Tavares Finson, defense lawyer for Vybz Kartel reported to the today that he was informed that his witness, Phillipots Martin was detained . Reports are that , Martin was charged with hacking into Digicel’s database. Digicel , is the phone company that has presented records for the prosecution . Martin was picked up again today by police while out on bail.Tavares- Finson has labelled the arrest as a desperate act by the police and prosecution

Last year, while the trial was under way, Mario Assad , an expert from Digicel who was called to testified for the prosecution was asked by Finson if the system had been hacked.

F- Are you aware that DIGI database has previously been broken into?
A- What database
F- The DIGi database that has CDR
A- No database contains CDRs..CDRs are contained in file ..
F-Are you aware that files containing CDRs were hacked into
A- No
F- Aware of hacking into text messages
A – I am aware that our dealer channel database has been compromised once
F- I am going to suggest more than once people have hacked into your systems

A- Can you tell me specifics
F- Are you aware of any case in court about that matter
A- I am aware of a case against Phillipots Martin
F- Can you tell us the details
A- i don’t know the details. Mr Joe Simmonds deals with those matters

F- So this question would be best answered by Mr. Simmonds

A- Yes. He would be best

Phillipots is the expert employed by Kartel’s defense to testify in regards to phone tampering!


          1. lolol…de “dutty gal” from yestiday picture fi sue him fi damages to har character….lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll me a deadddddddddd

          2. onu back up *SUE* correction made…

            BTW…why Phillipots get that damn name? llololol true idiot DNA

          3. it look like di lawyer and di judge inna malice and kartel a malice di lawyer till police haffi go wake him up….cah sleep in a di cell a night time conscience finally come to visit and tell him seh a move him a move een

      1. lolol…something we say things lightly…but it seems to lead to all a finson dark corners….lol. MET YU FI GET AN INDEPENDENT REPORTING AWARD…I’ll go do the face rep fi yu…I going to need some tomfords and gucci fi wear to the function….lololll and a bullet proof everything….

        1. Mi nuh understand how Finson expect that person fi testify when he is charged with hacking whey police did have dem evidence?

          1. Again Mumma, dem bastards a corrupt we Institutions from whappy kill phillip him nah study sey JCF bruk wey from that nhame a food crowd and a deal wid PROGRESS

  1. So why would this defense team call an expert witness that had hacked into digicel? Whose payroll is this expert on?

    1. Hey Foxy! Dem we hire dem granny thinking dem can fool ALL the people ALL the time. I guess this clarifies the question of professional witnesses from yesterday post.

    1. lolol…him gwan need a whole lot of protein, nu boil nu banana cause de amount a Iron him a chaw inna de court room him nu short a dat…dwln.

  2. tavares yuh a kill mi awf yuh knw a waan fling a book at yuh and feed yuh sum educated meal is wah really duh him mi belly a hurt…dis is a gad damn movie in the making luk how de man a show up him ..’big word time weh ppl always a use” lackadaisical..it can use yah suh rite ppl

    mi a dead__________________________________________:ngakak

      1. met elease mi comment from outta de spam deh plz…phantom mi seh mi laff suh till tavavres fe behave nung man

  3. the man nah sugguest more than ONE enuh him a suggest more than ONCE cuz him knwz wats gwaan’n den kartel nuh must drop a sleep inna court cuz dis man very much a put him tuh sleep from nung..bwoy mi neva knw a suh mi can laff tavares tell dem judge lock up yuh client nd done yah man cuz yah sink him more dan keep him a float

    1. hey simply :peluk
      same thing mi ah seh! if a me like kartel mi start bawl out inna court with my hands in the air “JUST TAKE ME TO JAIL IM GUILTY”

  4. I refuse to believe Tavares is dooooo dumb smh it look like Ksrtel pay him n somebody else pay him fi fuxx up Kartel cause this no nawmal non tall

  5. Suh Finson hire di man fi hack di file den hire him fi come testify bout di possibility of a hacker…Genius!

  6. Unu need to understand say the witness never hack digicel in reference to kartel case, he had hacked digicel before and currently has a court case going. he is hired by Kartel team to testify that digicel system is hackable and how likely it was that the system was hacked and the CDR file tampered with for them to present tampered evidence to court.

    1. How u a go have someone testify that the system is hackable when you cannot show that the system was hacked such and such a time and the data changed to such and such? If the police indeed changed the information , the times would not conflict.

      1. How dem a go prove conspiracy without motive? Also, it doesn’t matter if Digicel is hacked, their master server which is located off the island would have the real back up of the system or at least show it was edited.

