***Mi nah put di name oo**
ps..mi put who dis kaw i doe know di name or face

Gn Met I’m sending u this email for u to put this Thieving,duty suck hood gyal name L***** A**** on blast cause every f**king week she’s going in the SITUATION ROOM which is a weekly MIXUP program ON THE RADIO 96.1 vibes link fm n talk about ppl/ppl business but not her own!!! Idk y she dnt tell the ppl the reason y she’s always missing in action smdh!!!the bitch ALWAYS IN JAIL SHES A JAIL BIRD!!! The bitch is a thief she got locked up for stealing FRAUD CHECKS!!! She got locked up for stealing ppl credit cards!!! She got locked up for ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF A CHILD!!! She act like she’s better than every female in the dance hall but she have to thief/suck dicks for what she wants!!! The time she take to mind ppl business she need to find her own MAN n stop f**k the ppl them man(JUGGY FROM FIREFOX) sound!!! She need to go get a JOB n come off of WELFARE lol biggest DUTTY gyal inna di dance hall!!! Here’s the prove lol!!!
PLZ TELL HER TO STOP TALKING ABOUT SHE HAVE A DEGREE WHEN SHE DNT!!! Ask her where is her daughter smh Gn met lol

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