asked those who poured. If you want to know the means or energy by which we would need to blame the few costa ricans who did this read our news. We are very poor, each Jamaican worries about what to eat the next day or the means by which to survive. We really do not have the energy to hate on Costa Rica because it would not be beneficial to us for one. Two, we do not have a grudge against any Costa Rican nor have we been spewing any hate here..It is one of your very own Costa Rican who logged on and made a racist comment..that really pushed this over the edge so that is what we are ”sensationalized” about..

          1. So put the entire country on the rubbish bin for the alleged actions of one person? Should I think less of all Jamaicans for racist actions within Costa Rica, as well as the linkage of Jamaicans to narcotics and violent crimes in Limon. No, I measure people as individuals. And again, you fail to provide proof of your claims. Nothing more than an agitator. Don’t use the “poor card” to justify this behavior. No official Jamaican channel has said anything about the perpetrators’ nationality. But you decided, on your own, to put a flag on the person that did this. If you don’t think people haven’t been spewing hate, you might as well re-read the tirade of comments that have been made here.

          2. You see our comments but you did not see that we not one time spewed hate or is it that you cannot read? Your first language is spanish but you have jumped over that and are condemning those who are responding to this.

            Submitted on 2013/09/12 at 3:39 pm

            me cago en sus madres negros hijos de puta

            Now its either I am foolish or you do not understand English. I said we have way more to worry about than to get up and hate on a country..Do not make it seem as if I am looking for an excuse , you asked a question and I responded. Do I care if you call me an agitator? No I do not. And because no official channel has said where the person is from what is that to you who are here? I suggest you do not read any other comment because as much as your english is written well you dont understand what is written by other people

          3. I saw the comment, and I saw hateful ones before that one. But that’s beside the point. The main issue here is that you have put a target on an entire country based on speculation.

          4. Nobody said anything that was hateful, and obviously there is substantial amount of proof for you to have even posted the topic as such…with a question mark mind you!!! Now this ding bat wa come on ya and act guilty as sin before the culprits are proven innocent…and what’s up with the usage of big words? Like what was that shyt all about? To the Ricans who were empathetic towards this situation, we truly thank you. To the ignant ass monkeys who did this or are defending this type of behavior… :fuck: :fuck:

          5. Yes doofus, YOU mi a talk! Comin all up in thru here tryna throw around big words like you suppose to be impressing anyone or stating a damn argument as if this is a forum for a mock trial. Shutcho ass up cause in the end, we still don’t know you from a can a paint and one a y’all muthaf**kkas did that shyt. GIT cho asss on up outta here!!! 😡 … Metty mi gone go watch The First 48, soon come back mums..

          6. Yeppie if u nuh mind sharp a one a we own Jamaicans…see Gojamaica jus run di story but no one nah talk who do it but dem seh right after the match it happen though u cyah luk pan all dem deh :travel

          1. Yeppie which comment was hateful towards costa rica? :ngakak
            People said the persons who did it should clean it nuh dat people seh? This nowadays liard come and a se we a spew hate when no one said a thing bout costa rica PEOPLE SAID WHO DID IT SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE

        3. Hate and PISSED OFF A 2 DIFFERENT THING!!!! WE ARE PISSED BECAUSE ONU A TRY SHIT PON WE AND WE’RE NOT HAVING IT…Me nu like YOU because you a try we and me ago HATE YOU if you keep up de bullshit. Hence, H.A.T.E.

          1. Phantom dont waste your time at all..dat person will have to wait until i write the details fi write fi dem story so they will sleep here tonight waiting..doe look pan dem

    2. Costa rica have lots of jaimaicans living in that country. My grandparents on mother and father side are Jaimaicans, If you speak to a costarican from Limon Costa rica you can’t tell that they are not jaimaicans. We are the only country beside jaimaica that uphold the Marcus Garvey legacy. We believe in the RED the BLACK and the green the colors of liberty. Costa ricans have a very strong black culture, so some of the words are negative that is said about Costa Rica. Find out the person that did this ,and dont talk about a culture that you dont know about. Marcus Garvey was in costa rica. We the blacks in Costa Rica are of JAIMAICAN DECENDANTS. THIS IS WHY WE DON’T COME TOGETHER ,BECAUSE WE RUN TO PUT BLAME BEFORE WE FIND OUT THE TRUTH.

    3. Throwing that rass red paint without a clear agenda is UNEDUCATED. You and de racist initiated sensationalism right here. You’re in deny mode and dat one inna racist mode.

      I suspect this is some gay agenda…cause what the hell Bob Marley do any body? All de gay dem shouldn’t even have anything against Bob.