    2. And boy did he hack……cauz trust mi, people were getting credit like wow. It happened on a large scale. Not only did he get into digicels system in a serious way, it is alleged that when dem cease him computer dem he was found in possession of sensitive docs from a govt office(long before these charges). So mi nuh know what spin Finson putting on, but if anybody can show that a major system was compromised, Martin can.

        1. True, dats why mi nuh get why him as a witness. But then again, what in the doc whe find n Finson did wha use? What did he find

          1. Any document belonging to Digicel that he would have had would be illegal if he really had any document.The police may have been timing him..In any case Finson should have prepared for his cross-examination the night before so why would he have a document he needed with him kinda strange.

      1. In one of the question the lawyer said sd can be manipulated = Txt added or subtracted etc and the judge said “u want to use and illustration” now the defense can use this man now to illustrate how Txt can be manipulated. It doesn’t have to exactly be Txt frm digi data base. He jus have to prove how it can be done to the jury. Police use known criminals all the time to rat out on other criminals for lower sentencing all the time.

        1. U understand di ting. People nuh understand that some witnesses don’t have to have any direct contact with a case, they can use them to make a point. That seems to be martins role in this.

  7. Met, yuh nuh see mi stress fram day. A dis mi come see when mi come back afta mi nyam mi late dinner. Mi a step some step and jig, yuh see. Heh Haaaaaay!

  8. this case gets weirder and weirder
    one lawyer cyaan so USELESS! if i didnt know any better i’d say he was working against his client because all nowwwwwwwwwww mi cyaan see wah kartel ah pay him fah!

    1. @8it…THIS is what happen to these come see…how yu fi hire a SENATOR/Legislator to fight a case where “you” as defense KNOW SEY yu hands dem a drip blood….lolol I don’t blame finson one bit fi play de fool…but him need to STOP do criminal law…conflict of interest in my opinion.

    2. yuh mean busta a pay him fah…a stress tavares stress out nd doah knw wat else tuh duh hence de evidence weh dem have against him client.

  9. So you really think Finson is so fool that he would bring a technology expert who is there to provide his professional expertise into how the phones could be and were tampered with, knowing that he had hacked digicel database??? Do you really believe that….

    Yesterday while cross examination Linton admitted that the phones were placed in a lock up however the key was left on top of the locker……..What was the point of a phone being placed in a lock up if anyone can use the key and get hold of the phone? Why would anyone have the need to make a call from the phone on numerous occasions if the phone had been confiscated from the suspect to be used as evidence? If the police admit that that calls were made from the phone whilst the suspects were in prison what else could have been done. Remember the two discs that Digicel gave the police one of them is missing so nothing can be verified. What ever they say is on the phone cannot be verified. Now just when the Technical Expert was to take the stand he has been arrested in connection to hacking digicel database. I don’t buy it. You can all start saying poor kartels fan I am in no way a Kartel fan too me it is plain to see that corruption is rife in this case. I believe Kartel will be found Guilty. However not by a fair trial. Remember If the police can do this to a recognised person imagine the amount of poor innocent ghetto youth in prison just because someone wanted them of the streets.

    1. Police making a call from a phone does not amount to 0. That could be the same as opening the phone and going through it. The discs that are missing can be backed up by other data, those that were given were not the only copy. If the police even used his phone to make calls after he was picked up , whey dat se? They need to present an argument that shows that the data On August, 16-24 was put in the phone BY THE POLICE. It does not matter what data comes up after those dates.Do you understand this?

      1. :nohope: :shutup: :nohope:

        BTW, i gwan ask that onu STOP play representatives for Jamaica “Ghetto Youth”. Nuff former “Ghetto Youth” male or female lives up town and are quality citizens in our nation. Onu love ‘defend’ ghetto youth an have dem enslaved in criminal activities or living in a demeaning state of mind.

        …mean while NUFF put them self inna prison. Stop intimidate witnesses and corrupt court proceedings and the innocent ones will be freed.

        1. Yes Phantom u r so right dem give some a dem ghetto ppl deh too much credit. Dem no know seh ghetto is a mentality, a lot of us come from poor humble beginnings and make a life fi wi self. U can live IN the “ghetto” but u no haf to be OF the ghetto. Dem giving dem a stuckie low living pass. As fi di John Crow Kartel him a hope him rot in prison an all a di faces a who him kill or paid to have kill HAUNT his evil ass. Dear Lord let him have a Macbeth moment whe him call out all a de ppl dem whe him murder name.

