Dancer Marvin the Beast has clapped back at Grammy-winning artiste Sean Paul for statements made about him in a recent interview.

Sean Paul suggested that the ‘daggering’ phenomenon doesn’t exist in Jamaica anymore and is only being kept alive through the antics of Marvin the Beast.

“It’s a part of our culture that came and went, actually. Daggering is not so much done anymore. They kinda made it illegal,” Sean Paul said in the interview. “There’s still a kid going around doing these things, and he’s kinda famous now. He says it’s entertaining, but I don’t know if he’s entertaining himself or he thinks he’s entertaining me, but I’m not entertained.”


However, the dancer did not take kindly to Sean Paul’s comments, insisting that despite his extreme dancing, he is in high demand.


Shutting down Sean Paul’s assertions, Marvin said he was disappointed in the statements made by the entertainer. However, he said he was not surprised as the deejay is not in tune with what is happening in the dance hall.

“Weh him a seh not even true because dancehall a dancehall, and dancers always a dagger,” he said.

“Sean Paul nuh know nothing. People respect Sean Paul in America more than in Jamaica. And mi nah bash him because mi respect him as an artiste same way, but him nuh really know wah gwaan.”

Marvin added that although some persons, including Sean Paul, might see his way of dancing as dangerous and not entertaining, he is being booked to carry out the acts being frowned upon.

“Nobody don’t even wah see me do normal dancing. People come out to see me act a certain way, and every show weh mi do sold out,” he said.

“One time, dancers use to get booking, but dancers not getting booked anymore. Mi a di only dancer weh every weekend, mi deh pan a flight all over the world. I’m not even dancing extreme anymore.”


When asked if he felt disrespected by the entertainer’s comments, Marvin said: “Everybody has their opinion, so if he thinks that’s not entertaining to him, that’s his view. I’m getting booked for this, and this is what people want to see from me.”

Marvin also said that his brand is blowing up, and he hopes that instead of being bashed, the entertainment fraternity will stand behind his image.

“As an entertainer, if you have a problem with somebody, why you can’t just get in contact with the person and say as a entertainer to a next entertainer, ‘Mi nuh like dis or dat, so just fix up yuh ting a better way?’,” he said.

10 thoughts on “MARVIN GO SIDUNG

  1. Evening Met & Metters

    A some low limb jancrow a book him; I cannot imagine ANY decent smaddie finding it entertaining.
    From ina di 2000 dancehall just stawt get bad to worse to worsera from dancing to music.

  2. Oh this promises to be EPIC!!!we waiting on all the entertainers to come n stand”behind”marvin n him image oo!!where unno deh forward,the beast beckons!

    Frigging too damn disgusting now n who ARE these promoters n patrons paying top dollars for daggering hmmm??

  3. Dis asswipe, did he listen to the interview in its entirety? What about wen SP seh him a do him ting and seh, “big up Marvin?” SP gave a smart, funny abd thoughtful interview, he was very diplomatic in his answers never out right dissing anyone. Marvin shut up ur antics are not entertaining, they are endangering the lives of the girls who are foolish enuf to make u dagga dem.

  4. someone gwine get a lawsuit wait, sean o say nuttin wrong a certain people mek man jump from high pon dem what, you would think dis bwoy would go school go try do supm to wuk and pay tax mi dah talk to raga yesterday I brought up the subject of immigration no one kno what is to come there are some changes for green card holders some benefits might go, mi hear 2 yrs ago from someone being advise in the system hope a no child support??????for….

  5. All when Marvin dey a de next door neighbor front lawn and a gwaan wid him riff-raff fe free, mi nuh waan see him. Mi have better tings fe do wid my eyes! Sean Paul is right when he said “there’s still a kid going around doing theses things”. I second that comment that Marvin is a kid, and in agreement with Sean Paul, “I’m NOT entertained” either.

  6. Oh plz ! Marvin is a prick but he is right and I could have sworn i saw some of u on here talking the same shit about Sean Paul not too long ago. Oh the hypocrisy again.

  7. I’m not going to stop say it!! Hello Marvin is gay! That’s why he wrestles onto the floor (picks up and drops women the like he in the WWF), show all the panties, or snatches their wigs off. All to disgrace them! Any promoter or soundman booking him to come degrade women in front off a crowd should be Ashamed of themselves!!! He is trash! I’m so done with his antics!!! Absolutely out of order! Oh Batty boy fish! Only God can come tell me he is not a gay secret woman hater! And he has a daughter… Old scumbag! Eweell :cool

  8. Marvin go di hell away. If low lives, criminals, and di dregs a society a book you and find you entertaining dat nuh legitimize you. You is a dancer who can ongle dance fiddi underworld afta fckng dark. Nuh come try pretty up uself cause no decent promoter putting on a professional show gwine book you. Suh gwan dance pon zinc top and gravel road cause dats di only venues seeing di likes a you. Even Shebada work pon actual stage in a proper theatre, while you a chuck off a rusty zinc and up inna tree like monkey, gwey and nuh come back. SP conquer di world on him two foot, you can ongle dream of what him already achieved. Him nuh need fi know wah a gwan inna dancehall tideh, cause him was one of di original dancehall ambassadors weh put dancehall pon di global map, bitches like you a reap weh u nuh sow, him can talk anything him want cause him pay him dues already, and him never need fi beat or dehumanize women fi get fame, you not even worthy fi flush di toilet when him shyt much less a comment pon him statements, stay in you damn lane and guh siddung likkle bwoy.

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