      1. phantommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mi seh mi tink a me one to !#$%%^ …You responded to a racist comment that was made in spanish…I showed it to the bugger and still… but mi see dem from a far long timeeeeeeeeee

        1. A now Rita afi go dig inna har long bag and secure de site dem. NEVER would we think someone would do that…not even de scrap metal man dem a go fass wid it much less. Is foreigners come and do that.

          Is a fish agenda cause me can’t think of nothing we would be in conflict with any other poor nation fah. The dread dem fi start throw red paint pon de likkle land fish dem.

  21. Very sad to read all the comments and what was done to Marleys statue. I am white (in color as you clarify above) and from Costa Rica. Marley at least in the majority of Costa Ricans is an icon, and what was done to his image is a big disrespect to him, his culture, his music and to Jamaica as a country and it’s people.

    Also there comes Anonymous (too coward to put a name) and insults in Spanish people debating what has happened here. People like him/her are the ones that do things like what happened to the statue. The majority of Costa Ricans are not that way, eventhough we still have some issues in stupid heads regarding racism.

    For what happened I apologize as Costa Rican, as others before me have done. Just please look that there are more Costa Ricans apologizing than insulting. I do hope you catched the people who did this. If not, send us the photo to our website and we will publish it. We are a small country too, they will be spotted. Bless

  22. So what steps is the Jamaica government taking on disciplining the perpetrators?
    Looking sideways at this Dr whatsitnat and their counterparts.Aww boy
    They found their way over here so dam quickly to defend the demoralising one of the world’s legend instead of just apologising as some have chosen to do.
    This is why hate runs rampant in this world!!!

    1. Agree. A reggae DJ posted the picture and we saw it. What I can do is what I offered. Post their images in Costa Rica so people point them out. Once they are identified, then other instances will have to arise, like Jamaican Government asking for Costa Rica to make this people face charges, etc.

  23. Hello everyone , I understand the anger from our fellow jamaicans. If this was made by costaricans and as someone here said, there is pictures of the costaricans doing this primitive and offensive vandalism act, then the pictures might be sent to diplomatic and govermental Costarican authorities, as an official complain letter has to be made. And a public apology must be requested.Ithe name of all the people from Costa Rica I truly ask you for an apology and I also expect you to please understand that most costaricans are very civilized. I undeesrand that this is very disturbing and ofending against jamaican people, especially because Mr Marley is such a great man in jamaican history and thru musical culture. If anything we have learned from.Marleys music and message is to no carry on with hate and racism.Therefore I believe there is no need about arguing id the “people” responsible for this primitive behaivor are black, asian, white or any other.

  24. First I must say I’m from Costa Rica and I am very sorry to see this act as unpleasant. I apologize most sincerely on behalf of my country and if they actually have evidence that a Costa Rican sovereignty violated Jamaican prevalesca do that justice.

    We are many Costa Ricans who love and admire black culture. Even in my country there is a town called Limon which is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, a land where a large number of black lives and have left a great legacy to the Costa Rican culture.

    I say this as a sign that Costa Rica is not a racist country, on the contrary, is a tolerant and peaceful, where we are many who admire Bob Marley, the regae and African American culture in general.

    Greetings and blessings …

      1. Thanks for accepting Julios apology. I too am Costa Rican and i am just as outraged as you all are!

        I really admire Bob Marley and regard him deep in my hart. Sorry

  25. You see why your site have to stand strong against the forces that be @ Met?
    You are an eye opener to a lot of people who would otherwise be iin the dark.
    As the song says ” Keep on doing what you’re doing ”
    Bless up Mama nuff love . :peluk

  26. Hello all,

    I’m from Costa Rica, I’m white, this has nothing to do with the skin color. I respect Bob Marley and Jamaica as a country, with all the traditions and the influence we’ve had from you all, so please, I beg, don’t blame it on the country or even worse, on the color of the skin, we’re all equal, no matter what, I send love to everyone and apologize in behalf of the stupid people that did this horrible thing to the memory of one of the most important figures in the history of music.


  27. Goodnight Met & Metters! I never know is so many Costa Ricans log on. Welcome guys and I hope u will all continue to share in the forums. I hope whomever do this will be caught and punished.

    Met I am suggesting that you start a recipe corner of dishes around the caribbean. Me want to try some new food. One Love

    1. :tkp
      and we have so many in jamaica dat people stop cook??
      a lot of costaricans fashion doll and one american waiting to get a detailed story to write an article :nohope:

      1. Fashion same ting mi a say after reading … Neva know a so much C Ricans tune in to JM&G

        Met u global mumma :cendol

        A no no tutti grand site dis :rate

        Respect to all ……..but to di latrine mouth one dem a a top whey a spew hate do us and ur fellow country men/women a favor …….go play in traffic

        Preferably I-95 deh so always busy

  28. I just cannot believe that Costarican people would do that. Since there aren’t proofs, this seems to me an effort from a xenophobic person to create hatred between the two nations.
    We respect Jamaica, we respect Marley… We love you guys!