      2. they dont get it smh it is not the police on trial for MURDER! it is not the police who video the said MURDER that is on trial! so what the police did with the evidence is really irrelevant because people are concerned about the events that happened in the phone prior to the phone be confiscated! not who made calls and all that other crap

        1. Latti all di lawyers doing is wasting time…hacking don’t mean se u can necessarily alter data. It may mean se u can retrieve

          1. whats next dem ah go seh the video was photoshopped? finson needs to focus on a plea bargain END OF STORY! what a waste of time

      3. So met for a minute u saying it’s not questionable that someone who had to testify in court got arrested n release on the said day tht he had to be in court. Making calls on the said phone is tampering with evidence. I don’t think it will change the course of the case but really why wud u make calls on a phone u confiscate to extract evidence smh they need to do better to avoid the illusion about police intent

    2. yuh sound like di person over pon kartel twitter page wid di whole ghetto yutes crap, ,if ah u what a way yuh a pree pink wall

  10. Yes Met I concur with you however under cross examination yesterday finson ask linson if data could be inserted within this time (I can’t remember the correct terminology) to which he said no .finson then reminded him that one of the police officers that had already testified had told him that they could.

    1. lol the police yesterday was very professional he said texts could be changed with training. Blackberry message could not. He also asked about the sound in the video if it could be altered .You can read the whole thing I put it up

      1. Ok lets say the text messages, votes notes were altered/manipulated by these wicked police officers, what is the explanation for the video shown in court which clearly showed one of the defendants who had the WORLD BOSS tattoo on his arms? Did someone magically place him in the video? Its gonna be interesting to see a man who is charged for a crime give evidence for the defense team (who said “wee’s” testimony is not credible because he HAD an illegal gun the same day lizard SUPPOSEDLY died)……………this is pure folly to me.

      2. Exactly! bout conspiracy l Only di gaza sheep dem dem can tell dat cuz di most ah dem dumb as rocks, mi nuh know one sensible person dat is a gaza fan,kmt!

  11. You gwan o tek the rap fi him den.Did hell boy treat lizard fair.Finson hae him people dem a try hack ina digitel system fi try compromise dem evidence and show possiable proof dat dem system no 100% safe,but him now show that him wil even get criminal fi support f**kery.The other day when dem go f**k up digitel cables dem and the police issue statement saying that dem think that people link to a certain cause a try disrupt the cel co. sysem .Unno see how quick Fnson run in pon the pow pow.Are now to hear the Mr.expert witness was the culprit send by no more than you know who.@looking in ,saying the phones in custody was use does no necessary means it was used to mek calls for personal use by the police .It was used to progress the investigation.

  12. Met the technical expert has been released. Finson is requesting that the police give back the info that they took as it is to be used for cross examination.

  13. This query about the phones integrity is vague, if the police never had the phone with him every hour of the day since september 2011 he is in no position to tell the court that the data wasn’t compromised. Tavares-Finson is clearly trying all the tactics in the books to get kartel and co off this murder charge.

  14. Di expert Neva seh dem get hacked, him seh dem was compromise once…..plus di cop already tell him dat with training someone cud manipulate som messages suh why him a call filthypot to di stand fi tell him di same ting?

  15. It so funny him did paint weed as not a credible witness cuz him a gunman but now him a bring filthypot to di stand a man weh charge wid hacking crime b4 loll

  16. I say again, if dis man walk it will be the fault of the police. U know how OJ did guilty, but the police beef up the evidence and some things Neva add so him walk. Same thing I’m seeing, they interfered, lost, skip processes, possibly overdid the beefing etc and it could very well cost them a case whe we know is a guilty man. When dem close dem arguments and the judge instruct di jury, and dem deliberate…….I not going be surprised either way

    1. Well justice will be served at one time or the other you know so no worries..Im now wondering if a Phillpot Martin change the times etc. They should have locked him up for a while after the digicel thing but I really want to hear what he has to say tomorrow

      1. Digicel ting is a while back still, mi still ah memba the 2 for 1 special when mi did get pon mi 1000$ credit….lol… But I believe dem Neva hold him cauz our cyber crimes legislation was seriously lacking. His action really sent them back yo the drawing board on the legislation. Nuttin fi hold him under for any serious time. But it would be interesting if he gets to testify.

        1. :ngakak yes I see that..but Digicel could have taken it up in court for the money lost . He had the nerve to break into the DPP’s system and that really shows that he is a career criminal .He should still be in jail for that ..he don’t care but..as with people like that they are always unstable so he will meet his own demise

  17. i DOA GET IT! An expert witness who is also compromised, has a case pending in court, for hacking. And to add, he is to testify that this can be done, because he “did it”.
    How is Phillipots’ a “credible” anything!!!!!!
    Finson doa av no sense!!! :nerd Or is it me!!!?

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