1. Watch di thirsty gyal dem bout dem a gi fake comfort:ngakak boy, grow the f** up! Alacta 1+ still on the market!

  2. Nickiesha can have him fi har self now & dem gal deh too damn thirsty smh I only hope di wife nuh tek back this nasty bwoy

  3. If you bleach, love to stand up inna dance, boast and gwaan hype and like to be decked out from head to toe in cheap or fake clothes, trust me, Jamaican women will want you hahahahaha. So don’t worry Marvinthebuggery that your wife hacked into your factory refurbished iPhone and seen a bunch of male Battam and cocky pictures on your phone, you will soon find a thirsty name driven, crave attention whore who’s puzzy you can shyt up real soon. #HimBoxUpGalInnaDanceBecauseHeWishHeWasDancingWithAManWithBigFeetAndHands

  4. Maybe this confirm say DHQ Nickeisha ah breed :maho

    Nuh dat somebody post de other day say she a breed.

  5. O please talking about him single, and him still with my friend mantajjlove smh mi tell her to leave nuh bwoy because him nuh good.

  6. Who would want to be with Marvin, do he have a job that is making real money or his job is making appearances all bout, how much he can make from there to take care of children let alone himself… If the wife left him where him a live now, who his shacking up with now… I do not know what these girls see in him, no real woman would want no waste man like him, so he must deal with the little girls with low self esteem like the fluffy who left him a message, desperate woman do desperate things to get a man… I want to know if his papers went through myself because if not his going to have to find someone else to finish the process for him..

  7. Nickiesha supposed to feel like dawgshit, Him and the wife left and him still naah claim u. the bwoy say him single

  8. It’s nickesha break up the marriage with har big head ugly self. She don’t have no self worth. She did all that and he still not claiming her

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