  29. As a Costarican I feel ashamed about this… I cannot tell who did it but I guess is somehow obvious. I do apologize for the lack of respect and poor manners but let me assure you that not all people in my country is like that.
    I feel deep respect for others and their cultures and I am a big fan of Bob too.
    I hope this can be fixed soon and again my most sincere apologies.

  30. Met @9:03…me jus see de one wid yu and Fdoll. Me ago gwan like me nu see he/she. Me go sleep de first round cause dis is damn hurtful. If a one a we own dem would a de a madden so NONE a we would a do it much less think bout it.

    1. You know the other day mi read something whey dat man from jflag se how someone write pan him car battybwaay ray tay..I said to myself I know that is a lie..We will mark up we fence wid foolish shop signs but writing on ppls things I am not saying nay totally but we are not from that kind of culture..shit yes piss yes we will fling dat but u think a jamaican a go buy a can a paint fi throw pan something? :travel

      1. We buy paint a chrismus and easta time….lolol. RED PAINT? Muss one whore house dat did inna…lol or one fish house.

  31. Right now to how mi feel about this mi blood ah boil. Jamaica is the greatest country in the world and nuh likkle duncehead foreign people can go roun it nuh matta how dem bright an out of order. Put up dem picture mek wi know is who.

  32. I do not beleived costa ricans did this, where they buy the paint? Jamaica is so dangerous for a tourist that anyone gets alone there and buy a bucket of paint to do this, also if you had pictures post them… as you post the ones of the painted statue… just to be fair with this accusation …

  33. I think “wherestheproof guy is wrong about what hes doing. How is with me? I think we Costa Ricans have the probable cause at this point in time. And i sincerely say sorry in behalf of the very nice Costa Ricans and the not nice ones too. This disrespect should not go unpunished and i dont wish to see hatred spawn between our two countries. MUCHO AMOR PARA JAMAICA & as we say in Costa Rica Pura Vida! -Pure Life!

  34. Hi, I’m a Costa Rican. Many of you probably dont know this, but in Costa Rica there are a lot of people with Jamaican roots, our ancestors came from Jamaica to build the railroad and they ended up staying. Most of us live in the Caribbean side of the country, Limon. Our culture is heavily based on Jamaican culture. Many of the caribbean families only speak patois, or a version of patois at home. In the past black people werent allowed to go to the capital, we were only allowed to be in Limon. Now most people understand that this was completely ignorant and we don’t really face that much racism anymore. Our province does face neglect from the Government but not so much the costarican community. The small amount of racist ignorant people who still remain in Costa Rica are the ones who did this, and I hope they don’t make Jamaican people see all of us costaricans as ignorant racists. In the Caribbean side of Costa Rica most people admire Jamaican people, their culture and even their music. If you go out dancing in Limon what you will hear is reggae and dancehall. I can assure you all that the people who did this are white costaricans, by white I mean they were previously mixed with spanish, theyre color is not really white, them look more like a mixture between white and indian. I am almost certain these idiot people defaced the Bob Marley monument because of the tie in the soccer game between Costa Rica and Jamaica. I would like to apologize in behalf of my country to all jamaicans. I hope the ignorance of a small group of people doesn’t affect your view of our country and much less of the caribbean coast of Costa Rica because most of us here in Limon are Jamaicans ourselves.
    I hope everyone has a blessed day

    1. btw, when i said it was definitely white costaricans I didn’t mean all white costaricans are racist or ignorant. 95% of them aren’t, but its someone in that 5% that im sure did this.

  35. I’m from Costa Rica and I really sorry, I don’t know how so stupid people can even take a plane from here and do so terrible crime. I feel really bad and embarrassed. If a costa rican did it, then is possible to find the guilty. Only a few costa ricans went to Jamaica and the travel agencies should have the information of all of them. I hope this terrible mistake can be fixed soon.

  36. Even I, who does not listen on a regular basis to Bob’s music, recognize the HUGE contribution he did, not only to the music history, but to the world, with his social conciousness love-encouraging message. This is disrespectful, in so many levels, not only to the people from Jamaica, but to every civilized person that has or will listen to him; that is hard to find the right words to express my disappointment as a costarrican citizen. For true fans, apologies won’t be enough. For whoever did this to the statue… shame, shame.

