Met mi always see where your bloggers pointing out how Marviesha’s shoe game always in stark contrast to Nickiesha’s wack shoe game. I must admit that I just see the truth for myself. Look pon the cheap $1dollar store crepe she a beat for a DH “Queen”!Stop mek the clown keep clowning you out you girl my God cmon now.



  2. Everything him wear look batta dan everything pan she, me a wonder if him a tek weh her money or she jus skentchy and saving cuz she real crawny and stay bad yo

  3. Maybe when Marvin is spending on his, she is saving hers.

    She might have house and her own car insight then trainers and clothes.

    As black people, we should start looking at things a little different.

    I hope she does and shame you.

  4. For true…she dont even own 1 pair of good shoes lmaooo fool fool gyal. And it marvette even all mek sure it tan and a pose up infront of her too lol. BattyMan clown 101 nikkiesha!

  5. Mi seh, mi latty lose offa dah 100 dalla sports day cheerleading crep wearing gal yah….. battyman marvet neva even deh pan di gal level when di gal an har fren dem did a run road. Mi seh since di gal stawt f**k di shitty marrid cocky :rolleyes: it salt har up bad bad! marvin always look betta dan har from head tuh toe all pan him bad day him look betta dan har…him inna fake Giuseppe and put di gal inna 100 dalla crep an tshirt :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak. yuh xfren sher a lead mi lub baddy come from china looking brand new…. suh yuh naaa get brand new tuh mi lub… long as yah f**k marrid man wey a battyman yuh ago always salt.

  6. But if they were dressed casually and they are dancing, suppose those were the most comfortable shoes for her to dance in that also coordinated with the look they are going for? She was not dressed for a formal occasion. Sometimes we have to use our critical thinking skills. I am no fan of Marvin, I hate his dancing style, the woman I know nothing about. This post just seems like much Ado about nothing. Him in white jeans, she in white jeans, him in white top, she in white top, him in crep, she in crep, him have curly hair, she have curly hair. Maybe she needed a white headband too, but as far as I see they are coordinated for their routine, nobody outshining the other, me see equals here. I actually like her fanny pack and the 80s vibes she bringing to her look, very phresh.

  7. What she need fi worry about is secure a valid future for her and her son. Being with Marvin who has “greencard” and not doing anything with it is a waste of time. How long she think she’ll dance for? Dancing thing getting played out now. There’s going to be newer, better, and younger girls to dominate. Utilize the fame and make it work for you. Marvin have status in America and not even a trade him take up.

  8. They were at a TV Station to do an interview (Marvin). She might not be fussy but before God an mankine, dat cheap wearing $100 crepe business naah guh nuh wey. Suh all of a sudden shi nuh fussy dats why shi wear di cheap crepe dem. Marvin always looks way better, for a girl who is boldly taking a married man, dat nuh look good.

  9. Shoes wear on the dirty ground, dont think u need more than a dollar or 10 dollars to walk on dirty ground. Some wear 50,000 shoes on the dirt but it mek sense to wear a 100 or 500 at the end of the day dirt a dirt n the ground dont care n know wat is real of fake, uno people f ucked up n dont know uno priorities. Uno so petty, childish, stupid, low. I dont like marvin or nickeisha but uno too much, at least she can walk on her own n she nuh in a hospital wid one leg, even if the girl walked barefoot not a f uck wrong with dat. Das why jamaica so messed up das y we r now a 5th world kuntry we too f ucking petty n dammm rass fass. Only People dat have small minds would highlight the girl shoe.

  10. …..I normally agree with ouy on the things you post. However in my opinion, why people a beat har bad is dat shi openly a tek di married man an a style di wife. She is not humble. Nobody wants her to sell her soul, but it looks away still har married man look up to di time an shi look like heng pan nail. No one who is in Dancehall skinny out dem pussy caan sey dem just want to be simple.

  11. Anon she wrong fi tek the man wife n hype about it, das straight up facts. Her day coming, and she very dry eye n proud a it, time n karma will fix har, but the shoes a something walking pon ground though, das petty. As mi say mi nuh like dem both and nicky is a woman snd she foolish fi tek him and brag in a public, she gonna look fool wen her time come anon.

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