Reports are that Phillpots Martin, witness for the defense was released after taken to the Organised Crime Investigation Division. Tavares-Finson has made claims that a document Martin that was to be used in their cross-examination was taken . It is said that the police went to Martin’s home to search but rattled the lock and left

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  1. Not because him make claim seh documents taken mean it actually happen! M kinda peep him strategy, it name operation confusion ….him a try mixup di jurors head lol

    1. I don’t think that document would be admissible in court on the day, relevant (if) document as such would have to be submitted to the court prior to the case so both prosecution and defence could be aware of its contents, and whether the courts thinks it is relevan and admissable. but since this is Jamaica , I might be wrong.
      Hello met and followers. Met. a weh a gwan , from them hold kartell you mop out this story long time. everything weh you did she then is coming to past. met to the world

  2. Right yah now mi a wonder if di spell ketch finson cause him just nah tink straight…….him a pull a gaza slim………and him a big lawyer and senate and does not have a paper or electric copy of the document? Di judge mus feel insulted

    1. Me keep telling onu sey de sound of the drums are still alive…fartel roll is calling up yonder…JUSTICE comes in two forms…man law (incarceration) or death which is ALWAYS a sure bet.

  3. Philpot Martin is a talented yute. Dem start use him fi solve crime now? Hmmmm, that man can get into any system. They needed to use him in this capacity and pay him well cauz oddawise can cauz havoc in a big institutions computer system

  4. Tavares a represent Martin to pon fi him case ,so I guess that a go strait a prison if him haffi admit sey him hack ina di people dem system.Genius Tavares u a di best kill two bud and send dem a prison same time.

  5. Who writing here know anything about law and the justice system?kartel guilty yes i can feel it in my guts and him evil to rass but not one thing shown by the prosecution so far is really solid either.People can hack the system and change stuff,evidence was’nt properly secured,key left where phones were,phones used after kartel in jail,no dead body,no real face on camera just moving mouth,audio which can be anyone,they took the phone from kartel but can’t prove it was really his phone because of the name it is registered in,the witness who escaped is a criminal and can be telling lies,lizzy can be a child in the text,although a kartel phone fi true mi believe nothing is firm even the text about escape on boat etc can be rebutted,that police commenting on the pic also show what tavares said because it can be looked at him being grudgeful that kartel still getting alot of girl even though it is known he has alot and then him a class up the girl because of that and he is also not allowed to have a fb account but still had one.So we got to look at it,kartel still have a chance to beat this case until better evidence come,there is still time to make this a mistrial or to say the cops are just after

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