  37. Hey there pals! From CR, I profusely apologize on behalf of my people. Unfortunately, in our country we still have that kind of bloody rascals that cannot go to a soccer match without causing some trouble. This is very sad honestly.
    I am sure this was an isolated problem since we have a lot of jamaican people living here and they are very welcomed wherever they go.
    Greetings to all

        1. I have a feeling I have a better grip on the English language than you.

          Nevertheless, it’s not about pleasing, it’s about stepping up to your claims. Until you do so, you’re just another butthurt blogger trying to get 15 minutes of fame.

          Take care.

          1. :ngakak Your first lanuage is English you should have a more than gripe on it but :ngakak comprehending is not your forte. Knowing English and its grammar doesn’t give voice to comprehension that is a whole other ball field for which you are unfamiliar. Your article will no be based off what I write nor should it be. Before you try to go on about this blog, a bit of research along with slower reading may answer a few questions for you in regards to me trying to make my blog famous :ngakak

  38. Yo respeto la cultura Jamaiquina, pero si fueron Unos cuantos Costarricenses los que hicieron esto, yo desapruebo tal accion. Saludos Hermanos de Jamaica.

      1. Tu no mi gente tu es nada para mi, las manos de ti estan trabajando pero que es los manos de ti y te amo trabajandito. La problema es tu no mio

          1. I thought you had left? Are your comprehension skills up to part yet? Its almost 2 and I really thought you were not coming back. Did the door miss you or you missed it, there is always help here :travel

          1. called*
            And you sure did, I should have written the details. What is annoying is the garbage you spoke yesterday because you did not understand what we were saying. You claim we were being hateful towards Costa Ricans because of the statue. That was a blatant lie as you clearly and purposefully disregarded the racist comment….even now. I cannot and will not get angry at someone trying to correct me because unlike you I have learned that as human beings we are always learning. So I will always seize correction as an opportunity beneficial to me and not a disadvantage. I am allowed to be emotional whether it be anger , shame or embarrassed at the way in which I am corrected, I am not sure if you are aware that feelings although many can share the same feeling we all may not feel the same and as an individual I am allowed to feel my own feeling. You strike me as a reporter looking for a story hence another reason why I am annoyed and disgusted . Mad at you I am not, you are in MY domain, so whatever you feel you are doing, you are being allowed by no one else but ME. Rest assured I am from a land where there are many mosquitoes , buzzings are a part of my D.N.A and although you may be annoying it doesn’t make me or break me.

      2. Ayer los manos trabajando mucho y hoy es el mismo, en la piensa de mi cabeza la boca de ti es el mismo. Hablando Hablando yo no trabajo para ti

        1. Mettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :peluk usted sabe que ha hecho que persona siento ahora pensando que podia venir aqui y tener una discusion en espanol sin su dueno….algunos nerviosa :ngakak


  39. Theres a few Spanish country that has Jamaican decent and majority of the decents are from blacks and so how ur blacks are treated in Jamaica the same in PAnama and any other Spanish country… What happen shouldn’t reflect there country or any other Spanish country, I think these were young kids up to no good, I just don’t know why it reach that far for dem boys to take time to do that Smh… I love all my black people whatever ur culture would be, I’m a peound PAnamanian with Jamaican roots and I love that culture because we arecso similar… I’m glad to see that people from that country is apologizing for the mistake of some ignorant kids and if their are adults they should no better….. I hope that this is resolved nd they can clean up the statue… Blessit

  40. @fairydust UR of Jamaican decent correct? Orur saying ur costa Rican and Jamaican? I consider myself to be Panamanian with Jamaican decent blood run through my vains… Both my mother and father side have Jamaican parents and grandparents but for me I’m proud to be born and from my country first and foremost and love my Jamaican roots… Some Jamaican don’t care if u have their roots they still dont consider u to part of them, and I said some from my experience..

    1. Dont say that. If you come across Jamaicans like that. dem nuh real..We love wi people even if dem a half or quarter..We will laugh if they dont get the patois right :ngakak but we never disown. We love it!

      1. It is and has been our willingness to share our culture why we are such an influence worldwide..And in sharing we accept people who are not Jamaicans as part of us..Some of this has been to our disadvantage but we really dont mind..

  41. T@Met— Thank you for that, our struggles arethe same we will forever struggle because the color of our skin butvi love being different nd I love it when I start speaking Spanish and the Mexicans here in cali look at u like where u learn it from, it use to pies me off but nowiI laugh because they don’t know what I… My patio not good but good enough my Jamaican friends still treat me good cah dem knu lol what’s up nd I love dem I think for me the men arecmore inviting when it come on to their culture from what I see in cali. But like I said I appreciate and appreciate u for saying that and ur right everyone loves the Jamaican culture because Jamaican are a strong race and their style different not to say my race not strong because we all knw majority of the blacks have Jamaican decent… Blessit

  42. weel since we have a lot of jamaicans in costa rica selling drugs and killing peaple, I dont think we need to apologize F**K OFF

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