Dutty stinking Marvin from the group five star yuh need fi tek care ah yuh bloodclatt child weh live ah new york.. Yuh keep partying and can’t maintain the child yuh never yet give the little girl not even a rass sweety inna har life yet. Yuh too bl**dclatt wicked ah the mother alone haffi a work, go school, and a tek care a child alone… Yuh too p**yclatt wokless nasty Marvin.



  1. Blinds (Marvin) you deh yah!.Well fyi Marvin only mind two pickney and him have over 4 by calculations. Him have two daughters, Marvin move in the two baby mother dem in a the govt. house in a di lane a Jackson town, and gone live wid “Jade” (man minder / him coolie gyal) uptown. #2, Him have a son in high school think is Calabar if me no lie and him barely get ntn.

  2. If a man has more than 1 child and him nuh mind dem, then yu come into the picture and breed fi him without doing a little background check. Why expect better and your child to be treated better? I DO NOT agree with men/bwoy that don’t mind dem kids. But some people need to wake up man. These dance-hall hype man wont change so why breed for them/ A child is a blessing and if you know a man name always a call out why go de with no protection. ie Lucky British, the man breed gyal eve4ry other month right which everyone know about and we all know his a man that dont mind his yute. then some dumb ass females will go there fully knowing what his like, breed fi him then start cuss bout him nuh mind him child. Women need to wise up man pick who you choose to have your child with as kids are no furniture, a child is a life long commitment that deserve both parents love and attention. Areal man looks after his own regardless of him being with the mother or not.

  3. Nope, she come from up a barbican she is a business woman she manages artist and primote shows. She a work with the likkle girl name Denae, the nah buss girl man. She own “arm-band plus” I think

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